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Strana 262 - You must either make a tool of the creature, or a man of him. You cannot make both. Men were not intended to work with the accuracy of tools, to be precise and perfect in all their actions.
Strana 262 - On the other hand, if you will make a man of the working creature, you cannot make a tool. Let him but begin to imagine, to think, to try to do anything worth doing; and the engine-turned precision is lost at once. Out come all his roughness, all his dulness, all his incapability; shame upon shame, failure upon failure, pause after pause: but out comes the whole majesty of him also; and we know the height of it only when we see the clouds settling upon him.
Strana 120 - Nature will be reported. All things are engaged in writing their history. The planet, the pebble, goes attended by its shadow. The rolling rock leaves its scratches on the mountain ; the river, its channel in the soil ; the animal, its bones in the stratum ; the fern and leaf, their modest epitaph in the coal.
Strana 113 - Essay on the Constitution of Man considered in relation to External Objects, by George Combe," — in a cheap form, so as lo be easily purchased by the more intelligent individuals of the poorer classes, and Mechanics...
Strana 4 - Yes; I mean that yon shall go, and find him wherever you may hear that he is, and to get what news you can of him, and perhaps "—delivering himself thoughtfully and deliberately—" the old man may be in want:— take enough with you to help him should he require it. Of course you will act according to your own plans, and do what you think...
Strana 72 - I owe my success in life," said he, " chiefly to one circumstance— that at the age of twenty-seven I commenced, and continued for years, the process of daily reading and speaking upon the contents of some historical or scientific book. These off-hand efforts...
Strana 311 - At nine years of age my employment consisted in continually carrying about 40 Ib. of clay upon my head from the clay heap to the table on which the bricks were made. When there was no clay I had to carry the same weight of bricks. This labour had to be performed, almost without intermission, for thirteen hours daily. Sometimes my labours were increased by my having to work all night at the kilns.
Strana 25 - The passions of mankind are partly protective, partly beneficent, like the chaff and grain of the corn; but none without their use, none without nobleness when seen in balanced unity with the rest of the spirit which they are charged, to defend. The passions of which the end is the continuance of the race; the indignation which is to arm it against injustice, or strengthen it to resist wanton injury; and the...
Strana 103 - Italy too had its Protestants ; but Italy killed them — managed to extinguish Protestantism. Italy put up silently with practical lies of all kinds, and, shrugging its shoulders, preferred going into Dilettantism and the Fine Arts. The Italians, instead of the sacred service of Fact and Performance, did Music, Painting, and the like, till even that has become impossible for them ; and no noble Nation, sunk from virtue to virtu, ever offered such a spectacle before.
Strana 92 - He was called to the bar, by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, Nov.

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