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Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009 - 150 strán (strany)
Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: our haymakers drawe thacke in the morninges till the dewe bee of, and soe have noe thacke drawne att that time. See more of this labour in the fower last leaves of this booke. Shorte Remembrances For Workemen's Wages. Threshers are to have 6d. a day from that time wee gette all in, till such time as all wheate and rye seed bee threshed, and from that time till Candlemasse 4d. a day; from Candlemasse till Lady-day 5d. a day; and from that time till haytime beginnes 6d. a day; mowers lOd.; outliggers and traylers of the sweath-rake 6d.; binders have 8d.; cutters of wood and hedges, setters of wood and dykers, wallers, and all other day- taile-men, have the same hyre, and after the same manner, that threshers have. Spreaders of mucke and molehills are (for the most parte) women, boyes, and girles, the bigger and abler sorte of which have usually '3d. a day, and the lesser sorte of them 2d. a day. Gardeners, and such as have skill in pruninge and dressinge of trees, have usually one pennie, and sometimes 2d. a day more than ordinary day-taile-men: John Pearson had seaven pence. Harrowers have usually 3d., or 3d. two quarters a day, yett such as are both able and painefull have oftentimes 4d. a day, and boyes (for the most parte) not above 2d. two quarters; as for the custome with those kind of labourers, it is not usuaU either to augment or diminish theyre hyres, but looke what they have in pease seede-time, they have the same wages, and noe more, in barley seed-time. Wrights have usually lud. a day winter and summer, neaver fallinge nor risinge of theire wages; in some places they are meated, and then have they 6d. a day, and theire mate; but our manner is to give them lOd. a day and lett them mate themselves, and att noones to sende them, nowe and then, a quart ...

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