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before the LORD, when thou the commandment shall feel no such as keep his covenant and his heardest what I spake against evil thing: and a wise man's heart testimonies. this place, and agaiust the inhabil. discerneth both time and judg

Ps. XXXI, 19, 20. Oh how great is tants thereof, that they should ment.

thy goodness, which thou bast become a desolation, and a curse,

Isa. liv, 14. In righteousness laid up for them tha: fear thee; and hast rent y clothes, and shalt thou be established: thou which thou hast wrought for them wept before me; I also have

shalt be far from oppression; for that trust in thee before the song heird thce, saith the LORD. Be- I thou shalt not fear: and from of men! Thou shalt hide them hold therefore, I will gather thee terror; for it shall not come near in the secret of thy presence from unto thy fathers, and thou shalt thee.

the pride of man; thou shalt keep be gathered into thy grave in

Jer. xxxix, 16--18 Go and speak them secretly in a pavilion Irvin peace, and thine eyes shall not see to Ebed - melech the Ethiopian, the strife of tongues. all the evil which I will bring

saying. Thus saith the LORD of Ps. xxxiil, 12. Blessed is the upon this plice. And they hösts, the God of Israel; Behold, 1 varion whose God is the Lord; brought the king word again.

will bring my words upon this and the people whom he hath 2.Chron. xxx, 9. For if ye turn city for evil, and not for good; and chosen for his own inderitance. again unto the LORD, your bretli, they shall be accomplished in that P3. XXXVII, 27 - 29. 87. Depart ren and your children shall find day before thee. But I will de- from evil, and do good; and dwell compassion before them that lead liver the in that day, saith the for evermore. For the LORD them captive, so that they shall Lond; and thou shalt not be given loveth judgment, and forsaketh come again into this land: for the into the hand of the men of whom not his saints; they are preserved LORD your God is gracious and thou art afraid. For I will surely for ever: but the sced of the merciful, and will not turn awiry deliver thee, and thou shalt not wicked shall be cut off. The his face troin you, if ye return fall by the sword, but thy life righteous shall inherit the land, unto him.

shall be for a prey unto thee; and dwell therein for ever. Mark Job iv, 7. Remember, I pray because thou hast put thy trust in the perfect man, and behold the thee, who ever perished, being me, saith the LORD.

upriglit: for the end of that man is innocent? ‘or where were the Ezek. xviii, 5, 9. But if a man peace. righteous cut off?

be just, and do that which is law- Ps. Ixv, 4. Blessed is the man JOD v, 19, 21. He shall deliver fuland right. Hath walked in my whom thon choosest, and causest thee in Kix troubles; yea, in seven statilies, and bath kept my judg. to approach unto thee, that he may there wall 110 evil touch thee. ments, to deal truly; he is just, be dwell in thy couris: we shall be Thou sult be hid from the shall surely live, saith the Lord satisfied with the goodness of thy scourge of the tongue; neither God.

house, eren of thy lioly temple. shalt thon be afraid of destruction

IN SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS. Ps. Ixxxiv, 11. For the LORD when it cometh.

1 Sam. xii, 14, 15. If ye will fear God is a sun and shield: the Lord Job axii, 30. Ho shall deliver the Lord, and serve hiin, and obey will give grace and glory: no good the island of the innocent; and it is delivered by the pureness of

liis voice, and not rebel against thing will be withhold from them thine hauds.

the commandment of the LORD), that walk upriglatly.

then shall both ye, and also the P3. xcvii, 11. Light is sown for Ps. xxxvii, 19, 20, 23. 24. 31-33. ling that reigneth over you, con. the righteous, anil gladness for They shall not be ashained in the line following the LORD your the upright in heart. evil tine; and in the days of God: But il ye will not obey the fumine they shall be satisfied. voice of the LORD, but rebel keep judgment, and he that doeth

Ps. cvi. 3. Blessed are they that But the wicked shall perisli, and against the commandment of the righteousness at all times. the enemies of the LORD shall be LORD, then shall the hand of the as the fat of lambs: they shall con- LORD be against you, as it was

Prov. xxl, 21. He that followeth Burne; into smoke shall they con, agaiust your fathers.

after rightevusness and mercy sume away. The steps of a good

Nodeth lite,

righteousuess, and man are ordered by the LORD;

2 Chron. XV, 7. Be ye strong honour. and he delighteih in his way. therefore, and let not your hands

Jer. xxxili, 6. Behold, I will Though he iall, he shall not be be weak; for your work shall be bring it health and cure, and I utterly cast down for the Lord rewarded.

will cure them, and will reveal upholdeth him with his hand. Job xxil, 21. Acqnaint now thr- unto them the abundance of peace The law of his God is in his self with him, and be at peace and truth. heart; none of his steps shall slide. thereby good shall come unto

Zech iii, 6, 7. And the angel of The wicked Wittcheth the right. thee.

the LORD protested unto Joshua, eous, and seeketh to slay him.

PS. V, 12. For thou, LORD, wilt saying, Thus saith the Lord of The LORD will not leave him in bless the righteous; with tavour hosts, If thou wilt walk in my his hand, nor condemn him when wilt thuu cumpuss bim as with a ways, and if thou wilt keep my be is judged. shield.

charge, then thou shalt also judge I'3. cxii, 4. Unto the upright Ps. xvIII, 24. Therefore hath the my house, and shalt also keep my there ariseth light in the dark. Loen recompensed me according courts, and I will give the places ness, he is gracious and full of to my riglicevusness, according to to walk among these that stand compassion, and righteous. the cleanness of wv Lunds in his by. Prov. I, 33. But whoso hearken-eyesight.

John xil, 26. If any man serve eth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of the blessing from the Lord, and be: if any man serve me, wim will

Ps. xxiv, 5, 6. He shall receive me, let him follow me; and where

I am, there shall also my servant evil.

righteousness from the God of his Prov. xli, 28. In the way of salvation. This is the generation my Futhier honour. righieousness is life; and in the of them that seek him, that seek

ASPECTS OF PROVIDENCE paid way thereof there is DO ty face, 0 Jacob. Selah.


Ps. XXV, 10. All the paths of the PERSONAL PUNISHMENT Eccles. vill, 6. Whoso keepeth Lord are mercy and truth unto Num. xiv, 41-43. And Moses

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gald, wherefore now do ye trans- trodden down all them that err , thine heart, Wherefore come three gr s tue commandment of the from thy statutes: for their deceit things upon me? For the greate LORD? but it shall not prosper.

is falseliood. Thou puttist away ness of thine iniqnity are thy Go not up. for the LORD is not all the wicked of the earth like skirts discovered, and thy heels among you; that ye be nut smitten dros: ther-fore I love thy testi- made bare. before your enemies. For the monies. My flesh trembleth for Ezek. vii, ,4.8 9. Now is the end Amalekites and the Canaanites fear of thee; and I am afraid of come upon thee, and I will send are there before you, and ye shall thy judginents,

mine anger upon thee, and will fall by the sword: because ye aro

Prov. iv, 19. The way of the judge thee according to thy ways, turned away from the Lord, there wicked is as darknes; liey

know and will recoinnense upon ilice ali fore the LORD will not bo with

tuine abominati ins. And mine not at what they stumble. you.

Prov. xxi, 10.-12. The soul of ere shall not spare thee neither 2 Sam. iii, 33. .... The LORD the wickej desireth evil: his will I bave pity: Lut I will rec inshall reward, the doer of evil neiglıbour findetli nu favour in ponselny wars upon theo and according to his wickelness.

thine abominations shall be in the his eyes.

When the scoruer is midst of thee; anil ye shall know Job xxi, 28, 29, 31, 32, 34. For ye punished, the simple is made wise; say, Where is the house of the and when the wise is instructed,

that I am the Lond. Nu will I princ ? and where are the dwell. he receiveth knowledge. Tho

shortly pour out my lury up n thee,

and accomplishi mile an er upon ing-places of the wicked? Have righteous win wisely cuusidereth ye not asked them that go by the house of the wicked: but God thee; and I will judere ilee accirdthe way? and do ye not know overthroweth the wicked for their ing to thy ways, and will recomtheir tokens. Who shall declare wickedness.

pense tilee for all thine abomin 1

tions, And mine eye shall not bis way to his face? and who shall repay him what he hath done? Yet sailli the LORD unto the wicked.

13a, xlviii, 22. There is no peace, spare, peittier will I lave pity: 1 shall be be brought to the gritve,

will recompense thee according to and shall remain in the tomb.

Isa. Ivii, 20, 21. But the wicked thy ways and thine abominations How then comivrt ye me in vain,

are like the troubleu sei, when it trat are in the midst of thee; and ser lug in your answers there re- cannot rest, whose water's cast up ye shall know that I am the LORD muinrth fulsehood?

mire and dirt. There is no peace, that sinileth. JOD XXX1, 2 3. For what portion

Erek. ix, 10 11. And as for me saitli my Gud, to the wickou. of God is there from abuse and

Jer. xxiii, 19, 20. Behold, a also, mine eye shall not spare, what inheritance of the Almighty whirlwind of the Lord is gong neither will I have pity, but I will from on high? Is not destruction forth in fury, even a grievous recompense their way ufron their

And, behold, the man to the wicked? and a strange whirlwind: it shall fall grievonsly lead. punishment to the workers of upon the head of the wicked. The clothed with linen, which had the luiquity?

anker of the LORD shall not return, iokhorn by liis side, reported the

until he have executed, and till ho matter, saying, I have done as Job xxxiv, 26, 27. le striketh live performed the thoughts of thou hast commanded ine. them as wicked men in the open his heart: in the latter days yo sight of others; Becallse they shall consider it perfectly.

Exek. xxiv, 13, 14. In thy filthi. turned back from hiin, and would

ness is lewdness: because I have not consider any of his ways.

Jer. xxx, 14, 15, 22, 23. All thy purged thee, and thou wast not Job xxxvi, 17. Bat thou hast siektheu not; for I have woninded irom thy althiness any more, till

lovers have forgotten thre; they purged, thou shalt not be purged fulltied the judgment of the thee with the wound of an enemy, I have caused my fury to rest wicked: julgineut and justice with the chastisernent of a cruel upon theo. the LORD have take hold on thce.

one, for the multitude of thine ini. spoken it; it shall come to pass, P'3. i 4. 'The ungodly are not so: quity; because thy sing were in an l I will do it; I will not go back, but are like the chair which the creaserl. Why criest thou for neither will I spire, nelller will i wind driveth away.

thine afriction? thy sorrow is in. repent: accorting to thy ways, Ps. 1,5. Therefore the nngodly curable for the multide of thine and acearding to iny doings, sbali shull not stand in the judgineue, iniquity: because thiy sins were in they judge thee, saith the Lord por simhers in the congregation of creased, I have done these things God. the righteous. unto tbee. And ye shall be my

Micah vi, 16 For the statutes people, and I will be your God. Sof Omri i rekpt. and all the works Ps ix. 16 The LORD is known | Bebold, the whirlwind of the LORD by the ju in nt which lie exe-goutti foruh with fury, a continu in their counsels; that I should

of the house of Anal, and ye walk cutet: the wicked is snared in ing whirlwin,l; it still fall with the work of his own hands. Hig- pain upon the head of the wicked. make thee a desolation, and the gaion. Selali.

inhabitants thereof an bissing:

Jonah ii, 8. Thoy that observe therefore ve shall bear the reP8. xxxiv, 21. Evil shall slay the lying vanities forsake their own wicked; and they that hate the

proach of my people. mercy. rir hlevus shall be desolate. WITH SPECIAL AGGRAVATIONS.

NATIONAL DISASTER. PS. XXVII, 20 33. But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of Job viii, 22. They that hate

Deut. xxviii, 45-47. Moreorer, all the lon shall be as the fat of thee shall be clothed with slame; and shall pursue theo, and over

these curses shall come upon thee, lambs: they shall consume; into and the dwelling place of the smuko shall they consume away, wicked shall come to bought.

take thee, lill thou be destroyed;

b ciuse thou liearkenedst not unto But their nsgressors shall be de. Job xviii, 20. 21. They that come the voice of the LORD thy God, lo stroyed timetiser; the end of the after him shu be a sionie l at his wicked shall be cut of.

ke -p his commandments and his ay, as they that went bifure were

stitutes which he commanded Ps. Ixviii, 21. But God shall allrighte Surely such are the thee: And they shall be upon theo wond the lead of his enemies, dwellings of the wicked, and this for a rign, and for a wonder, and and tinc luairy scalp of such an une is the place of him that knowoch upon thy seet for ever. Because as youll on still in his trespasses, not God.

thou survecst not the LOAD itay Ps. esix, 118-120. Thou Last Jer. xlli, 22. And if thou say in God will juyfulness, and with gindoese nf heart, for the abund. I have called unto them, but they , sholl be cut off: but those that auce of all things. huve nut answered.

wait upon the LORD they shall 1 Sam. xii, 15. But if ye will

Erek. xxi, 24. Therefore thus inherit the earth. For yet a little pot obey the voice of the LORD, saith the Lord God. Becanse ye while, and the wicked shall not but rebel against the command have maile your iniquity to be be: yea, thou shalt diligently coninent of the Lond), then shall the remembered, in that your trans- sider bis place, and it shall not han'l of lloe Luri) be against you, pressions are discovered, so that be. as it 1003 against your fathers.

in all your doings your sins do Ps. Isil, 3. IIow long will yo

appear; because, I say, that ye imagine mischiet against a man? Isaiah i. 20. But if ye refuse and are come to remembrance, ye ye shall be shin all of you: as a rebel, ye still be devoureil by the shall be taken with the haud. bowing wall shall ye be, and as a 81 orri; for the mouth of the LORD bath spoken it:

Hosea viii, 1. Set the trumpet to totteriug lence. thay mouth. He shall come as an

P3. xcii, 9. For, lo, thine enemies Isaink xxx, 1. Woe to the rebel- engle against the house of the

O Lorn, for, lo, thine enemies llous chren, saith the LORD, that LORD, because they have trans- shall perish; all ihe workers of take counsel, but not of me; and gressed my covenant, and tres iniquity shall be scaltered. that cover with a covering, but passed against my law. not of my spirit, that they may add Hosea ix, 9, 17. They have shall be cut off from the earth,

Prov. ii, 22. But the wicked sin to sin.

deeply corrupie i themselres, as Jer xi. 8. Yet they obeyo'l not, in the days of Gibeah: thereforele and the transgressors shall be nor inclined their ear, but walked will remember their intquity, be rooted out of it. every one in the imagination of will visit their sins. My God will Isaiah i, 28. And the destructheir evil heart: therefore I will cast them away, because they did tion of the transgressors and of bring upon them all the words of not hearken unto him; and they the sinners shall be together, and this covenant, wich I commanded shall be wauderers among the nu- they that forsake the LORD shall Chein to do; but they did them lions.

be consumed. bot.

Isaiah v, 23, 24. Which justify Jer. xil, 17. Bit if they will not AND DEATH IN EVERY SEXSE. the wicked for rewari, and take oby. I will ntierly pluck np and

away the righteousness of the destroy that nation, said the

Gen. vi. 13. And God said unto righteons from bim! Therefore LORD.

Noh, The end of all flesh is coine as the fire devoureth the stubble, Jer. xxv, 29. 31. For, lo. I begin before me; for the earth is illed and the flame consumeth the to bring our on the city which is with violence through ther; and, chall, so their root shall be as rot. callel liy my name, and should be belold I will destroy them with tenness and their blossom shall go be utterly upislied? Ye shall the earth.

up as dust: because they have not be pushed; for I will call

Num xxvII, 13,14. And when thou cast a way the law of the Lord of for a sworld upon all the inhabis must seen is, thoualso shalt be gull- hosts, and despisted the word of tants of the earii, saith the LORD ereduntoily people, as Aaron thy the Holy One of Israel. or hosts, lle will plead with brother was gathered. all flesh he will give them that rebelled against my command- burneth as the fire: it shall devoir

Isaiah ix, 18. For wickedness arc wiched to the sword, suitis ment in the desert of Zin, in the the briers and thorns, and shall the LORD.

strife of the congregation), lo sanc- kindle in the thickets of the Jer xxvi 4-7. And thou shalt saytily me at the water before their forest; and they shall mount up unto imm, This saith the LORD, eyes that is the water of Meri: like the listing up sinoke. If ye will not hearken 10 me, to bin in Kadesh in the wilderness wall in my law, which I have set of Zin.

Jer. xxi, 14. But I will punish before you, To hearken to the

2 Sim xxiii, 6.7. But the sons of you according to the fruit of your words of my servants the pro. Belial shall be all of tbem as

coings, suth the LORD: aud I will phets, whoin 1 sent unto you, thorns thrust away, because they and it shall devour all things

kindle a fire in the forest thereof, borb rising up early, and sending crunut be taken with hans. But them, but ye have not learkened; the inan that shall touch thein

round about it. Then will I make this jouise like must be fenced with iron and the Ezek. xviii, 18. As for his father, Shiloh, and will make this city a ball of a spear; and they shall be because ho crually oppressed, curse to all the nations of the utterly burned with fire in the spoiled liis broilier by violence, earth. so the priesis and the pro- same place.

and did that which is not good phets, and all the people, heard Jeremiah speakius these words they thi plow iniguniy, and sow shall die in liis imquity.

Job iv, 8. 9. Even as I have seen among his people, 10, even he in the house of the LORD.

wickedness reap the same. By Jer, X.SXV, 16, 17. Because the the blast of God they perish, and poured out mine indignatiou upon

Enek. xxil, 31. Therefore have I sons of 'vdadab the son o, Rechab by the breath of luis nostrils are ihem; I have consumed them with have performed the command they consuned.

the tire of my wratii: their own ment of their father, which ne

Job xxxvi, 12. But if they obey way have I recompensed upon commanded them; but this people not, they shall perish by the their heads, saith the Lord Gud. hath not bearkened uuto

word, and they sball die without Therefore, thus saith the LOID God of hests, the God of Israel, knowledge.

Mal. iv, 1. For, behold, the day

cometh that shall buru as an oven; Behold, I will bring upon Juilah,

Ps. xi, 6. Upon the wicked he and all the proud, yea, and all and upon all the intiabitants of shall reign snares, fire and brim. that do wickedly, shall be stubble: Jeilleuirm, all the evil that I have stone, and an borrible tempest:

and the day that cometh shall pronounced against them: be this shall be the portion of their burn them up, sailli the LORD of cause I bave spoken uutu then, cup.

hosts that it shall leavo them but they have not bears; and I Ps. XXXVII, 9, 10. For evil-doers | Duither root nor brunch.


For ye



we might live through him. And I Verily, verily, I say unto you, DELIVERANCE FRON we have seen, and do tusify. that Wha's lever ya shall ask the

the Father sent the Son to be the Futlier in my dame, he wii gire THE CURSE AND POWER OF Saviour of the world.

it yon. litherto lase ye sad SIN.

no biug in my nue: a:, sid se Malth. xvill, 11. For the son of


shall receive, that wior) inay man is come to save that which THE REDEEMER.

be full Tiese things live I was bost.


spoken unto you in prover!: lut Luke ix, 56. For the Son of min

the time comethi, when I still no

ITY, HUMANITY. AND is not come to destroy men's lives,

more speik untó you in priprbą, but to save them.


but I shall s!iew you pidibly of the Luke xix, 10. For the son of


Father. Ai that day yesill ask

in my name, and I say out into man i. Come to seek and to save

Toz DISPENSER OF GRACE. you, that I will pray the Faller that whilci wis lust.

for you; For the Fatlier birseil John ill, 17. For God sent not

John i, 16. And of his fulness loveiti you, becaus- ye bave loved bis Son into the world to con- have all we received, and grace me, and have belive that I came demn the world; but that the for grace.

out from God. world through bim might be John xvil, 13, 19. And now come Bav.d. I to thee; and these things I speik no more in the word, but these

John xvii, 11, 20. And now I am Acts iv, 12. Neither is there in the world, that they might are in the world, and I come to salvation in any other: for there have my joy fulfilled in them, thee. Holy Father, keep thrugh is none other naine under heaven selves, And for their sakes I thine own name those wi.om tbva given among men wherely we sanctify myself that they also last given me, that they may be inust be savel. might be sanctified through the

one, as we are. Neither pray I truth. Rom. vi, 18. 22. Being then

for these alone, but for them als) mine free from sin, ye became

1 Cor. I, 4-6, 30. I thank my which shall believe un me uiruugo thie Servants of righteousness.

God always on your behall, for their word. But not being made free froin the grace of God which is given

Rom. viil, 34. Who is he that sin, and become servants to God, you by Jesus Christ; That in every condemnetu? It is Christ that yo have your fruit unto holiness, thing ye are emiched by him, in

died, yea, rather, that is risco and the end everlasting lite.

all utierance, and in all known again, who is even at the right 1 Cor. 1, 30, 31. But of him are edge; Even as the testimony of Land of God, who als, maketh

Christ was confirmed in you: But intercession for us. ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is of bin are ye in Christ Je-us, who ma le unto us wisdom and riglit. of God is made unto us wisdom, bodness and acewys with cuuifid

Eph. iii, 12. In whom we have eousness, an'l sanctification, and

and righteousness, and sanctificate redemption: That, acerving as it tion, and redemption.

euce by the faith of him. is written, lle that lorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

Col. 111, 17. And whiisqever ye 2 Cor. xii, 9. And he said unto our sins that he might leliver us for iny strength is made perfect thanks to God and tie Fütter by Gal. i, 4. Who gave himself for me, My grice is sufficient for thee: do in word or deed, do all in the

name of the Lord Jesus, giving from this present evil world, in weakness. Most gladly' there

him. according to the will of God and fore will I rather glory' in my our Father. infirmities, that the power of

1 Tim. il, 5. For there is one Christ may rest upon me.

God, and one mediator beineen Gal. ill, 13. Christ liath redeem. ed us from the curse of the law,

Eph. ill, 18, 19. May be able to gol aud men, the man Clirist

Jesus. being made a curse for us; for it is comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and

Hcb. vil, 25. Wherefore he is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree.

depth, and height; And to know alle also to save them to the

the lov. of Christ, which pesseth uitermost that come unto God by Gal. iv, 1. Now I say, that the knowledge, that ye might be vim, seeing he ever liveth to beir, as long as lie is a child, milled with all the fulness of God. make intercessiou for them. diflereth nothing froin a servant, though he be lord of all.

Phil. iv, 13. I can do all things Heb. ix, 15, 24. And for this 1 Tim. 1, 16 This is a faithful

through Christ which strengthen cause he is the meulator of the eth me.

new testament, tliet by means of saying, and worthy of all acceptaiion, that Christ Jesus came

Col. 11, 3. In whom are hid all death, for the redemption of the into the world to save sinners; of the treasures of wisdom and transgressions that vere under whom I am chief. knowledge.

the first testament, they which

are called miglit receive the proTilus il, 14. Who give himself

mise of eternal inheritance. For for us, that he might redeem us


Christ is not entered into the holy from all iniquity, and purify unto

places made with lands achich are himself a peculiar people, zealous

John xiv, 6. Jesnis saith unto ine 11,ures of the true but into of good works.

me, I am the way, the truth, and heaven itselt, now to uppear in the i John iv. 9.14. In this was mani- Father, but by me.

the life: no man cometh unto the presence of God for tis. fested the love of God toward us,

Heb. xii, 24. And to Jesus the because that God sent his only John xvi, 23-27. And in that moelitteis of the nei c venant, begolien sou into the world, that day yo bhall aek me nothing. aud to we bloud vi spriukling, to you.

that speaketh better things than |tion of the fulness of times be more perfect tabernacle, not made that of Abel. might gather together in one all with unids, thout is to say, not of

this building Neither by the 1 John 11, 1. My little children, things in Christ, both which are these things write I unto you in heaven, and which are on earth; blood of 5 ats and calves, but by

even in him. Far above all princi- his own blood, he entereil in onco that ye sin not. And if any man ain, we have an advocate with the pallty, and power, and might, and into the holy place, having obFather, Jesus Christ the right-bamed, not only in this world, but for if the blood of bulls and of

dominion, and every name that is tained eternal redemption for us. ous.

also in that which is to come; gonts, and the ashes of an heifer

And bath put all things under bis sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth MAINTAINS COMMUNION WITH

feet, and gave him to be the head to the purifying of the flesh; How BELIEVERS.

over all things to the church. much more shall the blood of John xiv, 18-20. I will not Which is his body, the fulness of Christ, who through the eternal

Spirit offered himself without spot leave you comfortless; I will come him that illeth all in all.

Yet a little while, and Eph. iv, 15, 16. But, speaking to God, purge your conscience the world soeth me no more; but the truth' in love, may grow up from dead works, to serve tho yo sco me: because I live, ye shall into him in all things, which is the living God? live also. At that day ye shall head, eren Christ: From whom 1 Peter i, 18.-20. Forasmnch ag know that I am in my Father, the whole body ftly joined to- ye know that ye were not redeemand ye in me, aud I in you. gether and compactod by that ed with corruptible things, as

which John xv, 1, 2, 4, 5.

every joint supplietb, silver and gold, from your vain

I am the true vine, and 'my Father is the according to the effectual work conversation received by tradition hnsbandman. Every branch in ing in the measure of every part, from your fathers; But with the me that beareth not fruit he maketh increase of the body unto precious blood of Christ, as of a

lamb without blemish and withtakoth away; and every branch the edifying of itself in love. that beareill fruit, he purgetli it,

Eph. v, 29, 30. For no man ever out spot: Who Verily was forethat it may bring forth more fruit yet bated his own flesh; but ordained before the foundation of

the world, but was manifest in Abide in me, and I in yon. As uourisheth and cherisheth it, even

these last times for you. the branch cannot bear fruit of as tbe Lord the church: For we

Rev. v, 9. And they sung a new itself, except it abide in the vine; are members of his body, of his

song, saying, Thou art worthy to no more can ye, except ye abide flesh, and of his bones. in me. I am the vine, ye are the Col. I, 18. And he is the head of take the book, and to open the branches: he that abideth in me, the body, the church; who is the seals thereof: for thou wast slain,

and hast redeemed us to God by and I in him, the same bringeth beginning, the first born from the forth mich fruit; for without me dead; that in all things he might thy blood out of every kindred, ye can do nothing. have the preeminence.

and tongue, and people, and

nation, John Xvi, 33. These things I Col. il, 10. And ye are complete have spoken nuto you, that in me in him, which is the head of all ye might have peace In the principality and power.

1 Cor. vi, 20. For yo are bought world ye shall have tribulation: Heb. ii, 11--13. For both he that with a price: therefore glorify God but be of good cheer, I have over- sanctifieth and they who are in your body, and in your spirit, come the world.

sanctitied are all of one: for which which are God's. Rom. viil, 8.-10. So then they cause he is not ashamed to call that are in the flesh cannot please them brethren. Saying, I will de- with a price: be not ye the sor

1 Çor. vii, 23. Ye are bought Gol.

Now if any man clare thy name unto my brethren; vants of men, have not the Spirit of Christ, he in the midst of the church will I is none of his. And if Christ sing praise unto thee. And again, THE DEATH OF CHRIST PREbe in you, the body is dead I will put my trust in him. And

DETERMIXED because of sin; but the Spirit again, Behold I and the children is life because of righteous- wbich God hath given me.

Luke ix, 30, 31. And, behold, ness.

there talked with him two men, Rom. xil, 5. So we, being many,

(On the Offices of PROPHET and which were Moses and Elias: Who are one boy in Christ, and every KING, EXERCISED BY

appeared in glory, and spake of

his decease which he should acone members one of another.


complish at Jerusalem. 1 Cor. ii, 16. For who hath Sec under JESUS CHRIST.) known the mind of the Lord, that

John xviii, 31, 32. Then said he may instruct him? But we


Pilate unto them, Take ye him, have the mind of Christ.

and judge him according to your THE PRICE.

law. The Jews therefore said 1 Cor. xil, 12. 27. For as the Acts xx, 28. Tako heed there- unto him, It is not lawful for us body is one, and hath many mem- fore unto yourselves, and to all to put any man to death: That bers, and all the meinbers of that the flock, over the which the the saying of Jesus might be fulone body, being many, are one Holy Ghost hath made you over-filled, wbich he spake, signifying body: so also is Christ. Now ye seers, to feed the church of God, what death he should die. are tho body of Christ, and mein- wbich he hath purchased with his bers in particular.

John xix, 11. Jesus answered, own blood.

Thou couldest have no power at 2 Cor. xiii 3. Since ye seek a Eph. 1, 7, 8. In whom we have all against me, except it were proof of Christ speaking in me, redemption through bis blood, the given thee from above: therefore which to you-sard is not weak, forgiveness of sing, according to be that delivered me unto thee but is miglaty in you.

the riches of his grace; Wherein bath the greater sin. Eph. 5, 9, 10, 21--23. Having he hath abounded toward us in Acts ill, 18. But those things, made known unto us the mystery all wisdom and prudence.

which God before had shewed by of his will, according to his good Heb. ix, 11--14. But Christ being the mouth of all bis prophets, that pleasuro, which he hath purposed come an high priest of good christ should suffer, he hath 80 io himsells That in the dispensate things to come, by a greater and fulfilled.


2 P

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