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Strana 77 - And be it enacted, That the Copyright in every Book which shall after the passing of this Act be published in the Lifetime of its Author shall endure for the natural Life of such Author, and for the further Term of Seven Years, commencing at the Time of his Death, and...
Strana 14 - the most nutritious, perfectly digestible Beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, >' and invaluable for Invalids and young Children.
Strana 39 - By a statute still in force, the barbers and surgeons were each to use a pole. The barbers were to have theirs blue and white, striped, with no other appendage ; but the surgeons, which was the same in other respects, was likewise to have a gallipot and a red rag, to denote the particular nature of their vocation.
Strana 39 - ... staff was to show that the master of the shop practised surgery, and could breathe a vein as well as mow a beard: such a staff...
Strana 25 - That the robe or mantle of a Marchioness be as before, only the cape powdered with three rows and a half of ermine...
Strana 39 - ... practised surgery, and could breathe a vein as well as mow a beard, such a staff being to this day, by every village practitioner, put into the hand of a patient undergoing the operation of phlebotomy. The white band, which encompasses the staff, was meant to represent the fillet thus elegantly twined about it.
Strana 21 - The foreign policy of the noble earl, as far as the principle of non.intervention is concerned, may be summed up in two homely but expressive words — 'meddle and muddle.
Strana 79 - Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder. GUARANTEED PURE SOLUBLE COCOA OF THE FINEST QUALITY, WITH THE EXCESS OF FAT EXTRACTED. The FACULTY pronounce it the " most nutritions, perfectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper," and invaluable for Invalids and Young Children.
Strana 13 - The only objection which can and does exist ta its use in a state of purity is the excessive proportion of fat, which renders it too rich for most digestions, and gives, unfortunately, a colourable excuse for its adulteration.
Strana 70 - Towards the end of the sixth century, Augustine obtained of King Ethelbert a Temple of Idols (where the King used to worship before his conversion) and made a burying place of it : but St. Cuthbert afterwards obtained leave to have yards made to the churches, proper for the reception...

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