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The References are to the Play, A&, Scene, Page, Column, and Line : D.P. ftands

for Dramatis Persona, and ch. for Chorus.

А во

Henry viii.

A. S. P. C.L. A ARON. D.P.

Titus Andronicus. 8311 - His confession


1 851137 -His sentence

Ibid. 31 855/21 8 A. B. C. Book. Then comes answer like A. B. C. book

K. 7obn. 1 389 2 18 Abanden the society of this female; or Clown thou perishest

As You Like it. s 1246 116 Abandoned from your bed

Induc. to Taming of tbe Shrew.

2 254 217 - He hath abandoned his physicians

All's Well.1 1 277 1 20 If she be so abandon'd to her forrow

Twelfth Night. 4 310 140 Abafe. And will the yet abase her eyes on me, that cropp'd the golden prime of this sweet prince

Richard ii, 1 2 637 2 33 Abate. O weary night, O long and tedious night, abate thy hours Mid. Night Dream. 3 2 189 1 23 Abated. Deliver you as most abated captives

Cor. 31 31 726 1 5 Abatement. There's great abatement of kindness

Lear. | 41 935 1.54 Abbies. Our abbies and our priories shall pay this expedition's charge K. John.la

1 388119 Abbots. See thou shake the bags of hoarding abbots

Ibid. (3) 3) 399121 S Abel. Which blood like facrificing Abel's cries

Richard ii. il 1 414 224 Abergavenny, Lord. D. P.

6711 - committed to the tower

Ibid. Il 6741 34 Abet. And you that do abet him in this kind cherish rebellion, and are rebels all R. ii. 2 3 4252 4 Albarred. lc is I that all the abhorred things o' the earth amend, by being worse than they

Cymbeline. 31 31 925257 Abberring. Let the water-Aies blow me into abhorring

Ant, and Cleop. 2 799 1 25 Abbors. O how my heart abhors to hear him nam'd

Romeo and Juliet. | 5| 988139 Alberfon. D.P.

Measure for Measure. 751 Abide me, if thou dar'lt

Mid. Night Dream.3 2 189 110 - There's no virtue whipp'd out of the court; they cherith it to make it stay there, and yet it will no more but abide

Winter's Tale. 21 349 1149 Let no man abide this deed, but we the doers

Jul. Cæfar.3 17531110 If it be found so, some will dear abide it

Ful. Cæfar.[3] 2 756 11 4 Abides. Your provost knows the place where he abides

Meal for Meal 15 TOOI 24 Our feparation so abides

Ani. and Cleop. 1 3 771 2016 Abjed. His eye revil'd me as his abject object

Henry viii. 1 6731148 We are the queen's abjects, and must obey

Richard ini. 1 634 2 43 Abilities. Your abilities are too infant-like for doing much alone

Coriolanus.12 1712142 But altogether lacks the abilities that Rhodes is drets’d in

Otbello. | 31047 1136 - I will do all my abilities in thy behalf

Orbello. 31 31059 1 59 Ability. Out of my lean and low ability I'll lend you something Twelfth Night. 31 41 326,1 2

Any thing, my lord, that my ability may undergo and nobleness impose Wint. Tale. 3 3 3431 41 Abism of hell

Ant. and Cicop. 311 789 247 Abjure. Here abjure the taints and blames I laid upon myself

Macbeth. 41 31 381 2130 - No, rather I abjure all roofs

Lear.2 4 94516 Abjured. For whose dear love, they say she hath abjur'd the right and company of men

Twelfth Nigbt. 2 30811/47 Abk. I'll able 'em

Lear. 4 695826 Aboaded the sudden breach

16722151 Abode. Your patience for my long abode

Merchant of Venice. 26 205|2 59 Abodements must not now affright us

3 Henry vi. 41 7 626 454 Abortive. Why should I joy in an abortive birth

Love's Labour Loft.1 Il 148158 - If ever he have child abortive be it

Richard i I 2 635 218 Abortive pride

2 Henry vi. 41 11 592111 4


Henry viii.


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About. Quibbles on the different meanings of about
- I will go about with him
my brains

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About and about

Abraham. O father Abraham,, what these christians are

Sweet peace conduct his sweet foul to the bofom of good old Abraham
The fons of Edward fleep in Abraham's bofom
Abram. D. P.


Abridge. Staying will abridge thy life

Abridged. So we are Cæfar's friends, that have abridg'd his time of fearing death

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Abridgment. What abridgment have you for this evening
- This fierce abridgment hath to it circumstantial branches, which distinction should
be rich in

Look where my abridgment comes

Abroach. Alack, what mifchief might he fet abroach, in shadow of such greatness

Moft abfolute fir

I am abfolute, 'twas very Cloten

- How abfolute the knave is

Abflinence. Firm abftinence

An abfolute gentleman

He needs will be abfolute Milan

A. S. P. C.L.

M. W. of Wind.1 4911130

M. Ado ab. Noth. 2 140 2 Hamlet. 21016211 2 Henry iv. 32 491 220 Mer. of Ven. 3 201246 Richard ii. 4432212 Richard iii. 4365918 Romeo and Juliet. 967 2 Gent. of Ver.3 1 35214

The fecret mifchief that I set abroach, I lay unto the grievous charge of others

- Who fet this ancient quarrel new abroach

Richard iii. 3 64119
Romeo and Juliet. 1 1 968241
Love's Labour Loft. 4 2 159136

Abrogate. So it thall please you to abrogate fcurrility
Abrook. Il can thy noble mind abrook the abject people gazing in thy face 2 Henry vi. 2 4 5821 47
Abruption. What makes this pretty abruption
Abfence. I will not be abfence at the grace
Troi. and Cre3 2 873141
M.W. of Wind. 11
Ibid. 2 2
Macbeth. 3 4
As you Like it. 3 2

Her husband would be abfence from his houfe
- His abfence, fir, lays blame upon his promise
Abfent. An absent argument of my revenge
Abfolved. Whilft your great goodness out of holy pity abfolv'd him with an axe

48136 54130 375 237 234127


- They [players] are the abstract and brief chronicles of the time Abfurd. To conquer their abfurd intents

Abfyrtus. Into as many goblets will I cut it, as wild Medea, young

Abundant fcarce

Abufe. Do not abuse me

This is a ftrange abufe

Lend him your kind pains to find out this abufe

I fhall drive you then to confefs the wilful abuse

Abfolute. Be abfolute for death; either death or life thall thereby be the fweeter

Jul. Cafar.31753123 Mid. Night Dr.5 1 1922 19

- In thine own person answer thy abufe

Did I let pafs the abufe done to my niece

To abufe Othello's ear, that he is too familiar with his wife


You are a great deal abus'd in too bold a perfuafion

- Why hast thou abus'd fo many miles with a pretence

It cannot be but that my master is abus'd

Cymbeline. 5 5 927225
Hamlet. 2 21014221

- engenders maladies

Abilract. He hath an abstract for the remembrance of fuch places
This little abftract doth contain that large which dy'd in Geffrey
You shall find there a man who is the abftract of all faults that all men follow

- Being apt to have his ear abus'd

Then Edgar was abus'd

Cure this great breach of his abused nature

2 Henry iv. 4 2 495113

Remove your thought, it doth abuse your bofom

That there be women do abuse their hufbands in fuch grofs kind

Abufed. Though all the world could fee, none could be fo abus'd in fight as he

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