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stands for the love, protection, and development of little children; the Kingdom of God stands for democracy; the Kingdom of God stands for the freedom of all peoples everywhere; the Kingdom of God stands for justice; the Kingdom of God stands for the right of the weak as well as of the strong; the Kingdom of God stands for unselfish service; the Kingdom of God would teach to all men everywhere the principle of sacrificial service. For this cause Jesus died on Calvary.

Germany, as impersonated by the Kaiser and the militaristic gang, stands as the very antithesis of the Kingdom of God. Germany is the incarnation of the Kingdom of Evil. If we have been accustomed to admire Germany as the country of Goethe and Schiller and of kind-hearted folk, then we have to confess that Germany is the Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde among the nations.

If the Kingdom of God stands for brotherhood, the Kingdom of the Kaiser stands for a deification of the state that seeks, not to serve the people, but to subsist on them. If the Kingdom of God stands for virtue and purity and the sacred obligation of family life, the Kingdom of the Kaiser tramples virtue and innocency in the dust, not only for devastated enemy lands, but even sows the self-destruction in its own homes by encouraging the coming into the world of children of unmarried parents for the benefit of the state.

If the Kingdom of God stands for the love and protection of little children, the Kingdom of the

of paper.

Kaiser stands for their maiming, their desolation, their starving and their death. If the Kingdom of God stands for truth and no liars shall be found therein, the Kingdom of the Kaiser stands for lying and deceit and regarding of solemn treaties as scraps

If the Kingdom of God stands for democracy and the freedom of all the people, the Kingdom of the Kaiser stands for autocracy and enslaving of the many for the sake of the few. If the Kingdom of God stands for justice to all, the Kingdom of the Kaiser stands for injustice except to the chosen few. If the Kingdom of God stands for the might of right, the Kingdom of the Kaiser stands for the right of might. If the Kingdom of God would teach to all men everywhere the principles of sacrificial service, the Kingdom of the Kaiser would sacrifice all for the sake of a superman and a super-nation. If Jesus died for all men on Calvary, the Kaiser would have all men to die for him.

The issue is joined between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Evil. Well do we give our constant and untiring devotion to the government of the United States in its stern struggle for humanity, for right.

We are proud to have stars in our service flags in these war-time days.

But the spirit of service has come to stay. Service must be the underlying motive of democracy, or democracy will be a vain thing. The Prussians conceive the state as having a divine right to subsist

upon the people. Democracy believes that the state exists for the sake of serving the people.

Spirit of service is the only thing that can save the world from greed and despotism. America tried the gold-cure only to result in fatty degeneration on the part of the rich and dyspeptic unrest on the part of the not-rich. Germany tried the superman-cure only in her delirium to well-nigh wreck the world. Intellectualism tried the mind-cure only to prove its vanity in the face of grasping ambition.

There is only one hope left for the world and that is to try the service-cure, the Christ-cure. There is no question but that this service-cure will heal the old forms of foul disease and the thousand wars of old, and usher in the thousand years of peace.

To build the republic of God on the ruins of the old world drunk with materialism and the vanity of empire, is the task of the pioneers in the happy lands of service.




Hear what the spirit saith to the Churches."-REV. 2:7.


LL the world is interested in what is coming

after the war. That the old world of con

vention, of established customs, of privileged classes, of recognized institutions is gone, few question.

The old order changeth and giveth place to new,
And God fulfills Himself in many ways,
Lest one good custom corrupt the world.”

But what kind of a world shall take the place of this dying world is of vital consequence to you and to me and to our children. Some see their hope in a world-wide democracy of the future, others would hark back to the days of mediævalism. Ralph Adams Cram, architect, prophet, and political critic, has written a book, "The Nemesis of Mediocrity," to demonstrate that modern democracy is so defective in method that it cannot bring out leadership that the contemporary world requires. He has not much use for the modern world. “The world for him was Europe before the Reformation, before the Renaissance, the Christian world that built the


Gothic cathedrals; the world of abbeys, of great captains, popes, statesmen, and ecclesiastics; of faith, of great ideas, and great leaders of people. He considers that our age began with the Renaissance and has been steadily going to the devil ever since. His trinity is Renaissance, Reformation, and Revolution. His salvation for the world is that it should go back to the great age of the thirteenth century, when men gave unquestioned allegiance to the faith of the Christian church, that is of the Roman Catholic Church. That era was a great age of activity and development, and an age of faith." Henry Adams, in his monumental “Mon St. Michael and Chartres," gives a magnificent interpretation of that era. Very possibly Mr. Cram had been lingering too long amidst the halo of that age as depicted by Mr. Adams, in the book published by the American Institute of Architecture. It should also be remembered that Cram is a devoted Roman Catholic.

If the powers of absolutism as represented by the Central Empires and Mohammedan Turks shall conquer in the conflict of today, there may be some danger of the world returning to mediævalism, but if the forces of democracy and freedom shall conquer, time's wheel shall not run back, the hand shall not move back on the dial. And please God and the devotion of democratic peoples everywhere, forces of liberty shall not be vanquished.

Democracy may not be the most efficient government, but we believe with all its faults it is the best.


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