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for a generation has been sending her sons and daughters to public schools without religion and to state universities, where all the stress was on the intellectual, and many professors were actually hostile to Christianity and to organized religion. Young people were educated out of their childhood's view of religion, and had nothing given in return. They were overflowing with a religious sense of service to the community and to the state, but had never been taught to understand that this very spirit of service is the genius of Christianity.

One recently maintained that intellectualism had had its day. That with the dawning of this new era of democracy, the laying of our great stress would not be on the few research scholars and the coddling of the great universities, but rather would it be on the problem of giving right ideals to the millions of boys and girls, who pass through the ranks of the common schools, and never get beyond.

It is peculiarly the duty of the church today to face this problem of educating the young with a right understanding of Christian principles and the Christian program. College young people ought to be given to understand that Christianity is simply the applied doctrine of loyalty which Professor Royce had been championing.

The church must educate the boys and girls in the Bible, in Christian ideals, missionary biographies and in the problems of today from a Christian standpoint. The church as an educational force must lay her stress on the building up of real boyhood and girlhood, through boy scout organizations, boys' clubs, girls' clubs and gymnasium classes.

The church as an educational agency, besides the regular Sunday services, should have open forums of discussion on week days, when experts, in various realms, could give lectures and addresses which would educate the people to a right understanding of the problems of the day.

The church as an educational agency should have a well-trained teaching force for Sunday School, and there should be well-planned and well-attended mission study classes, with the tremendously interesting books which are now being prepared on the world of today, as the basis of instruction.

Churches, through the Daily Vacation Bible Schools, have worked wonders by the gathering together of hundreds of children each day, giving them instruction in raffia work, common manual training and the Bible.

The church as an educational agency, shall be enabled to give to the people a right understanding of community problems and social responsibility. The understanding of the viewpoint of the other man is an absolute essential to a happy bringing in of an age of democratic responsibility. Social justice cannot be achieved by the waving of a magician's wand. Anthony Trollope, in “ The Warden,” has demonstrated this.

4. The spirit saith to the churches, “If you would wield a telling force in the world today, you must be a united church.” A divided church is a disgrace to Christendom. It is an economic waste, it is a Christian contradiction, it is contrary to the expressed prayer of the founder of the Church. His last prayer was that they all might be one, even as He was one with the Father.

It is a happy augury that denominationalism does not play a very large part in America today, yet it still plays too large a part. There are 165 religious denominations in the United States. There are fifteen kinds of Baptists, twenty-one kinds of Lutherans, twelve kinds of Presbyterians, fifteen kinds of Methodists. There is one religious need, one religious aspiration; it is the desire to simplify and intensify man's religious aspirations with the Eternal Power.

The world is in the melting pot. The church of today is charged with the solemn privilege of moulding the world of tomorrow. God grant that with the spiritual passion of the new evangelism, with social sympathy and compassion for the longings of the people, with educative plan and united front, the church of Christ shall make the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ.

“ Lead on, O King Eternal,

The day of march has come;
Henceforth in fields of conquest

Thy tents shall be our home:
Through days of preparation

Thy grace has made us strong,
And now, O King Eternal,

We lift our battle song."





ARCHES in Flanders, marches in mud, marches in the mouth of hell are familiar

incidents of these battle-worn times, but who has heard of a marching in mulberry trees? In the book of Chronicles it may be read, “ At the sound of a marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, then shall you go forth to battle.” It must relate to phantom armies. The bowman of Agincourt, the hosts of the Maid of Orleans must be hovering near.

Not so. The Philistine military masters had been ransacking the territory of their Israelitish neighbours. David inquired of God, “Shall I go up against the Philistines ? " “ Yes," came the answer; you shall go at the sound of a marching in the tops of the mulberry trees."

There was here instanced the consulting of the divine leadership, with reference to the question of warfare. The supreme matter is not how the consultation was effected, but that it was sought and the divine answer upheld the use of warfare, but only at the sound of a marching in the tops of the mulberry trees. This is ancient Hebrew history and is not as immediately enlightening and authoritative as the New Testament pages, but by implication, comes valuable suggestion for today's usage.

The Philistines of the twentieth century have harked back to those days of savage ancestors. They have burned villages, wiped out cities, demolished cathedrals, ransacked libraries, museums, chateaux, palaces, and poor men's huts, taking the spoil to make glad the feast at the castles of their robber barons. They have violated women and children. They have torn up solemn treaties as mere scraps of paper. Where used to be happy homes, and sunlit valleys, is now smoking desolation. Having sworn to defend Belgium's neutrality, Germany murdered Belgium, because that brave state, little though she was, was determined to keep true her promises of neutrality. Servia and France bear the mark of the oppressor's heel. Armenia's pathetic race without a country has been butchered by the Turk led on by the ruthless German master.

At length came murders by the sea. Germany announced to the world, that since, forsooth, her rulers considered it necessary, she would not be bound by any law, save only the law of necessity. Neither laws of God, nor laws of man should interfere with Germany's having her cherished position in the sun, her autocratic sway over all the nations, whether they would have her Kultur or not.

To America, far away across the seas, came with ever-increasing reverberation, the moaning of these victims of the despot's power. But America was

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