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Balaam, and put a word in his all this vision, 80 did Nathan | shall go for his life, and thy peo mouth, and said, Go again unto speak unto David.

ple for bis people. Balak, and say thos. And when

Isc. XXI, 10. O my threshing, 2 Kings ii, 10. And he said, he came to him, behold, he stood and the corn of my floor: that Thou hast asked a hard thing: by his burnt-offering, and the which I have heard of the Lord nevertheless, if thou see me when I princes of Moab with him. And of hosts, the God of Israel, have I am taken from thee, it shall be Balak said unto him, What declared unto you.

so unto thee; but if not, it shall hath the LORD spoken? And he took up his parable, and said, the LORD, stand 'in the court of Jer. XXVI, 2, 12, 13. Thus saith not be so.

Jer. xxviii, 5, 6. Then the proRise up, Balak, and hear; hearken unto me, thou son of Zippor: the Lord's house, and speak unto phet Jeremiah said unto the proBut Balaam' answered and said all the cities of Judah, which come phet Ilananiah in the presence of unto Balak, Told not I thee, say-1 all the words that I command all the people that stood in the

to worship in the LORD's house, the priests, and in presence of ing, all that the LORD speaketh; thee to speak unto them; diminish house of the LORD, Even tho that I must do? And Balak said unto Balaam, Come, I pray thee, not a word. Then spake Jere- prophet Jeremiah 'said, Amen: I will bring thee unto another miah unto all the princes, and to the Lord do so; the Lord per: place; peradventure it will please all the people, saying, The LORD form thy words which thou hast God that thou mayest curse me house, and against this city, all vessels of the Lord's house, and

sent me to prophesy against this prophesied, to bring again the them from thence.

the words that ye have heard. all that is carried away captive, Num. xxiv, 12, 18. And Balaam Therefore now amend your ways from Babylon into this place. said unto Balak, Spake I not also and your doings, and obey the to thy messengers, which thou voice of the LORD your God; and of man, thus saith the Lord GOD

Ezek. vil, 2, 5-7. Also, thou son septest unto me, saying, If Balak the LORD will repent him of the unto the land of Israel, An end, would give me his house full of evil that he hath pronounced the end is come upon the four silver and gold, I canuot go be- against you.

corners of the land. Thus saith yond the commandnient of the

Jer. xlii, 4. 'Then Jeremiah the the Lord God, An evil, an only LORD, to do either good or bad of mine' own mind; but what the prophet said unto them, I have evil, behold, is come. An end is LORD saith, that will I speak?

heard you; behold, I will pray come, the end is come: it watch

unto the LORD your God accord eth for thee; behold, it is come. Num xxix, 40. And Moses told ing to your words; and it shall | The morning is como unto thee, the children of Israel according come to pass, that whatsoever o thou that dwellest in the land: to all that the LORD commanded thing the LORD shall answer yon, the time is come, the day of Moses.

I will declare it unto you; I will trouble is near, and not the sound1 Sam. ill, 15-18. And Samuel keep nothing back from you. ing again of the mountains. lay until the morning, and opened Ezek. ill, 10, 11. Moreover, he Ezek, xil, 22--28. Son of man, the doors of the house of the said unto me, Son of man, all my what is that proverb that ye have LORD. And Samuel feared to words that I shall speak unto in the land of Israel,

saying, The shew Ell the vision. Then Eli thee receive in thine heart, and days are prolonged, and every called Samuel, and said, Samuel, hear with thine ears. And go, vision faileth? Tell them theremy son. And he answered, Here get thee to them of the captivity, fore, Thus saith the Lord God, I am I. And he said, What is the unto the children of thy people, will make this proverb to cease, thing that the LORD hath said and speak unto them, and tell and they shall no more use it as a unto thee? I pray thee hide it not them, Thus saith the Lord GOD, proverb in Israel; but say unto from me: God do so to thee, and whether they will hear, or them, The days are at hand, and more also, if thou hide any thing whether they will forbear, from me of all the things that he

the effect of every vision. For said unto thee. And Samuel told

Ezek, xi, 25. Then I spake unto there shall be no more any vain him every whit, and bid nothing

them of the captivity all the vision nor flattering divination from him. And he said, It is the things that the Lund bad shewed within the house of Israel. For I

am the LORD: I will speak, and LORD; let him do what seemeth him good.


the word that I shall speak shall

come to pass; it shall be no more 1 Sam. xv, 16. Then Samuel


prolonged: for in your days, O said unto Saul, Stay, and I will


rebellious house, will I say the tell thee what the Lord hath said

1 Sam. ill, 12. In that day I will word, and will perform it, saith to me this night. And he said perform against Eli all things the Lord God. Again the word unto him, Say on.

which I have spoken concerning of the LORD came to me, saying, 2 Sam. vil, 17. According to all his house: when I begin, I will Son of man, behold, they of the

house of Israel say, The vision these words, and according to all also make an eud. this vision, so did Nathan speak 1 Kings xiii, 32. For the saying that he seeth és for many days to unto David.

which he cried by the word of the come, and he prophesieih of the LOBD against the altar in Bethel,

times that are far off. Therefore 1 Kings xxii, 13, 14. And the and against all the houses of the say unto them, Thus saith the messenger that was gone to call high places which are in the cities Lord God. There shall none of Nicolali, spake unto him, saying, of Samaria, shall surely come to my words be prolonged any more; Behold now, the words of the pro- pass.

but the word which I have phets declare good unto the king

spoken shall be done, saith the with one mouth; let thy word, I

1 Kings XX, 41, 42. And he hasted, Lord God. pray thee, be like the word of one and took the ashes away from his

Ezek. xxxiii, 33. And when this of them, and speak that which is face; and the king of Israel disgood. And Micaiah said, As the cerned lim that he was of the cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) LORD liveth, what the Lord saith prophets. And he said unto him, then shall they know that a proimto mo, that will I speak.

Thus saith the LOND, Becausó phet bath been among them.

thou hast let go out of thy band a Dan, ix, 2. In the first year of 1 Chron. xvii, 15. According to man whom I appoinied to utier his reign, I Daniel understood by all those words, and according to destruction, therefore thy lifo books the number of the years,



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whereof the word of the LORD son Segnb, according to the word I said, Behold, thou shalt greit came to Jeremiah the prophet of the LORD, which he spake by with thine eves, but shalt not eat that he would accomplisli seventy Joslina the son of Nun.

thereot. And so it fell ont unto years in the desolations of Jeru.

1 Kings Il. 27. 8o Solomon Pim: for the people troue ypun salem.

thrust out Ablathar from being him in the gate, and he diod. Hab. ii, 3, 4. For the vision is prieat unto the LORD that he 2 Kings ix, 25, 26. Then said yet for an appointed time, but it inglit fullll the word of the LORI), Jehu w Bidkar bis captain, Take the end it shall speak, and not lie: which be spake concerning the up, and cast him in the partion of though it tarry, wait for it; be. House of Eli in Shiloh.

the field of Naboth, the Jezreelite: cause it will surely coine, it will

1 Kings xili, 1. 2. And, behold. for remember bow that, when I pot larry. Bebold, bis soul which is lifted up is not npright in bio;

there caine a man of God ont of and thou rodu togellier after

Jodali by the word of the LORD Ahab his father, the LORD laid but the just shall live by bis unto Betis-el: and Jeroboam stood this burden upon lum; Suely ! faith.

by the altar to burn incense. lave seen yesterday the blood of Matth. xill, 16, 17. But blessed and he cried against the altar in Naboth, and the Wool of Buis are your eyes, for they see; ani the wird of the Lord, an i said, o sons, saith the LORD and I will your ears, for they hear. For altır, altar! thus sith the Lord, requite thee in this plat, saith the verily I say unto you. That many Behold, a child shall be born unto

LOND Now there ore fake and prophets and righteous men have the house of David, Jusiah by cast him into the plat of ground, desired to see those things which name and upon thee shall be according to the word of the ye see, and be not seen them; fer the priests of the high places

LORD and to hear those things which yo thai burti jucense upon thee, and 2 Kings xiv, 25. Ile restored the bear, and have not beard them wen's bones shall be burnt upon coast of Israel, from the entering Acts xi, 27--30. And in these thee.

of lanath unto the sea of the days came propliets from Jerusil- 1 Kings xv, 29. 30. And it came pluin, according to the word of the lem. unto Antioch. And tliere

to pass, when he reigned, that he LORD God of Israel, whih he stood up one of them named smøte all the house ut Jeroboain; spike by the hand of liis servant Agabus, and signified by the

he left not to Jeroboam any that Jonah, the son of Amittai, the Spirit that there should be great breathiel, until he bat destroyed prophet, which was of Gathdeart throughout all the world: bim, according unto the saying of hepher. which canle to piss in the days of the LORD, which lie spake liy bis 2 Kings Xv, 12. This was the ClaudiusCedar Tiven the disciples, sirvant Aliijah the Shilonite: word of the LORD which he spake every in un according to his ability, Br.cause of the sins of Jeroboam unto Jeliu, suying, Thy sons shall determined to send relief unto the which he sinned, and which he sit on the throne of Israel unto brethren which dwelt in Julea: inade Israel sin, by lis provocitla the fourth generation. And so it Which also they did, and sent it tiup wherewith he provoked the

came to pass. to the elders by the hands of Lord God of Israel to anger.

2 Kings xxiii, 16. And as Josiah Barn bus and Soul.

1 Kings xvi, 12, 13. Thus dje1

turned himself, he spied the Acts xxi, 4, 10. 11. And finding zimri destroy all the house of sepulclires that were there in the disciples, we tarried there given duys who said to Paul through

Baasha, according to the word of mouut, and sent, and to the the Spirit, that he should not go

the LORD. which he spake against bones out of the sepulchres, and up to) Jertsalem. And as

Baasha by Jeliu the prophet; For burned them upon ine aitar, and tarrted there many days, ther"

all the sins of Biasha. anů the polluted it according to the word cune down from Julen a certain ing of Elbis son, by which of the LBD, which the man o

God proclaimed, who proclained they sinned, and by which they prophet, uaned Ayabrs. And

these words. mule Israelio sin,in provoking the when he was come unto us, he

101D God of Israel to anger with touk Paul's girdle, and bound his Olen hands and feet, and saili. their vanities.

Josh. xxiii, 15. Therefore it shall This saith the Holy Ghost, Su

1 Kings xxii, 37. 38. So the shall the Jews at Jerusalem bin king diol, and was brought to come to pass that is ali good the man thai owneth, this Kirille, Simaria; and they buried die king i:ings are come upon you, which and shall bliver hint into the in Summaria. And one washed in the LORD your God proinisi you; Hanils of the icntiles.

chariot in the pool of Samiria; 30.8 mhe LORD bring upon you Reo xxii, o And he said unto

ni the dogs licked up his bloodall evil things, until he have demac, Tieso sayings are lichidul find they wished his armunr. I stroyed you from off this good altre: and thoroofthe 'cording to the word of the land which the LORD your God LURD which he spake.

hath given yvu. holy proplets sent his angel to Bhew unto his servants the things

2 Kings vil, 16, 17, 19, 20, Add I a. xlviii, 6, 7. Thou hast heard, which must shortly bo dobe. the people went oul, and spoiled see all this and will not be de

the tents of the Syrians. So a care il I have showed the new INSTANCES.

measure of fine flour was sold furthing from this time, even hidden

it sbeke), and two measures of things, and thou dilst not know Joshua ri, 26 And.Toshina af. Warios for a shekel, according to then. They are created now, and jured them at that time, sayiug, 11 wird of the LOID. And the not from the beginning; even Cursed be the man before the king pointed the lorid, on whose wore the day when thou beard. Loro ikat risrth up and buillerblind be leaned, 10 have beest tliem not; lest thou shouldest this cey Jeric!:«; b. shall lay be chargement vof the gate; and the people sily, Behold, I kuew them. foundation trovi la his first trste up e bin in the file, and born, and in his vous son: el. is the man of God and LORD, Like as I have brought all

Jer, xxxii, 42. For thus saith the shall be set up ihe 1103N . ll. Sal!, who apako wlien the king

i l'ings wi, 31. lr his day did cnie down to him. And that lors this great evil upon this purple, Hiel the Betljite hnili Joricho: Stjs! cred tho inan of God, and

30 will I bring upon them all the he laid the founiaticn thereot in 6.4.1

, Now, bchuld, is the LORD svod that I have promised them. Abirum his ret-born, and set up should make windows in heaven, Zech. I, 6. But my words and livo gutes tuereof in his youngost' might such a thing be? And he my statutes, which I commanded



my gerrinte the prophets, did Rev. xi. 2.3. But the court which that there was noyos a son trit they not takelil of your fathers is without the temple leave ont, luun, save Jelioahuz, the youngest and they returned and suid. Like and measure it not; for it is given of his sons. as the LORD of hosts thought to unto the Gentiles; and the holy

Ps. lxxiv, 9. We see not ont do unto us, 1ccording to our wayx city shall they tread under foot signs; there is no more any proand according to oor doings, 80 forty and two months. And I phet: neither is there among us hath be dealt with us.

will give power unto my two any that knoweth how long. 1 Puter i. 10-12. Or which salvn. witnesses, and they shall pro

Prov. xxix, 18. Where there is tion to proplets have enquired plesy, a thousand two hundred and searched diligently. who pro. and threescure days, clothed in

no vision, the peoplo prish: but

he that keepeth the law, happy pliest of the grace that should sackclothi.

is he. come into yon: Searching what, Reo. xii, 6, 14. And the woman

Jer. Vi, 27. I hive set thee for or what muner of time, the fled into the wilderness, where Spirit of Christ which was in them she liath a placa prepared of God, a tower and a fortress among my did signify, when it testified that they should see her there a people, that thou mayest kuovy

and try their way. beforehand the sufferings of thousand two hundred and three

Ilosen vi. 5. 6. Therefore havo Christ, and the glory that should score diys. And to the woman follow. Unto whom it was reveal. were given two wings of a great I hewed them by the propiets; ed, that not un'o themselves, but ugle, that she miglii fly into the I have slain them by the words unto iis, they did minister the wilderness, into her place; where or iny month: anil tiy judgments things which are now reported she is nourished for a time, and arc as the light that poeth torth. unto you by them that have lines, and half a time, froin the For I desired mercy, and vot preached the gospel unto you with face of the serpent.

sacrifice; and the knowlege of tho Illy Ghout sent down from

God more than burnt-offerings. Leaveu; which things the angels given unto him a mouth speaking

Rev. xiii, 5. 19. And there was desire to look iute.

great things, and blasphemies;
and power was given unto him to

SPECIAL PROPHETIC contiunte firty and two months. 2 King3 il, 3-7. And the sons of

llery is Hislom. Let him that the prophets that roere at Bethel Dan, vil, 25. And he shall speak lah und rowling count the came forth to Elislur, and said

number of the be:18!: for it is the unto him. Knowest tuon that the grent worls alinst the most ilish, and shall rear out the suinis number of alinan; and his number Lord will take away thy master

is six hundred threescore and from thy head ti-lay? And ho of the most lligle, and think to

31.X. chrit times an / laws; and they

said, Yea, I know it; hold ye your

VI. shall be given into his hand, un

peace. And Elijalı sull un o hin, til at tim and limes, and the PROPUECY TUE MEANS OF Elisha, tarry here. I pray thee;

for the LORD hath Senil me to diviling of time.


Jericho. And he sail, As the Du viil, 13. 14. Then I heard one FORMER DISPENSATION.

LORD liveth, ani a8 ty soul saint pkins and other saint

1 Sam iii, 1. And the child liveth, I will not leave thiee. So 8.11 unt that certain saint which

Sam te ministered unto the LORD they came to Jericho. And the spale. He long shall be 01 beture Eli. And the word of the sons of the propriets that were at VINIOn concerning the daily sucri. LORD was precious in those days; Jericho came to Elis id, and said fice, ani the true ression of there 1008 no open vision.

unto biin, Know'est thou that the desolation, to give botii ile sane. tuary and the host to be trodd,

1 Chron. xxi, 12-17. And there Lord will take away thy master mer foo!? And he si ! mit

cime i writin; to him from Elijall from thy lie and tooliny? And he me, Urlo two tiivus ind and three

the propher, saying, Thus saith answered, Yea, I know it; bold hundred day's then still the

the LORD God of Divid thy father, ye your peace. And Elijah said Because thou bast not walked in

unto bim, Tarry, I pray thee, Bauctuury be cleaused.

the Wiys of Jehostaphat thy here; for the Lord bath sent ine Dan xii. 6, 7, 11-13. And one call 'ather, nor in the ways of Asii

to Jordan. And he saidl, As the to the man clothed in linen, which hing of Juda, But bast walked LORD liveth, and as thy soul liv. was upon the waters of the river in the way of the kings of Israel, eth, will not leave thee. And Ilow long shall it be to the end ut uni hast made Judah and the they two went on.

And filty these wonder? An I heard the iuitibitants of Jerusilem to go a

men of the sons of the prophets min clothed in liven which was whoring, like to the whoreduins went, and stol to view atar ott: upon the waters of the river. •f the house of Abib, and also and they twu stood by Jordan. when he held up his riglit hand hast slain thy brethren of thy and bis left hand unto heaven, father's house, which were better

PROPHETESSES. and sware by him that liveth for than thyself: Behold, with a great E.cod. xv, 20. An i Miriam the ever, that it shall be for a time. pl. 1110 will the LORD smite thy prophetess, the sister of Aaron, times, and an bill; and when he people, and thy children, and thy took i timvrel in ber land; and shull have accomplished to scatter wives, and all thy goods; And all the women went out atter her the power of the holy people, all thou shalt hare great sickness by with timbrels and witu dancos. these things shall be finished. 1-16 of thy bowels, until thy And from the time that the daily bowes fill out by reason of the

Judges iv, 4, 5. And Deborih, a sacrilice shall be taken away, und sickness day liy day. Moreover, prophetess, the wife of Lpilothi, the abomination that makell the LORD stirred' up against she judged Israel at that time. desolate set up there shall be a Jeliorain the spirit of the Philo And she dwelt under the palme thousand two hundred and ninetyistines, and of the Arabians,

tree of Deborah, between Ranah days. Blessed is he that walletli, that were near the Ethiopians: and Beth-el in mount Ephraim: and c-meth to the thousand thrio And they cune up into Judah, and the children of Israel camo hun tred and live and thirty days und brake into it, and carried up to her for judgment. But go thuu thy way till the end away all ihe substance that was 2Kings xx11,14 15. So IIilkiah the be: for those staalt riisl, at nil stand out in the king's house, and priest, aud Ahikam, und Achbor, in hy lui a thu end of the days. his sons also, and his wives; su and sluplan, und Asahiun, went


unto Holdah the prophetess, the, I have not made sad; and strength, them by fifty in a cave, and fed wife of Shallum the son of Tikvali, oned the hands of the wicked, them with bread and water.) the son of Ilarhas, keeper of the that he should not return from his

2 Kings il, 15. And when the wardrobe; (now she dwelt in Jeru- wicked way, by promising him

sons of the prophets, which were salem in the college;) and they life. Therefore ye shall see no communed with her. And she more vanity, nor divine divina- to yiew at Jericho, saw bim, they said unto them, Thus saith the tions: for I will deliver my people said, The spirit of Elijah doth Lord God of Israel, Tell the man out of your hand; and ye shall rest on Elisha. And they camo that sent you to mo. know that I am the LORD.

to meet him, and bowed then

selves to the ground before him. 2 Chron. xxxiv, 22, 23. And Rev. il, 20. Notwithstanding I Hilkiah, and they' that the king have a few things against thee, there shall fall unto the enrih

2 Kings x, 10. Know now that had appointed, went to Hul lah because thou sufferest

, that woman pothing of the word of the LORD, the prophetess, the wife of Shal. Jezebel, which calleth herselt a lum the son of Tikvath, the son of prophetess, to teach and to seduce the house of Abab: for the LORD

which the LORD spake concerning Hasrah, keeper of the wardrobe; my servants to commit fornica(now she dwelt in Jerusalem in tion, and to eat things sacriticed hath done that which he spake by

his servant Elijah. the college:) and they spako to unto idols. her to that effect. Anl she ans

2 Chron. xxvi, 5. And he sought wered them, Thus saith the LORD


God in the days of Zechariah, who God of Israel, Tell ye the man

had understanding in the visions that sent you to me.


of God; and as long as he sought Isat, viii, 3. And I went unto the

Acts xv, 32. And Judas and the LORD, God made him to prosprophetess; and she conceived, Silas, being prophets also them- per. and bare a son: then said the selves, exhorted ihe brethren with

Jer. xxxix, 11, 12. Now NebuchadLord to me, Cul his name Maher many words, and confirmed them. rezar king of Babylon gave shalal-hash-baz.

Rom. xii, 6. Having then gifts chargo concerning Jeremiah to Luke ii, 36, 37. And there was differing

according to the grace guard, saying. Take hiin, and

Nebuzar-adan the captain of the one Anna, & prophetess, the that is given to us, whether prolook well to him, and do bím no daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe phecy, let us prophesy, according harm; but do unto him even as of Aser: she was of a great age; to the proportion of faith.

he shall say unto thee. and had lived with an husband seven years from her virginity: after charity, and desire spiritual loose thee[Jeremiali] this cinyirom 1 Cor. xiv, 1-3, 29-33. Follow

Jer. x1, 4, 5. And now, behold, I And she was a widow of about gifts, but rather that ye may pro- the chains wbich were upon thine fourscore and four years, which departet not from the temple. (phicsy. For he that speaketh in band. If it seem good unto the

an unknown tongue speaketh not but served God with fastings and unto men, but unto God: for no

to come with me into Babylon, prayers niglit and day.

man nnderstandeth him; howbeit come, and I will look well unto Act: xxi, 9. And the same man in the spirit he speaketh mys- to come with me into Babylon,

thee: but if it seem ill unto thee bud four daughters, virzius, which teries. But lie that prophesieth forbear: behold, all the lund is did prophesy.

speaketh unto men to edification, before thee; whither it seemeth and exhortation, and comfort. Let good and convenient for th:ee to

the Ezek, xiii, 17-23. Likewise, thon

prophets speak two or three,

go, thither go. Now, while he son of inan, set thy face against and let the other judge. If any the daugliters of thy people, which thing be revealed to another that Go back also to Gedaliul clie bun

was not yet gone back, he said, prophesy out of their own heart. sitteth by, let the first hold his of Alikam, the son of Slaplian, an i prophesy thou against them, peace. For ye may all prophesyone

whom the king of Babylon hath And say, Thus saith the Lorú by one, that all may learn, and all made governor over the cities of

may be comforted. And GOD; Woe to the women that sew

the pillows to all arm-bules, and make spirits of the prophets are subject Judali, and dwell with him among

to the prophets. * For God is not the people; or go wheresoever it kerchiefs upon the hiad of overy the author of confusion, but of Seemeth convenient unto thee to stature, to hunt souls! Will ye hunt the souls of my people, anii peace, as in all churches of the go. So the captain of the guard saints.

gave him victuals and a reward, will ye save the souls alive that

und let him go. you?

ye pollute mo among my people for THE PROPILETS RESPECTED. believest thou the prophets

Acts 27King ; handfuls of barley, and for pieces 1 Sam. iii, 19, 20. And Samuel know that thou believest. of bread, to slay the souls that grew, and the LORD was with him, should not die, and to save the and did let none of his words full souls alive that should not live, to the ground. And all Israel,

BUT SOMETIMES HATED by your lying to my people that from Dan even to Beersheba, AND PERSECUTED. hear your lics? Wherefore thus knew that Samuel was establish

1 Kings xxii, 7-9, 24-27. And saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I am ed to be a prophet of the LORD. Jelioshuplat said, 18 there not against your pillows, wherewith yo there hunt the souls to make

1 Sam. ix, 6. And he said unto here a prophet of the LORD be. them fly, and I will tear them bim, Behold now, there is in this sides, that we might enquire of

him? And tho king of Israel said from your arms, and will let the city a man of God, and he is an souls go, eren the souls that ye cometh surely to pass: now let us honourable man; all that he saith unto Jehoshaphat, There is yet

one mau, Micaiah the son of hunt to make them fly, Your kerchiefs also will I tear, and de: go thither; perudventure he can Imlalı

, by whom wo may enquire liver my people out of your hand, shew us our way that we should of the Lord: but I hate him; for

he doth not prophesygood concernand they shall be no more in your

ing me, but evil. And Jehoshahand to be hunted; and ye shall 1 Kings xviii, 4. For it was so, phat said, Let not the king say know that I am the LORD. Be- when Jezebel cut off the prophets so. Then the king of Israel called cause with lies ye liave made the of the LORD, that Obadiah took an officer, and said, lasten hither heart of the righteous sad, whom an hundred proplets, und bia Micaiah ihe son of Imah. But


Zolekiah the son of Chonaanah mad, and maketh himself a pro-j of the LORD arose against hlo went near, and smote Micaiah on phet, that thou shouldest put him people, till there was no remedy. the cheek, and said, which way in prison, and in the stocks. Now Therefore he brought upon them went the Spirit of the Lord from therefore whyhast thou not reprov the king of the Chaldees, who mo to speak unto thee? Anded Jeremiah of Anathoth, which slew their young men with the Micaiah said, Behold, thou shals maketh himself a prophet to you? sword in he house of their sanc see in that day, when thou shalt For therefore he sent unto us in tuary, and had no coinpassion go into an inner chamber to hide Babylon, saying, This captivity is upon young man or maiden, old thyself. And the king of Israel long: build ye houses, and dwell man, or him that stooped for age; said, Take Micaiah, and carry in them; and plant gardens, and ho gave them all into his hand. him back unto Amon the governor eat the fruit of them. And Zeph

Jer. xx, 3, 4. And it came to of the city, and to Joash the king's aniah the priest read this letter in son; And say, Thus saith the the ears of Jeremiali the prophet. brought forth Jeremiah out of

pass on the morrow, that Pashur king, Put this fellow in the prison, Jer. xxxil, 2, 3. For then the the stocks. Then saiu Jeremiah and feed him with bread of afllicking of Babylon's army besieged unto him the LORD hath not tion, and with water of amiction, Jerusalem: and Jeremiah the pro- culled thy name Pashur, but until I come in peace.

phet was shut up in the court of Magor-missabib. For thus saith 2 Chron. xviii, 17, 25, 26. And the prison, which was in the king the Lord, Behold, I will make the king of Israel said to Jeho- of Judah's house. For Zedekiahi thee a terror to thyself, and to all shaphat, Did I not tell thee that king of Judah had shut him up, thy friends; and they shall fall by he would not prophesy good unto saying, Wherefore dost thou pro- the sword' of their enemies, and me, but evil?' Then the king of phesy, and say, Thus saith the thino èyes shall behold it: and I Israel said, Take ye Jicaian, and LORD, Behold, I will give this city will give all Juilah into the hand carry him back to Amon the into the hard of the king of Baby- of the king of Babylon, and ho governor of the city, and to Joa-hlon, and he shall take it.

shall carry them captive into the king'? -un: And say, Thus Ezek. 11, 25, 26. But thou, O son Babylon, and shall slay them with saith the king, Put this fellow in of man, behold, they shall pul the sword. the prison. ant feed him with bands upon thee, and shall bind breat ofiction, and with water thee with them, and thou shalt

Rom. xi, 2, 3. God hath not cast of amictiuu, until I return in not go out anong them: And I away his people which he forepeace.

knew. will make thy tongue cleavo to

Wot ye not what the Isal. xxx, 10, 11. Which say to the root of thy mouth, that thou scripture saitli of Elias? how he the secrs, See not; and to the pro- shall be dumb, and shalt not be to against Israel, saying, Lord, they

maketh intercession to God phets, Prophesy not unto us right them a reprover; for they are a

hare killed thy prophets, and things; speak unto us smooth rebellious house.

digged down thine altars; and I things, prophesy deceits: Get you Amos vii, 12, 13, 16, 17. Also am left alone, and they seek my ont of the way, turn aside out of Amaziah said unto Amos, O thou life. the path, cause the Holy One of seer, go, flee thee away into the Israel io cease from before us. land of Judah, and there eat

James v, 10. Take, my brethren, Jer. xi, 21-23. Therefore thus bread, and prophesy there: But the prophets, who have spoken in Balth the Lord of the men of Ana. propliesy not again any more at the name of the Lord, for an

aflliction, thoth, that seek thy life, saying, Beth-el; for it is the king's chapel, example of suffering Prophesy not in tho name of the and it is the king's court. Now and of patience. LORD, that thou die not by our therefore hear thou the word of hand: Therefore thus saith the the LORD: Thou sayest, Prophesy DUTY OF TIIE PEOPLE. LORD of hosts, Behold, I will not agiinst Israel, and drop not Zcch. vii, 7. Should ye not hear punish them: the young men thy' word against the house of the words which the Lord bath sball dio by the sword; their sons Isaac. Therefore thus saith the cried by the former prophets, and their daughters shall die by LORD, Thy wife shall be an barlot when Jerusalem was inhabited famine: And there shall be no in the city, and thy sons and thy and in prosperity, and the cities remuant of them; for I will bring daughters shall fall by the sword, thereof round about her, when evil upon the men of Anathoth, and thy land shall be divided by men inhabited the south and the erca ile year of their visitation. line; and thou shalt die in a plain?

polluted land: and Israel shall Jer. xx, 1, 2. Now Pashur the surely go into captivity forth of

1 Thess. V, 20. Despise not proBon of Immer the priest, who was his land.

phesyings. also chiet governor in the house

Micah il, 6. Prophesy ye not, of the LORD, heard that Jeremial

SIN OF UNBELIEF. proplesied theso things. Then

say they to them that prophesy:
they shall not prophesy to them, said, Hear ye the word of the

2 Kings vii, 1, 2. Then Elisha Pashur smote Jeremiah the

proplei, and put him in the stocks that they shall not take shame.

LORD; Thus saith the LORD, TOthat were in the high gate of

morrow, about this time, shall a Benjamin, which 10as by the

measure of fine flour be sold for a house of the LORD.

1 Kings six, 14. And he said, I shekel, and two measures of Jer. xxix, 25 29. Thus speaketh have been very jealous for the barley for a shekel, in the gate of thie LORD of hosts, the God of LORD God of hosts: because the Samarii. Then a lord on whose Israel, saying, Because thou last children of Israel have forsaken hand the king leaned answered sent letters in thy name unto all thy covenant, thrown down thine the man of God, and said, Behold, the people that are at Jerusalem, altars, and slain thy prophets if the LORD would make windows and to Zephaniah

the son of with the sword; and I.eren I only, in heaven, miglit this thing be? Marseial the priest, and to all am left; and they seek my life, to And he said, Behold, thou shalt the priests, saying, The LORD take it away.

see it with thine eyes, but shalt hath made thee priest in the stead of Jehoia la the priest, that mocked the messengers of God,

2 Chron. XXXVI, 16, 17. But they not eat thereof.

2 Chron. xxiv, 19. Yet he sent ye should be officers in the house and despised bis words, and mis- prophets to them, to bring them of the Lord, for every man but is used his prophets unul the wrath again unto the LORD; and thug

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