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1 dash of Curaçoa;

1/2 wine glassful of Old Tom Gin; "Vermouth;




stir up well with a spoon, strain it into a fancy cocktail glass, squeeze a piece of lemon peel on top, and serve. (See Ilustration, Plate No. 13.)


(Use a fancy glass.)

1 lump of loaf sugar;

2 dashes of fresh lemon juice;

place the saturated sugar into a fancy glass, also a slice of orange and a slice of pineapple, a few strawberries or grapes (if in season), fill up the glass slowly with Champagne, and stir up well, and serve it. (See Illustration, Plate No. 5.)


(Use a large bar glass.)

In all first-class barrooms it is proper to have the whites of eggs separated into an empty bottle, provided you have a demand for such a drink, and keep them continually on ice, and by doing so, considerable time will be saved; mix as follows: 1 fresh egg (the white only); 3/4 table-spoonful of sugar;

1 or 2 dashes of lemon juice;

2 or 3 dashes of lime juice;

3 to 4 dashes of absinthe, dissolved well with a little water;

3/4 glass filled with fine shaved ice;

1 wine glass of Scotch whiskey;

shake up well with a shaker; strain it into a good sized bar glass; fill up the balance with Syphon Selters or Vichy Water, and serve.

The above drink must be drank as soon as prepared so as not to lose the effect and flavor. The author respectfully recommends the above drink

as an excellent one for a morning beverage, which will give a good appetite and quiet the nerves. (See Illustration, Plate No. 7.)

(Use a fancy Champagne Julep glass.)

Take the sugar tongues and place 1 lump of loaf sugar into the glass, add 1 long sprig of fresh mint, then pour your champagne into the glass very slowly, and while doing so, keep on stirring gently all the time; place a piece of orange and a few strawberries (if in season) on top, and serve.

The above drink does not require to be stirred up as much as other Juleps, or else the Champagne will lose its flavor and natural taste, and foam to much. (See Illustration, Plate No. 14.)



(Use a large bar glass.)

Fill the glass up with ice;

2 or 3 dashes of Gum Syrup;

¡. 1 or 2 dashes of Bitters; (Boker's genuine only); 15+ dash of Curaçoa (or absinthe if required);

1/2 wine glass of Whiskey.

1/2 wine glass of Vermouth;

stir up well, strain into a fancy cocktail glass, squeeze a piece of lemon peel on the top, and serve; leave it for the customer to decide whether to use Absinthe or not. This drink is very popular at the present day.

(Use a large bar glass.)

1/2 table spoonful of sugar;
2 or 3 dashes of lemon juice;

1/2 wine glass of water, dissolve well with a spoon; Fill up the glass with fine shaved ice; 1/2 wine glass of brandy;



66 66 curaçoa; (red)

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1/2 pony glass of Jamaica rum; stir up well with a spoon, ornament with grapes, pineapple, orange and berries (if in season) and serve with a straw

The above drink if mixed correctly, is very delicious. (See Illustration, Plate No. 12.)


(Use a large bar glass.)

1 table-spoonful of sugar;

1/2 Wine glass of water or Selters;

3 or 4 sprigs of fresh mint; dissolve with sugar and water, until the flavor of the mint is well extracted, then take out the mint; add

11/2 wine glass of Brandy;

Fill the glass with fine shaved ice; stir well, then take some sprigs of mint and insert them in the ice with the stem downward, so that, the leaves will be above in the shape of a bouquet; ornament with berries, pineapple and orange on top in a tasty manner; dash with a little Jamaica rum, and sprinkle with a little sugar on top; serve with a straw.

This drink is known not only in this country, but in all parts of the world, by name and reputation. (See Illustration, Plate No. 8.)


(Use a Sherry wine glass.)

In mixing the above drink, which is a favorite drink of the French, and also has become a favorite in this country, great care must be taken. As there are several liquors required in the preparation of this drink, it should be made in a manner that the portions will be perfectly separated from each other, therefore, I would suggest, that a sherry wine glass would be used for pouring in these different Cordials, instead of a tea-spoon, or the original

bottles, as it has a better appearance and takes less time; mix as follows;

1/6 glass of Parfait d'Amour or Raspberry syrup; 1/6 glass of Maraschino;

1/6 glass of Vanilla, (green); 1/6 glass of Curaçoa, (red);

1/6 glass of Chartreuse, (yellow);

1/6 glass of Cognac (or Brandy;) The above ingredients will fill the glass. (See Illustration, Plate No. 6.)

I would advise any bartender having calls for these drinks often, to place his original bottles containing the different Cordials used in the drink separate in one place, so as to have them follow in the rotation above mentioned; this will avoid mixing up the bottles and trouble. I also have to mention another item of great importance, and that is, that the Cordials used in the above drink differ in weight, for instance, you will find the French Curaçoa to weigh more than the Holland Curaçoa, and so it is different in all Cordials and it is wise for a bartender to find out the different weights and then place them in rotation, in order to avoid mixing up; therefore you cannot depend entirely on the illustration in mixing the drink called Pousse Café.

(Use a Sherry wine glass.)

This delicious French drink is somewhat similar to the Pousse Café, and also has to be carefully made; mix as follows;

1/4 sherry glass of Maraschino, drop in

1 yolk of a fresh Egg;

1/4 glass of Vanilla, (green); 1/4 glass of Cognac;

Proper attention must be paid that the yolk of the egg does not run into the liquor, in order to have it in its natural form. (See Illustration, Plate No. 6.)


(Use a large bar glass.)

Take a nice, clean lemon of the same size as your wine glass, cut off both ends of it, and peel it the same as you would an apple, put the lemon peel in the wine glass, so that it will line the entire inside of the glass, and dip the edge of the glass and lemon peel in pulverized sugar, take your mixing glass and mix as follows:

3 or 4 dashes of Orchard syrup;

1 or 2 dashes of Bitters (Boker's genuine only);

4 or 5 drops of Lemon juice;

2 dashes of Maraschino;

3/4 of the glass filled with fine ice;

1 wine glass of Brandy;

stir up well with a spoon, strain it into the glass, dress with a little fruit, and serve. (See Illustration, Plate No. 5.)

(Use a large bar glass.)

1/2 table-spoonful of Sugar;

1/2 glass of Water, or squirt of Selters; 3 or 4 sprigs of mint, dissolve well with a spoon; Fill the glass full of fine shaved ice; 1 wine glass of Whiskey;

stir up well with a spoon; strain it into a fancy sour glass, ornament with fruit, and serve.

This drink requires particular care and attention, so as to have it palatable and look proper.

(Use a large bar glass.)

1/2 table-spoonful of sugar;
2 or 3 dashes of Lemon juice;

1 dash of Lime juice;

1 squirt of Syphon Selters, dissolve with the lemon and lime juice;

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