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Chap. 7. Of another of the more immediate

causes of error :- viz. adherence unto au-

225 to 232
Chap. 8. Of authors who have most promoted
popular conceit

232 to 243 Chap. 9. Of others indirectly effecting the same 244 to 247 Chap. 10. Of the last and great promoter of

false opinions, the endeavours of Satan. 247 to 258

Chap. 11. A further illustration of the same 258 to 266 The Second Book; beginning the particular part.

Of popular and received tenets concerning
mineral and vegetable bodies

267 to 384
Chap. 1. That crystal is nothing else but ice
strongly congealed

267 to 284 Chap. 2. Concerning the loadstone; of things

particularly spoken thereof, evidently or
probably true

284 to 303 Chap. 3. Concerning the loadstone; a rejec

tion of sundry common opinions and relations

thereof; natural, medical, historical, magical 303 to 325 Chap. 4. Of bodies electrical

325 to 333 Chap. 5. Compendiously of sundry other com

mon tenets concerning minerals and terreous
bodies, which, examined, prove either false
or dubious. That a diamond is softened or
broken by the blood of a goat ; that glass
is poison, and that it is malleable ; of the
cordial quality of gold; that a pot full of
ashes will contain as much water as it would
without them; of white powder that kills
without report; that coral is soft under
water, but hardeneth in the air ; that porce-
lain lies under the earth an hundred years in
preparation; that a carbuncle gives a light
in the dark; of the eagle stone; of fairy,
stones; with some others

334 to 358 Chap. 6. Of sundry tenets concerning vege

tables or plants, which, examined, prove
either false or dubious. Of mandrakes; that
cinnamon, ginger, cloves, mace, are but the

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