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45. Miseries of Seduction-Cyrus and Panthea

46. History of Madam Maintenon

47. The same continued.



49. Essay on Pleasures, natural and fantastical
-Pleasures of Imagination.

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50. Visit to the Country-offensive Barber-
romantic Pleasures

51. On sacred Poetry-David's Lamentation
over Jonathan


Colbert's Conversation with the French
King on the Power of the Dutch....

53. Strictures on the Examiner's Liberties with

the Character of....






THE seventh volume of the SPECTATOR, originally intended to be the last, was concluded Dec. 6, 1712, and the first paper of the GUARDIAN made its appearance March 12, 1713. This work had been actually projected by STEELE before the conclusion of the SPECTATOR. In a letter to POPE, dated Nov. 12, 1712, he announces his intention in these words, "I desire you would let me know whether you are at leisure or not? I have a design which I shall open a month or two hence, with the assistance of the few like yourself. If your thoughts are gaged, I shall explain myself farther." To this, which indicates that POPE had previously assisted STEELE, though of that assistance we have no direct proof, he answers that he shall be very ready and glad to contribute to any design that tends to the advantage of mankind, which, he adds, "I am sure, all yours do."*


* STEELE'S Letters to his friends, vol. 2. p. $38, $39. VOL. XVI. b

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