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of them, and of their children more shall your heavenly Father there! for, behold, the kingdom of after them.

give the Holy Spirit to them that Gou is within yoll. Ezek. xi, 19. 20. And I will give ask him?

John vi, 63. It is the Spirit that them one heart, and I will put a John vi, 45. It is written in the quickeneth; the flesh profiteth now spirit within you; and I will prophets, And thoy shall be all nothing: the .words that I speak take the stony heart out of their taught of God. Every man there- unto you, thcy are spirit, and they flesh, and will give them an heart fore that hath beard, and hath are life. of flesh; That they may walk in learned of the Father, cometh

Rom. viii, 5, 6. For they that my statutes, and keep mine unto me.

are after the flesh do mind tho ordinances, and do them: and

1 Cor. xii, 5, 6. And there are things of the flesh; but they that they shall be my people, and I differences of administrations, are after the Spirit the things of will be their Goi.

but tho same Lord. And there the Spirit. For to be carnally Exck. XXXVI, 25-27. Then will I are diversities of operations, but minded is death; but to be spiritsprinkle clean water upon you, it is the same God which worketh ually minded is life and peace. and ye shall be clean: from all all in all, your nithiness, and from all your Phil. iv, 7. And the peaco of God,

2 Cor. iil, 4, 5. And such trust idols, will I cleanse you. A new which passeth all understanding,

have we through Christ to Godbeart also will I give you, and a shall keep your hearts and minds ward: Not that we are sufficient new spirit will I put within you; through Christ Jesus.

of ourselves to think any thing as and I will take away the stony heart out of your flestu

, and I will God of peace sauctify you wholly;
1 Thess. v, 23. And the very is of God.

of ourselves; but our sufficiency give you an heart of fl sh. And I and I pray God your whole spirit

Gal. v, 18. But if ye be led by cause you to walk in my statutes, blameless unto the coming of our will put my Spirit within you, and and soul and body be preserved the Spirit, ye are not under the and ye shall keep my judgments, Lord Jesus Christ.

Eph. v, 9. (For the fruit of tho and do them. Ezek. xxxvii, 23. Neither shall

Titus iii, 4-6, But after that the Spirit is in all goodness, and rightkindness and love of God our

eousness, and truth.) they deille themselves any

2 Tim. i, 7. For God hath not more with their idols, nor with Saviour toward man appeared, their detestable things, nor with Not by works of righteousness given us the spirit of lear, but of any of their transgressions: but I which we have done, but accord- power, and of love, and of a sound

mind. will save them out of all their ing to his mercy he saved us, by dwelling-places, whereiu they

the washing of regeneration, and James iii, 17. But the wisdom have siumed, and will cleanse renewing of the Holy Ghost; that is from above is first pure,

Which he shed on us abundantly then peaceable, gentle, and easy them; 30 shall they be my people,

through Jesus Christ our Saviour. to be entreated, full of mercy and and I will be their God.

good fruits, without partiality, and Ezek. xxxix, 29. Neither will I


without bypocrisy. hide my luce any more from them: for I have poured out my Spirit

Job. xxiil, 5, 6. I would know Jude 19. These be they who upon the house of Israel, saith the words which he would ans- separate themselves, sensual, haythe Lord God.

wer, me, and understand what he ing not the Spirit. Joel ii, 28. And it shall come plead against me with his great

would say unto me, Will he to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and power? No; but he would put

Gen. xli, 38, 89. And Pharaoh your sons and your daughters strength in me.

said unto his servants, Can wo shall prophesy, your old men shall Job xxxil, 8. But there is a find such a one as this is, a man drean dreams, your young men spirit in man; and the inspiration in whom the Spirit of God ist shall see visions And also upon of the Almighty giveth them uns And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, the servants and upon the hand- derstanding.

Forasmuch as God hath slidwed maids in those days will I pour Prov. xx, 27. The spirit of man thee all this, there is none so disout my Spirit.

is the candle of the LORD, search creet and wise as thou art. Ilag. ii, 5. According to the ing all the inward parts of the 1 Kings xil, 22. But the word word that I coven uited with you belly.

of God came unto Shemaiah the when ye came out of Egypt, so Isa. IV, 4. When the Lord sball man of God, saying. my Spirit remaineth among you: have washed away the filth of the

2 Ohron. xv, 1. And the Spirit fear ye not.

daughters of Zion, and shall have of God came upon Azariah the Matth. x, 19, 20. But when they purged the blood of Jerusalem son of Oded. how or what ye shull speak: for spirit of judgment, and by the kiah rejoiced, and all the people, deliver you up, take no thought from the midst thereof, by tho

2 Chron. xxix, 36. And Hezeit shall be given you in that same spirit of buruing.

that God had prepared the people: hour what yo shall speak. For it Isa, xxxi, 15. Until the Spirit for the thing was done suddenly. is not ye that speak, but the be poured upon ns from on high, Spirit of your Father which speak- and the wilderness be a fruitful 2 Chron. xxx, 12. Also in Judah eth in you. field, and the fruitful field be the land of God was to give them

ono heart to do the commandDark: xill, 11. But when they counted for a forest. shall lead you, and deliver you up, Isa. xl, 29. Ho giveth power to ment of the king, and of tho take no thought beforehand what the faint; and to them that have princes, by the word of the LORD. he shall speak, neither do ye pre- no might be increasesh strength. Act3 il, 16--18, 37, 38. But this meditate; but whatsoever shall be

Luke xvii, 20, 21. And when he is that which was spoken by the given you in that hour, that speak was demanded of the Pharisees prophet Joel; And it shall come ye: for i: is not ye that speak, but when the kingdom of God should to pass in the last days, salth God, the Holy Ghost.

come, he answered them, and I will pour out of my Spirit upon Luke x!, 13. If ye then, being said, The kingdom oi God cometh all flesh; and your sons and your ovil, kuow how to give good gifts not with observation. Neither danghters shall prophesy, and onto your children; Low much sball they say, Lo uere! or, lo l your young men slal see visions,


come new.

ind your old men shall dream that I said unto thee, Ye must be Rom. VI, 1, 2, 6, 11, 13. What dreams: And on my servants, born again.

shall we say then? Shall we conand on my hand-maidens, I will

Gal. iv, 19. My little children, of tinue in sin, that grace may pour out in those days of my whom I travail in birth again until abound? God forbid. How shall Spirit; and they shall prophesy. Christ be formed in you.

we, that are dead to sin, live any Now, when they heard this, they

James 1, 18. Of his own will be

longer therein? Knowing tuis, were pricked in their heart, and vaid unto Peter, and to the rest gat be us with the kind word of that our old man is crucified with of the apostles, Men and brethreu, truth, that we should be a kind of him, that the body of sin might

be destroyed, that henceforth we what shall we do? Then Peter first fruits of his creatures.

should not serve sin. Likewise said unto them, Repent, and be

1 Pet. 1, 29. Being born again, reckon ye also yourselves to be baptized, every one of you in the not of corruptible seed, but of in dead indeed to sin, but alive unto name of Jesus Christ for the re- corruptible, by the word of God, God through Jesus Christ our mission of sins, and ye shall re

which livetb and abideth for ever. Lord. Neither yield you your ceive the gift of the Holy Ghost. 1 John 11, 29. If ye know that members as instruments of un

Acts vi, 9, 10. Then there arose he is righteous, ye know that righteousness unto sin: but yield certain of the synagogue, which is every one that doeth righteous. yourselves unto God, as those called the synagogue of the Liber-ness is born of him.

that are alive from the dead, and tines, and Cyrenians, and Alex- John v, 4. For whatsoever is your members as instruments of andrians, and of them of Cilicia born of God overcometh the righteousness unto God. and of Asia, disputing with Ste- world: and this is the victory that Rom. vii, 5, 6. For when we phen. And they were not able to overcometh the world, even our were in the flesh, the motions of resist the wisdom and the spirit faith.

sins, which were by the law, did by which he spake.


work in our members to bring Acts viii, 29. Then the Spirit Rom. xii, 14. But put ye on the forth fruit unto death. But now said unto Philip, Go near, and join Lord Jesus Christ, and make not we are delivered from the law, thyself to this chariot. provision for the flesh, to fulfil that being dead wherein we were

beld; that we should serve in Acts xi, 21. And the hand of the the lusts thereof. LORD was with them: and a great

2 Cor. V, 17. Therefore, if any oldness of the letter,

newness of spirit, and not in the number believed, and turned man be in Christ, he is a new again unto the Lord. creature: old things are passed

Gal. ii, 19. For I through the away; behold, all things are be- law am dead to the law, that I SPECIAL OPERATIONS.

might live unto God. Eph. iv, 20--25. Bat ye have not

Eph. 11, 1. And you hath ne 2 Cor. iv, 6. For God, who commanded the light to shine out of so learned Christ; If so be that ye quickened, who were dead in tres darkness, bath shined in our have heard him, and have been passes and sins. hearts, to give the light of the taught by him, as the truth is in

Eph. v, 13, 14. Bat all things that kuowledge of ihe glory of God in Jesus: That ye put off, concerning are reproved are made manifest

the former conversation, the old by the light: for whatsoever doth the face of Jesus Christ.

man, which is corrupt according make manifest is light, WhereEph. V, 8. For ye were somo- to the deceitful lusts; and be re-fore he saith, Awake thou that times darkness, but now are ye newed in the spirit of your mind; sleepest, and arise from the dead, light in the Lord: walk as children and that ye put on tho new man, and Christ shall give thee ligtit. of light. which after God is created in

Col. II, 13. And you, being dead 1 Pet. ii, 9. But ye are a chosen righteousness, and true holiness.


your sins and the uncircumci. generation, a royal priesthood, an Wherefore, putting away lying, holy nation, a peculiar people; that speak every man iruth with his sion of your flesb, bath he quickye slwuld show forth the praises of neighbour: for we are members ened together with bim, having

forgiven you all tres passes, him who hath called you out of one of another. darkness into his marvellous light. Col. iii, 9--11. Lle not one to an

2 Cor. vi, 1. We then, as work. other, seeing that ye have put offers together with him, beseech REGENERATION.

the old man with his deeds: And you also that ye receive not the John 1, 12, 13. But as many as

have put on the new man, which grace of God in vain. received him, to them gave he is renewed in knowledge after

2 Cor. vii, 1, 2. Having therefore power to become the sons of God, the image of him that created these promises, dearly beloved, eren to them that believe on bis him: Where there is neither let us cleanse ourselves from all name: which were born, not of Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor

filthiness of the flesh and spirit, blood, nor of the will of the flesh, uncircumcision, Barbarian, Sey perfecting holiness in the fear nor of the will of man, but of God. thian, boud nor freo: but Christ is of God.

Receive us; we have John ill, 3-7. Jesus answered all, and in all.

wronged no man, we have corand said unto bim, Veríny, Verily,

2 Pet. i, 4. Wherehy are given rupted no man, we have defraudI say unto thee, Except a man be

unto us exceeding great and pre-ed no man. born again, he cannot see the cious promises; that by these ye

Gal. v, 16, 25. This I say then, kingdom of God. Nicodemus might be partakers of the divine

Walk in the spirit, and ye shall saith unto him, How can a man be pature, having escaped the cor

not fulfil the lust of the flesh. If born when he is old? can be enter ruption that is in the world

we live in the Spirit, let us also the second time into his motber's through lust.

walk in the Spirit. womb, and be born? Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto

OR LIFE FROM THE DEAD. 2 Tim. Ii, 1. Thou therefore, my thee, Except a man be born of Ezek. xvi, 6. And when I passed son, be strong in the grace that is water, and of the Spirit, he cannot by thee, and saw thee polluted in in Christ Jesus. enter into the kingdom of God. thine own blood, I said unto thee Jude 20, 21. But ye, beloved, That which is born of the flesh, is when thou wast in thy blood, buildiog up yourselves on your flesh; and that which is born of Live; yea, I said unto thce when most holy faith, praying in the to Spirit, is spirit. Marvel not thou wast in thy blood, Live. Holy Ghost, Keep yourselves in

the love of God, looking for the Judgment is before bim; therefore trust: how say se to my con!, Fleo
mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ trust thou in bim. But now, bo- as it viru to your mouutain?
onto eternal life.
cause it is not so, he hath visited

Ps. xili, 5. But I havo trusted
in his anger; yet he knoweth it in thy mercy; iny heart shall re-

not in great extremity: Therefore juice in tlıy salvation.
See under FAMILY. doth Job open bis mouth in vain;
he multiplieth words without

Ps. xviii, 18. They prevented

me in the day of my calamity: but

the LORD was my stay. John vl, 28, 29. Then said they P3. xxxvil, 3-5. Trust in the

Ps. xxii, 4. Our fathers trusted onto him, what shall we do, that Lord, and do good; 80 sbalt thou we might work the works of God? dwell in the land, and verily thou in thee, they trusted, and thou Jesus answered and said unto shalt be fed. Delight thyself also didst deliver them.

P3. xxxi, 14. But I trusted in
them, This is the work of God, in the LORD; and he shall give
that ye believe on him whom he thee the desires of thine heart. thee, O LORD: I said, Thou art my
hath sent.

Commit thy way unto the LORD; God.
John xiv, 1. Let not your heart

trust also in him, and he shall Ps. XI, 3, 4. And he hath put a
be troubled: ye believe in God,
bring it to pass.

new song in my mouth, eren praise believe also in me.

Ps. Iv, 22. Cast thy burden upon

unto our God: many shall sce it, John xvi, 31. Jesnis answered thee: he 'shall never suffer the LORD. Blessed is that man that

the LORD, and he shall sustain and fear, and shall trust in the them, Do ye now believe? righteous to be moved.

maketh the Lord his trust, and re1 Tim. I, 16. Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in times; ye people, pour out your

Ps. Ixii, 8, 9. Trust in him at all specteth not the proud, nor such

as turn aside to lies. me first Jesus Christ might shew heart before him: God is a relugu

Ps. III, 8. But I am like a green forth all long-suffering, for å pat- for us.


olive-tree in the bouse of God: I tera to them which should bereafter believe on bim to life ever

Ps. cxv, 9-11. O Israel, trust

trust in the mercy of God for ever

and ever. lasting.

thou in the Lord: he is their help
and their shield. 0 house of

Isa. x, 20. And it shall come to Heh. xi, 1, 2, 6. Now faith is the Aaron, trust in the Lord: he is pass in that day, that the remnant substance of things hoped for, the I their help, and their shield. Yo

of Israel, and suoti as are escaped evidence of things not seen. For that fear the Lord, trust in the

of the house of Jacob, shall no by it the elders obtained a good LORD.

more again olay upon bin that report. But without faith it is

smote them; but shall stay upon impossible to please him: for he Prov. III, 5. Trust in the LORD the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, that cometh to God must believe with all thlue heart; and lean not in truth. that he is, and that he is a re- unto thine own understanding. warder of them that diiigently

Acts xvi, 34 And when he had

Prov. xvi, 3. Commit thy works brought them into his house, he seek him.

unto the LORD, thy thoughts set meat before them, and rejoiced, nch. xil, 25. See that ye refuse shall be established.

believing in God with all his not him that speaketh: for if they

Isa. xxvi, 4. Trust ye in the house. escaped not who refused him that LORD for ever; for in the LORD JEspake on earth, much more shall HOVAH 18 everlasting strength. faith, not by sight.

2 Cor. v, 7. For we walk iy not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from that feareth the Lord, that obey. Spirit wait for the hope of rigute

Isa. I, 10. Who is among you Gal. v, 5. For we through the heaven.

eth the voice of his servant, that ousness by faith. 1 John V, 1, 13. Whosoever walketh in darkness, and hath believeth that Jesus is the Christ no light? let him trust in the name

FAITH PROFESSED. is born of God; and every one that of the LORD, and stay upon his loveth him that begat, loveth bim God.

Matth. vii, 21. Not every one also that is begotten of him. These

that saith unto me, Lord, Lord,

Mark xl, 22. And Jesus answer shall enter into the kingdoin of things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the ins, saith unto them, Have faith heaven; but he that doethi the will

in God. Son of God, that ye may know

of my Father which is in heaven. that ye have eternal life, and that Rom. xiv, 22. Hast thou falth?

Matth. x, 32. Whosoever thereye may believe on the name of have it to thyself before God...

fore shall confess me before men, the Son of God.

1 Cor. ii, 5. That your faith him will I confess also before my

should not stand in the wisdom Father which is in heaven.
of men, but in the power of God.

Luke xil, 8. Also I say unto you,
2 Chr. xx, 19, 20. And the Le- 1 John iii, 23, 24. And this is
vites of the children of the Ko- the commandment,That we should fore men, him shall the son of

Whosoever shall contess me behathitos, and of the children of believe on the name of his Son the Korbites, stood up to praise Jesus Christ, and love one an

man also conless before the angels

of God. the LORD God of Israel with a loud other, as he gave us commandvoice on high. And they rose ment. And he that keepeth his

Rom. X, 9. That if thou shalt early in the morning, and went commandments dwelloth in him, contess with thy month the Lord forth into the wilderness of Tekoa: and he iu bim; and hereby we Jesus, and shalt believe in thine and as they went forth, Jehosha- know that he abideth in us, by heart that God hamn raised him phat stood and said, Hear me, O the Spirit which he bath given from the dead, ihou shall be Judah, and yo inhabitants of Je- us.

saved. rusalem; Believe in the LORD your

2 Tim. i, 13. Hold fast the form God, 80 shall ye be established;

Job xill, 15. Though he slay of sound words, which thou hast believe his prophets, so shall ye me, yet will I trust in him: but I heard of me, in faith and love prosper.

will maintain mine own ways be- which is in Christ Jesus. Job xxxv, 14-16. Although thou fore him.

1 John il, 4. He that saith, I sayest thou shalt not see him, yet Ps. xi, 1. In the LORD pat I my know him, and keepeth not his



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comrandinonta, Is a llar, and the Ps. I, 7. Lo, this is the man 1 Sam. XXX 6. And David was trutu is not in him.

that made not God his strength; greatly distressed: for the people Rev. ill, 8. I know thy works: but trusted in the abundance of spake of stoning lim; because the behold, I have set before thee an his riches, and strengthened him- soul of all the people was grieved,

every man for his sons and for his open door, and no man can shut self in his wickedness. it: for thou hast a little strength, Ps. Ixxviii, 32, 33. For all this daughters: but David encouraged and hast kept my word, and bast they sinned stili, and believed not himself in the LoBD bis God. not denied my name. for his wondrous works. There

P3. xviii, 30. As for God, bis fore their days did he consuine

way is perfect: the word of the Matth. x, 33. But whosoever in vanity, and their years in LORD is tried; he is a buckler to shall deny me before men, bim trouble.

all those that trust in him.
will I also deny before my Father Ps. cxvi, 11. I said in my haste,
which is in heaven.

P3. xxvii, 13. I had sainted,
All men are liars.

unless I had believed to see the Matth. xli, 30. Ho that is not Acts xxviii, 24. And some bo- goodness of the Lord in the land with me is against me; and he lieved the things wbich were of the living. that gathereth not with me scat- spoken, and some believed not. tereth abroad.

Ps. xxxiv, 22. The LORD roRom. x, 16, 17. But they have deemeth the soul of his servants Luke ix, 26. For whosoever not all obeyed the gospel: for and none of them that trust in shall be ashamed of me, and of Esaias saitli, Lord, who hath be- him shall be desolate. my words, of him shall the son lieved our report? So then faith of man be ashamed, when he cometh by hearing, and hearing thy loving - kindness, o God!

Ps. xxxvi, 7. How excellent is shall come in his own glory, and by the word of God.

therefore the children of men put in his Father's, and of the holy Heb. ill, 18, 19. And to whom their trust under the shadow of angels.

sware hé that they should not thy wings.
Luke xi, 23. He that is not with enter into his rest, but to them
me is agaiust me; and be that that believed not?

P3. xxxvli, 39, 40. But the sale

So we gathereth not with me scattereth. that they could not enter in be

vation of the righteous is of the

LORD: he is their strength in the Luke xii, 9. But he that denieth cause of unbelief.

tiine of trouble. And the LORD me before men, shall be denied Heb. iv, 2, 6. For unto us was shall help them, and deliver them: before the angels of God.

the gospel preached, as well as he shall deliver them from tho John xil, 42. Nevertheless

unto them: but the word preach- wicked, and save them, because among the chief rulers also many mixed with faith in them that

ed did not profit them, not being thoy trust in him. believed on him; but because of

Ps. xl, 4. Blessed is that man the Pharisees they did not confess heard it. Seeing therefore it renim, lest they should be put out maineth that some must enter that maketh the LORD luis trust,

therein, and they to whom it was and respecteth not the proud, nor of the synagogue.

first preached ente not in be- such as turn aside to lies. 2 Tim. ii, 12. If we suffer, we

cause of unbelief. shall also reign with him: if we

Ps. Ixxxiv, 12. O LORD of hosts,

blessed is the man that trustetb deny him, he also will deny us. John 1, 11. He came unto his in thico.

own, and his own received him

Ps. xci, 9, 10. Because thou hast

John V, 88,41,43. And ye have not made the LORD, which is my reExod. iv, 1. And Moses answer- his word abiding in you; for whom fuge, cren the most High, thy ed and said, But, behold, they will he hath sent, him ye believe not. habitation; There shall no evil not believe me, nor hearken unto I receive not honour from men, I befall thee, neither shall any my voice: for they will say, The am come in my Father's name, plague come nigh thy dwelling. LORD hath not appeared unto and ye receive me not: if another Ps. cxvi, 10. I believed, there. thee. shall come in his own name, him fore have I spoken: I was greatly

atlicted. Num. xi, 21-23. And Moses sald, ye will receive. The people, among whom I am, John vi, 36. Bat I said unto Ps. cxxv, 1. They that trust in are six hundred thousand foot. you, That ye also have seen me, the LORD shall be as mount Zion, men; and thou hast said, I will and believe not.

which cannot be removed, but give them flesh, that they may eat John viii, 24, 45, 46. I said there. abideth fur ever. a wholo month. Shall tho flocks fore unto you, that ye shall die in Isa. xxvi. 3. Thou wilt keep and the herds be slain for them, your sins: for if ye believe not that him in perfect peace, whose mind to sufllce them? or shall all the

I am he, ye shall die in your sins. is stayed on thee: because he fislı of the sea be gathered to. And because I tell you the truth, trusteth in thee. gether for them, to suffice them? ye believe me not. Which of you And the LORD said unto Moses, Is convinceth me of sin? And if I

Isa. Iyii, 13. When thou criest, the Lori's hand waxed short? say the truth, why do yo not be let thy companies deliver thee; thou shat see now whether my lieve me?

but the wind shall carry them all word shall coine to pass unto thee

John xi, 46. But some of them he that puiteth his trust in me

away; vanity shall take them: but or not.

went their ways to the Pharisees, shall possess the land, and shall Num. xx, 12, 13. And the LORD and told them what things Jesus inherit my holy mountain. spake unto Moses and Aaron, Be had done. cause ye believed me not, to sanc

John xvi, 9. Of sin, because

Jer. xvii, 7, 8. Blessed is the tily me in the eyes of the children

man that trusteth in the LORD, of Israel, therefore ye shall not they believe not on me.

and whose hope the LORD 18: For bring this congregation into the

he shall be as a tree planted by the

CONNECTION OF FAITH WITHI land which I have given them.

waters, and that spreadeth out This is the water of Meribah; be


her roots by the river, and shall cause the children of Israelstrove Gen. xv, 6. And he believed in not see when heat cometh, but with the LORD, and he was sancti. the LORD; and he counted it to her leaf shall be green; and shall Qed in them. him for righteousness.

not be careful in the year of

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drought, neither shall cease from righteousness of God revealed Isc. Ivil, 12. I wilt dolore thy yieluiug fruit.

from faith to faith: as it is writ- righteousness, and bly vurka, for Hab. ii, 4. Behold, bis 8011 ten, The just shall live by faith. they shall not profit thee. which is lifted up is not upright Rom. iv, 3, 22. For what saith Rom. iv, 1, 2, 4. What shall we in bim: but the just shall live by the scripture? Abraham believed then say that Abraham, our father his faith.

God, and it was counted unto him as pertaining to the 11 shi, hath Luke i, 45. And blessed is she for righteousness. And thereI found? For if Abraham Wero that believed: tor there shall be a fore it was imputed to him for justified by works, he hath whereperformance of those things righteousness.

of to glory, but not before God. which were told her from the Rom. v, 1, 2. Therefore, being Now to him that worketh is the Lord.

justified by faith, we have peace reward, not reckoned of grace, John iil, 15, 16, 18, 36. That with God through our Lord Jesus but of debt. whosoever believeth in him Christ: By whom also we have Rom. vii, 1. Know ye not, brethshould not perish, but have eter.

access by faith into this grace ren, (for I speak to them that nal life. For God so loved the wherein we stand, and rejoice in know the law,) how that the law world, that he gave his only be hope of the glory of God.

hath dominion over a man as long gotten Son, that whosoever be- 2 Cor. i, 24. Not for that we

as he livetlı? lieveth in him should not perish, have dominion over your faith, Rom. xi, 6. And if by grace, but have everlasting life. He that but are helpers of your joy: for by then is it no moro of works: believeth on him is not condemn- faith ye stand.

otherwise grace is no more gruce. ed: but he that believeth not is

Gal. iii, 6-9. Even as Abraham But if it be of works, then is it no condemned already, because he believed God, and it was account

more grice: otherwise work is no bath not believed in the name of ed to him

for righteousness. more work. the only begotten Son of God. IIe Know ye therefore that they

Gal. ill, 10--12, 21. For as many tliat believeth on the Son hath

which are of fuith, the same are as are of the works of the laware everlasting life: and he that be the children of Abraham. And under the curse: for it is written, lieveth not the Son shall not see

the scripture, foreseeing that God Cursed is every one that continua Jile; but the wrath of God ubideth would justify the heathen through eth not in all things which are on liim.

faitli, preached before the gospel written in the book of the law to John v, 24. Verily, verily, I say unto Abraham, saying, In thee to them. But that no man is unto you, lle that heareth my shall all nations be blessed. So justified by the law in the si-ht word, and believeth on him that then they which be of faith are of God, it is evident: for, The sent ine, hath everlasting life, and blessed with faithful Abraham. just shall live by faith. And the shull not come into coudemuation; Eph. 11, 8. For by grace are ye law is not of faith: but, Tho inan but is passed froin death uuto saved through faith; and that not

that doeth them shall live in life.

of yourselves: it is the gift of them. Is the law then against John vi, 40, 47. And this is the God.

the promises of God? God turbid: will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, by his grace, we should be made verily righteousness should have

Titus iil, 7. That, being justined for if there has been a law given

which could have given life, and believeth on him, may have heirs according to the hope ofbeen by the law. everlasting life: and I will raise eternal life. him up at the last day. Verily,

Heb. xi, 31. By faith the harlot desire to be under the law, do yo

Gal. iv, 21-23. Tell me, ye that verily, I say unto you, He that

Rahab perished not with them beltoveth on me lath everlasting that believed not, when she had not hear the law? For it is writlife. received the spies with peace.

ten, that Abraham had two sons, John xiv, 12. Verily, verily, I

the one by a bond mail, the other I say unto you, lie that believe: la James il, 23. And the scripture by a free wonin. But he who on me, the works that I do shall ham believed God, and it was after the flesh; but lio of the free

was fulfilled which saith, Abra- was of the bond woman was born he do also; and greater works than these shall be do; because I imputed unto him for righteous woman was by promise.

ness: and he was called the Friend go unto my Father. of God.

Gal. v, 4. Christ is become of John XX, 29. Jesus saith unto Toim, Thomas, because thou hast

1 Peter 1, 8, Whom having not

no effect unto you, whosoever of Been me, thou hast believed: seen, ye love; in whom, though you are justined by the law; ye ble-sed are they that have noting, ye rejoice with joy unspeak

are fallen from grace, now ye see him not, yet believe

Eph. 11, 9. Not of works lest Been, and yet louve believed. able, and full of glory.

any man sliould boast. Acts X, 43. To him give all the

1 John v, 9, 10. If we receive the James ii, 10--12. For whosoerer propriets witness, that, through witness of men, the witness of shall keep the whole law, and yet is name, whosoever believeth God is greater: for this is the wit- otlend in one point, he is guilty of in him shall receive remission of ness of God which he liath testi- all. For he that said, Do not blus.

fied of his Son. Ile that believeth commit adultery, said also, Do Acts xvi, 29-32. Then he called on the Son of God hath the wit- not kill. Now, if thou cominit no for it light, and sprang in, and ness in himself; he that believeth adultery, yet it thou kill, thou art came trembling, and fell donn not God bath made him a liar; be- become a iriusgressor of the law. before Paul and Silas, And cause he believeth not the record So speak ye, and so do, as they bruuzlit tiem out, and said, Sirs, that God gave of his Son.

thai shall be judged by the law of what must I do to be saved? And

liberty. they said, Believe on the Liird JUSTIFICATION NOT BY Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be


BUT BY FAITH BRINGING saved, and thy house. And they Job ix, 2, 3. I know it is so of a

RIGHTEOUSNESS. spake unto him the word of the truth: but how should man be Ps. lxxi, 16, 17. I will go in the Lori, and to all that were in uis juist with God? It he will contend strength of the Lord God; I will house.

with him, lie cannot answer him make mcution of thy righteousRom. I, 17. For therein is the loue of a thousan.

Iness, eren of thine only. O God,

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