Some Account of Dr. Gall's New Theory of Physiognomy: Founded Upon the Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain, and the Form of the Skull

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1807 - 179 strán (strany)


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Strana 137 - Thus we are men, and we know not how; there is something in us, that can be without us, and will be after us; though it is strange that it hath no history, what it was before us, nor cannot tell how it entered in us.
Strana 137 - I find not, there is no organ or instrument for the rational soul; for in the brain, which we term the seat of reason, there is not anything of moment more than I can discover in the crany of a beast: and this is a sensible and no inconsiderable argument of the inorganity of the soul, at least in that sense we usually so receive it. Thus we are men, and we know not how...
Strana ix - To observations which ourselves we make, We grow more partial for th' Observer's sake ; To written Wisdom, as another's, less: Maxims are drawn from Notions, those from Guess.
Strana 25 - ... mystical and incomprehensible) between his intellectual and sensible qualities. He does not determine that the one is the cause of the other, but contents himself with observing as closely as he can, the concomitancy of the effect. He is employed in analysing the dust of the earth of which man is formed, not the breath of life which was breathed into his nostrils.
Strana 137 - In our study of anatomy there is a mass of mysterious philosophy, and such as reduced the very heathens to divinity...
Strana 131 - I am fully persuaded that he belongs to the most remarkable persons of our age, and his doctrine to the boldest and most important advances that have been made in the study of nature.
Strana 82 - ... plead), she was acquitted, and at length let out of prison. But she told the court, that if they let her escape, they would be responsible for the next murder she committed, for that if she ever had a child again she would certainly kill it. And so in fact she did. About ten months after her release from prison, she was delivered of a child, which she soon murdered. Brought again to her trial, she repeated her Old story, and added that she became pregnant merely for the sake of having a child...
Strana 132 - En., dued with a rare spirit of observation, acuteness, and the talent of deduction ; brought up in the bosom of nature, and by constant intercourse with her, become her favourite ; he has detected a number of phenomena in the whole circle of organic beings, which have hitherto been not at all, or but superficially observed. He has ingeniously combined these observations, discovered their analogical relations and import, deduced info. rences from them, and established certain truths, which are particularly...
Strana 127 - Gall explains many common appearances, which every one has observed, though till now no one ever dreamt of pressing them into the service of a psychological or physiological theory. A man cannot recollect the name of a person or thing ; what does he do in his distress? He rubs his forehead backwards and forwards, either over the eyes, or higher on the forehead, just where the appropriate organs lie. In like manner a man frequently covers his forehead with the palm of his hands, while busied in contemplation...

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