The British Essayists, Zväzok 16

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Alexander Chalmers
J. Johnson, 1808
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Strana 257 - Look round the habitable world, how few Know their own good, or, knowing it, pursue! How void of reason are our ho,pes and fears! What in the conduct of our life appears -So well design'd, so luckily begun, But, when we have our wish,
Strana 138 - WILES. To wake the soul by tender strokes of art, To raise the genius, and to mend the heart; To make mankind in conscious virtue bold,, Live o'er each scene, and be what they behold: For this the
Strana 83 - 485. - My next desire is, void of care and strife,, To lead a soft, secure, inglorious life, A country cottage near a crystal flood, A winding valley, and a lofty wood. DRYDEN. PASTORAL -poetry, not only amuses -the fancy the most delightfully, but ,is likewise more indebted to It than any other sort whatsoever,
Strana 138 - trod the stage, Commanding tears to stream thro' every age; Tyrants no more their savage nature kept, And foes to virtue wonder'd how they wept. Our author shuns by vulgar springs to move The hero's glory, or the virgin's love; In pitying Love we but our weakness show, And wild Ambition well deserves its woe. Here tears shall flow from a more
Strana 77 - turned into blood, and all the powers of heaven shaken; when the heaven.s themselves shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements dissolve with fervent heat; when the earth also, and all the works that are therein, shall be burnt up ¿
Strana 123 - say true) The dapper elves their moon-light sports pursue, Their pigmy king, and little fairy queen, In circling dances gambol'd on the green, While tuneful springs a merry concert made, And airy music warbled through the shade.' What hath been said upon the difference of climate,
Strana xiv - the nation are read only as effusions of wit, must wish for more WHIG EXAMINERS; for on no occasion was the genius of ADDISON more vigorously exerted, and on none did the superiority of his powers more evidently appear. The
Strana vii - know nobody else capable of succeeding in it, and turning it to the good of mankind, since my friend has laid it .down. I am in a thousand troubles for poor DicK, and wish that his zeal for the public may not be ruinous to himself; but he has sent me word, that he is determined to go on, and that any
Strana 139 - Our scene precariously subsists too long On French translation and Italian song: Dare to have sense yourselves, assert the stage, Be justly warm'd with your own native rage: Such plays alone should please a British
Strana xxxvi - CICERO.¿ Whatever that be, which' thinks, which understands, which wills, which acts, it is something celestial and divine, and, upon that account, must necessarily be eternal. I AM diverted from the account I was giving the town of my particular concerns, by casting my eye upon a treatise, which I could not overlook without an inexcusable negligence,

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