The Works of Edmund Burke in Nine Volumes

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Little and Brown, 1839
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Strana 119 - We may bite our chains, if we will; but we shall be made to know ourselves, and be taught that man is born to be governed by law; and he that will substitute will in the place of it, is an enemy to God.
Strana 265 - Do you want a criminal, my lords ? When was there so much iniquity ever laid to the charge of any one ? — No, my lords, you must not look to punish any other such delinquent from India.
Strana 116 - We are all born in subjection, all born equally, high and low, governors and governed, in subjection to one great, immutable, preexistent law, prior to all our devices, and prior to all our contrivances, paramount to all our ideas, and all our sensations, antecedent to our very existence, by which we are knit and connected in the eternal frame of the universe, out of which we cannot stir.
Strana 267 - I impeach Warren Hastings of high crimes and misdemeanors. I impeach him in the name of the Commons' House of Parliament, whose trust he has betrayed.
Strana 629 - it is declared and ordered by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, that the office of...
Strana 220 - The women thus treated lost their caste. My lords, we are not here to commend or blame the institutions and prejudices of a whole race of people, radicated in them by a long succession of ages, on which no reason or argument, on which no vicissitudes of things, no mixtures of men, or foreign conquest, have been able to make the smallest impression.
Strana 531 - Parliament hath a judicial place, and can be no witness; and this is the reason that judges ought not to give any opinion of a matter of parliament, because it is not to be decided by the common laws, but secundum legem et consuetudinem parliament, and so the judges in divers parliaments have confessed.
Strana 216 - That the punishments, inflicted upon the ryotts both of Rungpore and Dinagepore for non-payment, were in many instances of such a nature, that I would rather wish to draw a veil over them, than shock your feelings by the detail. But that however disagreeable the task may be to myself, it is absolutely necessary for the sake of justice, humanity, and the honor of government, that they should be exposed, to be prevented in future.
Strana 609 - Witnesses. The practice is to swear the witnesses in open house, and then examine them there : or a committee may be named, who shall examine them in committee, either on interrogatories agreed on in the house, or such as the committee in their discretion shall demand.
Strana 116 - Here he has declared his opinion that he is a despotic prince; that he is to use arbitrary power; and, of course, all his acts are covered with that shield. "I know," says he, "the constitution of Asia only from its practice " Will your lordships submit to hear the corrupt practices of mankind made the principles of government?

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