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Illustrations of the Lay of the Last Minstrel, consisting of Twelve Vews of the Rivers Borthwick, Ettrick, Yarrow, Tiviot, and Tweed. Engraved by Heath, from Drawings taken on the Spot by J. C. Schetky of Oxford. To which are affixed, Descriptions and Annotations by Mr Walter Scott. 4to. 1. 11s. 6d. ; Proofs 21. 12s. 6d. British Gallery of Engravings. By Edward Forster, A. M. F. R.S. No. II. 21. 2s.; Proofs 3l. 13s. 6d.

A Catalogue Raisonné of the Pictures belonging to the Marquis of Stafford in the Gallery of Cleveland House, London. Britton, F. S. A. 8vo. 7s.; large paper 10s.

By John


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Letters on Literature and Composition, addressed to his Son, by the Rev. George Gregory, D. D. late Vicar of West Ham, do、mestic Chaplain to the Bishop of Llandaff, &c. 2 vol. 12mo. 13s.


The Librarian; containing Analyses of valuable and useful Books, &c. No. I. 1s.

An Account of the Life and Writings of James Bruce of Kinnaird, Esq. F. R. S. Author of Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile. By Alexander Murray, F. A. S. E. 4to. 2. 12s. 6d.

Memoirs of the public and private Life of Sir Richard Phillips, Knight, Sheriff of the City of London and County of Middlesex. 5s. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Sir Philip Sidney. By T. Zouch, D. D. Prebendary of Durham. 11. 5s.

The Life of David Brainard, Missionary to the Indians; with an Abridgement of his Diary and Journal. By J. Styles. 4s.

Life of General Washington. By Aaron Bancroft. 8vo. 10s. 6d.
Memoirs of the Life and Happy Death of Wilberforce Smith.
Life of Abram Newland, Esq. 6s.


A biographical Peerage of the Empire of Great Britain; in which are Memoirs and Characters of the most celebrated Persons of each Family. Vol. I. & II. containing the Peerage of England. 16s.


Practical Botany; being a new Illustration of the Genera of Plants. By Robert John Thornton, M. D. Vol. I. 17.


D. Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis Satire XVI. ad optimorum exemplarium fidem recensita, perpetuo Commentario illustratæ, atque Proœmio et Argumentis instructæ, a Georgio Alex. Ruperto. Secundum Editionem Gottingensem. 12s.

Herodoti Halicarnassei Historiarum Libri IX. Musarum Nominibus inscripti. Textus Wesselingianus passim relictus, Argumentorumque, ac Temporum Notatio. Edit. Frederici Volgangi Reizii. 8vo. 18s.; large paper 17. 10s.


Plot and Counterplot, or the Portrait of Michael Cervantes; a Farce. By Charles Kemble. 2s.

Music Mad. By T. E. Hook, Esq. 2s.

The Brothers and Sisters; a Dramatic Trifle for Children. 2s

Donna Ignez de Castro; a Tragedy, from the Portuguese of Nicola Luiz, with Remarks of that unfortunate Lady. By J. Adamson. 4s. 6d.


A Sequel to the useful Arithmetic. By Adam Taylor. 4s. bd. Petit Tableau, ou Elemens de la Constitution, des Lois, du Gouvernement du Royaume Uni de la Grande Bretagne et d'Irlande, mis à la portée des jeunes Gens. Par N. Wanostrocht, LL.D. 4s. 6d. bound.

More short Stories in Words of two Syllables. 5s. 6d.
Tales and Fables in Verse, with moral Reflections.


A new and complete Spelling Dictionary, on the Plan of the late Mr Fenning. By B. D. Free.


A familiar Introduction to the Study of Geography, and the Use of the Globes. By J. Bidlake. 2s.

The Grammar of the English Language, including numerous Exercises on every Rule, and Queries in the Manner of those in Goldsmith's Grammar of Geography; treating distinctly, completely and practically, of Orthoepy, Orthography, the Accidence, Etymology, Syntax, Prosody, Composition and Rhetoric. By the Rev. David Blair, A. M. Author of the Class Book, First Catechism, Grammar of Philosophy, Reading Exercises, &c. &c. &c. 2s.

Preceptor and his Pupils. By George Crabb. Part II.

A Circle of the Arts and Sciences, for the Use of Schools and young Persons; containing a clear yet brief Explanation of the Principles and Objects of the most important Branches of human Knowledge. By William Mavor, LL.D. Rector of Stonesfield, Vicar of Hurley, &c. 5s.

The Child's own Book, or Infant's pleasing Instructor; containing a variety of Lessons suited to the Capacities of Children. 6d.

The British Cicero ; or a Selection of the most admired Speeches in the English Language. By Thomas Brown, LL.D. 3 vol. 8vo. 17. 11s. 6d.

Excerpta ex variis Romanis Poetis, qui in Scholis rarius leguntur, Notulis illustrata, quas collegit in studiosæ Juventutis usum Johannes Rogers Pitman, A. B. 12mo. 6s. bound.


The Chronicles of Holinshed, comprising the Description and History of England, Scotland and Ireland, with a general Index to the whole. 6 vol. royal 4to. 12. 12s.

The Ladies' History of England, written expressly for the Use of Young Ladies who are finishing their Education, and divested of those Indelicacies and gross Descriptions which disfigure many other Histories of England; treating particularly of the Progress of Manners and National Improvements. In a Series of Letters to a Young Lady at School. By Charlotte Smith. 3 vol. 15s.

A History of the Early Part of the Reign of James the Second, abridged from the Right Hon. C. J. Fox. By a Member of the Whig Club. 5s. 6d.

History of the University of Edinburgh, from 1580 to 1646. By Thomas Craufurd, A. M. Professor of Philosophy and Mathe,

matics in the College of Edinburgh in 1646. To which is prefixed, the Charter granted to the College by James VI. of Scotland in 1582. 7s. 6d. boards.


Reports of Cases argued and determined in the High Court of Admiralty, in the time of the Right Honourable Sir William Scott. By Chr. Robinson, LL.D. Advocate. Vol. VI. Part II. 8vo. 9s.

The Trial of Major Campbell for the Murder of Captain Boyd. 2s. 6d.

A Report of the Proceedings in the Cause between Richard Cooper, plaintiff, and John Twibill, defendant, tried in the Court of King's Bench, Westminster, on Monday, July 18th, 1808. By Mr Farquharson. 2s. 6d.

The Speech of Mr Dallas, in the Court of King's Bench, on the Motion for a New Trial in the Cause of the King v. Colonel Picton, at the Suit of Louisa Calderon. 2s. 6d.


The Plough-Wright's Assistant; or, a practical Treatise on various Implements employed in Agriculture. Illustrated by 16 Engravings. By A. Gray, Author of the Experienced Mill-Wright. 16s.


A Treatise on the Operation of Lithotomy. By Robert Allan, Surgeon. Folio. 17. 11s. 6d.

Modern Medicine, containing a brief Exposition of the principal Discoveries and Doctrines that have occasioned the recent Advancement of Medical Philosophy; with Strictures on the present State of Medical Practice. By David Uwins, M. D. 8vo. 6s.

The London Medical and Surgical Spectator. No. I. 2s. 6d. An Exposition of the Practice of Affusing Cold Water on the Surface of the Body, as a Remedy for the Cure of Fever; to which are added, Remarks on the Effects of cold Drink, and of Gestation in the open Air, in certain Conditions of that Disease. By Robert Jackson, M. D. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Cases of Diabetes, Consumptions, &c. with Observations on the History and Treatment of Disease in general. By R. Watt, Member of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow. 8s. bds. The Syphilitic Physician; being a Treatise on the Venereal DisBy C. Erskine, Surgeon. 2s.


The Chirurgical Candidate; or Reflections on Education indispensable to complete Naval, Military, and other Surgeons. By C. Dunne, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The Chirurgical Works of the late Perceval Pott, F. R. S. A new Edition, containing his last Corrections; with Notes, and a short Account of the Life of the Author. By Sir James Earle, F. R. S. Surgeon Extraordinary to the King. 3 vol. 8vo.

17. 7s.

The Medical Remembrancer, or Pharmaceutical Vade Mecum. By Thomas Churchill, Apothecary. 2s.


The Intrigues of the Queen of Spain with the Prince of Peace. and others. Written by a Spanish Nobleman. 8vo. 6s.

The Harleian Miscellany; a Collection of scarce, curious, and interesting Pamphlets, selected from the Library of Edward Harley, second Earl of Oxford. Interspersed with historical, political, and critical Annotations. By the late William Oldys, Esq., and additional Notes by Thomas Park, F. S. A. Vol. I. 4to. 31. 3s.

A more extended Discussion in favour of Liberty of Conscience, recommended by the Rev. Christopher Wyvill. 1s.

The Edinburgh Encyclopædia. Vol. 1. Part 1. 9s.

Table of Annuities granted on single Lives by Government, at every Age from 35 to 75 for each 100%. Stock at the Price of 31. per cent. consolidated or reduced Bank Annuities from 60 to 80; also a Table calculated to show what Annuity, upon the Terms of the Government Table, can be purchased for 100l. Sterling. 1s.

Philosophical Transactions, abridged by Drs Hutton, Shaw, and Pearson. Vol. XIV.

Sermons and Tracts by the late William Paley, D. D. now first collected. 8vo,

Remarks on a Letter addressed to the Bishop of London, on his having prohibited the Rev. Dr Draper from preaching in any of the Churches of his Diocese; to which are added, Observations on the Bible Society, and a few Hints to Evangelical Clergymen. 1s. 6d.

Practical and descriptive Essays on the Art of Weaving. By J. Duncan, Inventor of the Patent Tambouring Machinery. 8vo. 16s. Pathetic Tales, Poems, &c. By J. B. Fisher, Comedian. 12mo. 7s. The Conjuror's Repository; or the whole Art and Mystery of Magic displayed. 2s. 6d.

The Beauties of Tom Brown. Selected from the Writings of this satirical and lively Writer; together with a Life of the Author. By the late Charles Henry Wilson, Esq. of the Inner Temple. Price 4s. in boards.

A Letter to the Livery of London relative to the Duties and Office of Sheriff. By Sir Richard Phillips, Knight, one of the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex. Price 4s. boards.

An historical Dissertation on Tea, exhibiting the Chinese Methods of preparing it for the European Markets, Means of Adulterations, its dietetic and medicinal Qualities, &c. 6d.

The Witticisms of Mr Joseph Miller of facetious Memory; consisting of a faithful Copy of the old Joe Miller, and 2 vol. of modern classic Wit, selected from the best Authorities of all Countries. By James Bannatine, Esq. 3 vol. 9s,

The Elements of Commerce. By C. Dubost. 2 vol. 8vo. 1. 5s. The British Indian Monitor. By J. B. Gilchrist. Vol. II. 21.

The Game-Book for 1808, enabling the Lovers of Field Sports to keep a Register of sporting Occurrences, and an accurate Account of Game killed. In various Sizes, at 7s. 10s. 6d. 14s. 21s. 42s.

Remarks on the present State of the Lunatic Asylums in Ireland. By Andrew Halliday, M. D. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

Fashionable Biography, or Specimens of public Characters. By a Connoisseur. 4s. 6d.

Joseph in Jeopardy, or the last Scene of the Pantomime Royal at Madrid. 1s.

The Trap, a moral, philosophical, and satirical Work, delineating the Snares in which Kings, Princes, and their Subjects, have been caught since the Days of Adam. 2 vol. 10s. 6d.

Hints respecting the Education of the Poor, by a Clergyman. 1s. Gurney's Edition of the Trial of Sir Arthur Paget, for Crim. Con. with Lady Boringdon. 2s.

The Trial of Sir A. Paget, for Crim. Con. with Lady Boringdon. By J. and W. Plomer, with Copies of Lady B.'s Letters. 2s. 6d. Fairburn's Abstract of the Local Militia Act.


A Reply to the Address to the Auctioneers of the Metropolis, respecting the Formation of their Auction-Mart and Society. 6d. The Connexion of Words with Objects; a Visit to the Deaf and Dumb; with Hints towards a Classification of Metaphysical Terms.


Intimations and Evidences of a future State. By the Rev. Thomas Watson. 12mo. 4s,

Five Letters written by the late Empress Maria Theresa, to her Daughter the late Queen of France.


Asiatic Researches. Vol. IX. 4to. 1. 11s. 6d.

A large Sheet Table of all the Stamp Duties on Deeds, Law Proceedings, Bills of Exchange, Receipts, Probates of Wills, Legacies, &c.

A Survey of the Roads from London to Brighton, Southampton, Portsmouth, Hastings, Tunbridge-Wells, Margate, Ramsgate, and Dover. By Edward Mogg.

The History and Antiquities of Dissenting Churches, Chapels, and Meeting-Houses in and about the City of London, from the Rise of Non-conformity to the present Time. Number I. to be continued monthly.

Defense du Clergé François resident à Londres, et dans le reste de l'Angleterre, contre l'Inculpation de Mgr. Jean Milner, evêque de Castabala, dans son Mandement du 1. Juin, 1808. Par l'Abbé Blanchard. 2s.

An Inquiry into the Policy and Justice of the Prohibition of the Use of Grain in the Distilleries. By Archibald Bell, Esq. 8vo. 3$ The Speech of William Adam, Esq. M. P. for Kincardineshire, in the House of Commons, 24th June 1808, on the Third Reading of

the Scotch Judicature Bill. 2s.


The Poor Man's Sabbath, with other Poems. By John Struthers. 3d Edition enlarged.


The Gulistan, or Rose Garden. Translated from the original Persian. By Francis Gladwin, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Specimens of English Dramatic Poets who lived about the time of Shakespeare, with Notes by Charles Lamb. Crown 8vo. 10s. 6d. Fowling; in Five Books, descriptive of Grouse, Partridge, Pheasant, Woodcock, Duck and Snipe Shooting. 6s.

Poems. By F. Dorothea Brown. 4to. 15s.

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