Anointing Makes the Difference

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Airleaf, 30. 10. 2005 - 119 strán (strany)
This book, based on the anointing that makes the difference, was written to the believers for the glory of God. Our prayer is that you will find your gifts that are within yourself, and that you will understand how God has been dealing with you. The book explains how understanding and growth in the anointing brings breakthrough and changes from glory to glory into a mature, true, spirit-filled Christian.

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Chapter One Salvation By Grace
Chapter Three Davids Anointing
Chapter Five The Smearing Anointing
Chapter Seven The Anointing Of Fat
Chapter Nine The Anointed Church
Chapter Eleven The Anointing Of Ben
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Apostle Remi and Pastor LaJauna Adeyemi pastor of the Victory of faith Christian Fellowship in Irving. Texas. The have traveled from city to city spreading the glory that is in the gospel of the Kingdom of God.God sent Apostle Remi Adeyemi as a missionary from Nigeria, West Africa to the United States. He was born there into an Islamic family. He lost his father suddenly while yet a teenager. The anointing of Christ would have made a great difference in his life. His life was cut short at his prime. Whatever you do, please make sure you are anointed to do it. Only the anointing of Christ assures eternal life.Apostle Remi and his wife who is originally from Brunswick, GA, are anointed to teach, preach and bring a refreshing prophetic word to the body of Christ. If there is any way we can serve you and your people, please contact us by email at:

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