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[blocks in formation]

General Division of the Subject
Definition of the terms Adultery and Divorce ....



Regulations of the Mosaic Law, and the Customs

of the Ancient Hebrews -
State of that people, antecedent to the Law, in the
Patriarchal Ages

. .


Mosaic Law.

1. In reference to Adultery :-
Distinction between the Moral and the Judicial Law
The Prohibition of the Crime in the Decalogue
Definition and Derivation of the Term in the Original
Penalties attaching on this Crime
Modes of Punishment in use among the Jews
The Test of Adultery in the Waters of Jealousy
Particulars of this Test
The Punishment in later times
Alterations introduced by the Glosses of the Rabbies


2. The Hebrew Laws and Customs in reference to

Divorce :-

Divorce, not practised by the Patriarchs
- -, in after ages, so multiplied as to become a

subject of reproof by the Prophets
The permission of Divorce by the Law
The Causes for it
Definition of the terms in the original
The two great divisions of sentiment on this point in the

Schools of the Rabbies, Hillel and Shammai

The Bill of Divorcement .............

Effect of this Bill

The form of it as given by several Writers

Actual instances of Divorce

No mention of the Bill of Divorcement till Isaiah

Vague Traditions of the Rabbies

Other Laws of the Jews tended to render the Liberty

less frequent


Cases of the Levite, Samson, David, and Ezra, consi-



State of the people in after ages
Allowance of this privilege to the women
First instance of its use
Subsequently, the instances numerous

Conclusion of first Section

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