The Odes of Pindar in English Prose, Zväzky 1–2

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Munday and Slatter, 1824
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Strana 277 - Qui studet optatam cursu contingere metam Multa tulit fecitque puer, sudavit et alsit, Abstimiit venere et vino ; qui Pythia cantat Tibicen didicit prius extimuitque magistrum.
Strana 143 - Of clashing axles, and short-blowing steeds, That panted on each other's necks, and threw On each contiguous yoke the milky foam. But to the pillar as he nearer drew, Orestes, reining in the nearmost steed, While in a larger scope, with loosen'd reins, And lash'd up to their speed, the others flew, Turn'd swift around the goal his grazing wheel.
Strana 143 - Had flx'd their order and arranged the cars, • All at the trumpet's signal, all at once, Burst from the barrier, all together cheer'd Their fiery steeds, and shook the floating reins. Soon with the din of rattling cars was fill'd The sounding Hippodrome, and clouds of dust, Ascending, tainted the fresh breath of morn. Now mix'd and press'd together, on they drove, Nor spared the smarting lash, impatient each To clear his chariot, and outstrip the throng Of clashing axles, and short-blowing steeds,...
Strana 28 - Heaven's suspicious queen. Believe my nod,' the great, the certain sign, When Jove propitious hears the powers divine ; The sign that ratifies my high command, That thus I will : and what I will shall stand.
Strana 144 - gainst the Libyan car. From this one luckless chance, a train of ills Succeeding, rudely on each other fell Horses and charioteers, and soon was fill'd With wrecks of shatter'd cars the Phocian plain. / Erect Orestes, and erect his car, Thro...
Strana 154 - To some great city through the public way ; Safe in his art, as side by side they run, He shifts his seat, and vaults from one to one ; And now to this, and now to that he flies ; Admiring numbers follow with their eyes.
Strana 144 - Through all the number'd courses now had stood ; But luckless in the last, as round the goal The wheeling courser turn'd, the hither rein Imprudent he relax'd, and on the stone The shatter'd axle dashing, from the wheels Fell headlong ; hamper'd in the tangling reins The frighted mares flew diverse o'er the course.
Strana 77 - Like him, he seems on fcather'd feet to fly. The barrier when he quits, the dazzled sight In vain essays to catch him in his flight. Lost is the racer through the whole career, Till victor at the goal he re-appear.
Strana 15 - Iphitus ; who, being deeply afflicted at the calamities under which his country was then suffering, consulted the oracle of Delphi for a remedy, and was told by the Pythoness that the safety of Greece depended upon the re-establishment of the Olympic games ; the non-observance of which solemnity had drawn down the indignation of the god to whom they were dedicated, and of Hercules, the hero by whom they were instituted.
Strana 216 - Phocus ! why do you not make your friend desist from dishonouring your victory." At these festivities, whether public or private, were frequently sung by a chorus, accompanied with instrumental music, such odes as were composed in honour of the conqueror ; but it was not the good fortune...

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