Antient [i.e. Ancient] Parliamentary Elections: A History Showing how Parliaments Were Constituted and Representatives of the People Elected in Antient Times

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Longmans, Green, 1868 - 200 strán (strany)

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Strana 63 - And for holding the general council of the kingdom concerning the assessment of aids, except in the three cases aforesaid, and for the assessing of scutages, we will cause to be summoned the archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, and greater barons of the realm, singly by our letters. And furthermore we shall cause to be summoned generally by our sheriffs and bailiffs, all others who hold of us in chief...
Strana 141 - And the City of London shall have all its ancient liberties and free customs, as well by land as by water: furthermore, we will and grant that all other cities and boroughs, and towns and ports, shall have all their liberties and free customs.
Strana 83 - Crown, shall be void and of no avail or force whatever ; but the matters which are to be established for the estate of our lord the King and of his heirs, and for the estate of the realm and of the people, shall be treated, accorded, and established in Parliaments, by our lord the King, and by the assent of the prelates, earls, and barons, and the commonalty of the realm ; according as it hath been heretofore accustomed.
Strana 109 - And my lord of Winchester (bishop), and my lord of St. John of Jerusalem, were with him the morrow after Twelfth day, and he did speak to them as well as ever he did, and when they came out they wept for joy. And he saith he is in charity with all the world, and so he would all the lords were.
Strana 98 - And that in like manner it shall be lawful for the commons, on their part, to commune together of the state and remedy aforesaid. Provided always that the lords on their part, and the commons on their part, shall not make any report to our said lord the king...
Strana 114 - Shire, was an impossible [thing] to be brought about; for my Lord of Norfolk and my Lord of Suffolk, were agreed, more than a fortnight ago, to have Sir Robert Wingfield, and Sir Richard Harcourt, and that knew I not till Friday last past.
Strana 113 - ... cousin and servants, John Howard, and Sir Roger Chamberlayn, to be knights of the shire; exhorting all such others as by your wisdom shall now be behoveful, to the good exploit and conclusion of the same. And in your faithful attendance and true devoir in this part ye shall do unto my lord and us a singular pleasure, and cause us hereafter to thank you therefore, as ye shall hold you right well content and agreed with the grace of God, who have you ever in his keeping.
Strana 63 - ... per vicecomites et ballivos nostros, omnes illos qui de nobis tenent in capite...
Strana 114 - My Lord of Norfolk met with my Lord of York at Bury on Thursday, and there [they] were together till Friday, nine of the clock, and then they departed ; and there a Gentleman of my Lord of York took unto a Yeoman of mine, John Deye, a token and a Sedell (Schedule) of my Lord's intent, whom he would have Knights of the Shire, and I send you a Sedell inclosed of their names in this Letter ; wherefore methinketh it [were] well done to perform my Lord's intent.
Strana 109 - On Monday at noon the queen came to him and brought my lord prince with her, and then he asked, ' what the prince's name was ?' and the queen told him, ' Edward ;' and then he held up his hands, and thanked God thereof.

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