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delicacy aud elucidation, that he abandoned the design; not without hopes that some person of leisure and ability may be induced to give this fine piece of Irony a suitable English dress. Of the other Latin pieces, viz. the treatise entitled "Pax Terris," and a few Letters among the Polemical Works, the Editor, not finding any translation already made, did not think them of such importance as to require one.

The Editor originally proposed to accompany this edi tion with a NEW LIFE OF THE AUTHOR: but, finding the materials for such a work accumulate very much in his hands, he has judged it best to limit this publication to the Bishop's own writings; and has, therefore, prefixed only such memoirs as the Author has left of himself; reserving whatever else he has been able to collect together for a separate volume, to be published hereafter, and to be independent of the present undertaking. He would only here add to what the Author has said of himself in the " Specialities" of his Life, his "Letter from the Tower," and his "Hard Measure," that he was gathered to his fathers in a good old age; dying at Higham, near Norwich, Sep. 8. 1656, aged eighty-two years: and was buried in the church-yard at that place.


Meditations and Vows.

Holy Observations.

Occasional Meditations.

Meditation on the Love of Christ.

Select Thoughts.


The Breathings of the Devout Soul.

The Soul's Farewell to Earth, and Approaches to Heaven.
The Great Mystery of Godliness.

The Invisible World.

[blocks in formation]

A Speech in Parliament.

A Speech in Parliament, in Defence of the Canons made in Con-


A Speech in Parliament, concerning the Power of Bishops in Se-
cular Things.

An Apologetical Letter to a Person of Quality.

The Revelation Unrevealed.

Mundus Alter et Idem. .

Quo Vadis? A Censure of Travel.

Metaphrase of some Psalms.

Anthems for the Cathedral of Exeter.
Virgidemiarum.-Satires, in VI. Books.



List of Subscribers.


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