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sibly fall and still retain the human semblance. The depravity of the man is almost unthinkable. So low down the incline had he gone, that he was seriously thinking of murdering his wife, ‘For the fun of it,' and still he was plunging on at a reeling momentum. He was in a saloon drinking at the time it happened. He came out of the evil resort, went direct to the wife, whom he had marked for murder, and this is what he said, “Molly, I am going to join the Salvation Army, I am going to see the little angel adjutant tonight.' Molly, of course, was incredulous, but they went to the meeting. They both marched up to the penitent's bench. Here is the puncher's story. 'I cannot describe my sensation. The past dropped clean away from me. It dropped like a ragged garment.

An immense weight was lifted from my brain. I felt light as air, I felt clean, I felt happy, I felt my chest swell. I cannot say what it was. All I know is that there at that bench, I was dismantled of all horror and clothed afresh in newness and joy.''

Multitudes of broken humanity despised and hopeless have been made over again by this power of the living Christ. Others too, who have not fallen so low, have had a new serenity, tranquillity, and power in their lives, because they have come to know that this is life eternal, that they might know God and Jesus Christ.

“I heard the voice of Jesus say,
Come unto Me and rest,
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down

Thy head upon my breast.
I came to Jesus as I was
Weary and worn and sad,
I found in Him a resting place

And He has made me glad." If it is worth while to remake poor wrecks of humanity, by the Christian gospel, how much more worth while ought it to be to win men and women to Christ and the Christian program, who have not sunk so low. What a great thing it is to have the commission of giving to the world the only program which can bring in the Golden Age, and the only dynamic which can make men true. This is the divine opportunity of the Christian church.

The church must have the evangelistic spirit that burns to conquer the world or the world will conquer

her. The church must have the spirit of John Knox when he said, “Give me Scotland or I die." Of Zinzendorf, who said, “I have but one passion," but that passion made him the father of modern missions.

If it is a good thing to reclaim drunken wrecks of men in the name of Jesus Christ, how much greater thing it is to reclaim nations, drunk with the vanity of empire. The church must have the great evangelistic motive of proclaiming to the business world, that the Christian program of justice and fair play is the only panacea to cure the age-long quarrel between labourer and capitalist. The church must have the evangelistic motive of proclaiming to the nations, justice is greater than might, brotherhood is prior to sovereignty. For God hath made of one blood all men that on the earth do dwell. Nations must learn war no more when once they have discovered that the Christian world is a wiser world than the way of Machiavelli and Mephistopheles. But so long as there are nations who will not hear the call of justice and humanity, then the Christian evangel is to bind them until they will hear.

Arthur Brisbane, one of Mr. Hearst's brilliant writers, paid scornful attention to a certain phrase of Billy Sunday the other day. Billy Sunday had made the point that out of Christ there was no salvation. Brisbane, in true Bob Ingersoll fashion, figured that there must be a billion human beings in the world today who are out of Christ, and that at least that many died every fifty years, and that hell must be a pretty sizeable place by this time to hold all those who had died out of Christ. We do not undertake to endorse all the literalistic figures of Billy Sunday. Our church believes that all persons, even ignorant savages, who have lived up to the best of their knowledge are uncondemned. Nevertheless, the main contention of Billy Sunday is true. The hope of the world of being saved from hatred and tyranny and greed and selfishness and sin is through Jesus Christ and the Christian program. Nietzsche and his philosophy cannot save the world. It has well-nigh made a hell of it. Gold cannot save the world. It came near choking the soul out of America. Intellectualism alone cannot save the world. Does not Germany boast of her learning ? There is but one hope for the world. That hope is


Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and for

And the church is the great evangel of this salvation. The spirit saith to the church today, “Go ye into all the world and tell men to be free in the name of Jesus Christ.”

2. The spirit saith to the churches, “ Embody in yourself the social longings of the times.” Jesus Christ went about doing good. He was not a socialist, He was a friend to man. The gospel which He proclaimed among men, was a social gospel. He came that men might have abundant life and He sought to teach it to them. His Sermon on the Mount, from introduction to conclusion, bristles with injunction of their program of daily living in recognition of obligation to their fellows and to God. He taught what was a man's duty to his neighbour, to his family, to the state, to business, to wealth, to the poor. He said, “ Marriage is a divine institution; that money is a peril and a privilege." He urged to exercise charity of judgment, He said, "Judge no man." He set on foot the principle of brotherhood. He proclaimed the kingdom of God; this kingdom consisted of all those who had the rule of God in their hearts. He gave men to understand that to build a human society with God as the ruling factor and the principle of brotherhood as its expression was the great end of the church, here and now. The spirit saith to the churches today, “In yourself typify the principles of justice and neighbourliness. It is the church's great obligation to stand like a tribune before nations, parliaments, congresses and to proclaim the necessity after this war of the establishment of a brotherly league among all nations. And to insist on mutual disarmament, save only for police duties. It is the church's rich privilege to lead the way in the understanding of the great causes of dispute between labourers and capitalists, and to insist that the man who works by the sweat of his brow, shall have a just and fair proportion of this world's good things. It is for the church to insist that Christ's little ones shall be taken out of the sweat shops and deafening factories.

That was a touching little picture the other day of a man with a mop and a pail in a big business office after hours, who said, to the great captain of industry at the desk, “I have had a letter."


“Yes,said the king of finance, “ so have I," and then these

I two, the man of millions and the man with the mop and the pail, became comrades, in reading together the letters from their boys, who were serving as comrades in our armies beyond the seas. Comrades they were, and comrades may they ever be, but why should the man with the mop have so small a portion and the man behind the desk have all? Comrades they are in sacrifice, why should they not be comrades and sharers alike in the service of the world?

3. The spirit saith to the churches, “ You shall be an educative force." It shall not suffice that you merely give to men impulse. You also must give to them direction. It is a sad fact that the church

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