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1 John IV, 4, 5. Yo are of God, to destroy them: he will not be Gen. vit, 6. And Noah did co little children, and have overcome slack to him that hateth him, he cording unto all that the LORD them; because greater is be that will repay him to his face. Thou cominanded him. is in you, than ho that is in the shalt therefore keep the com- Erod. vil, 6. And Moses and Aaworld. They are of the world: mandments, and the statutes, and

ron did as the LORD cominünded tberefore speak they of the the judginents, which I cominand them, so did they. and the world beareth them. thee this day, to do them.

Exod. xii, 28 50. And the children 1 John v. 19. And we know that Deut. vill, 1. All the command of Israel went away, ad utu as we are of God, and the whole ments which I command thee this the Lord had coinmandes doseg world lieth in wickednes3.

day shall ye observo to do, that yo and Aaron, so did they. Thus did

may live, and multiply, and go in all the children of Israel; as the OBEDIENCE.

and possess the land which tho LORD commanded Moses and AlLev. xvlli, 4, 5. Ye shall do my LORD svare unto your fathers.

ron, so did they. judgments, and keep inine ordi. Deut. x, 13. To keep the com Erod. xl, 16. Thus did Moses: nances, to walk therein: I am the mandments of the Lord, and his according to all that the LOLD LORD your God. Ye shall there- statutes, which I command thue commanded bim, so did he. fore keep my statives and my this day for thy good.

Num. i, 51. And the children of julgmenis; which it a man do, hy Deut. xi, 32. And ye shall ob- Israel did according to all that shall live in them: I am the Lord. serve to do all the statutes and the Lord commanded Muses, so

Lev. xix, 37. Therefore shall ye judgments which I set before vou did they. observe all my statutes, and all this day.

Josh. xi. 15. As tho Lord commy judgments, and do luem: I am Deut. xill, 4. Ye shall walk after manded Moses his servant, so did the LORD.

the LORD your God, and fear him, Moses command Joshua, and so Lev. xx, 6-8, 22. And the soul that and keep his commandments, and did Joshua : he left nothing unturnethaftersuch as have tamiliar obey his voice, and ye shall serve done of all that the LORD com. spirits, and after wizards, to go a him, and cleave unto him.

manded Noses. whoring after them, I will even Bet my face against that soul, and

Deut. xxvi, 16. This day the 2 Sam. xxiv, 19. And David, acwill cut him off from among 118 LORD thy God hath commanded cording to the saying of Gad,

theo to do these statutes and jud. went up, as the LORD commanded. people. Sanctify yourselves there

ments: thou shalt therefore keep fore, and be ye holy; for I am the

Matt. xxi, 6. And the disciples and do them with all thine heart, went, and did as Jesus cummindLORD your God. And ye shall

ed them. keep my statutes, and do them: 1 and with all thy soul. am the LORD which sanctify you. Deut. xxvil, 1, 10. And Moses,

GENERAL ADMONITIOX3. Ye shall therefore keep all my with the elders of Israel, cumstatutes, and all my judgmenis, manded the people, saying. Keep and do them; that the land, who all the commandments which to thy God: keep mercy and

Hos. xii. 6. Therefore turn thou ther I bring you to dwell therein, command you this day. spue you not out.

therefore obey the voice of judgment, and wait on thy God

Lev. xxil, 31. Therefore shall ye commandments and his statutes,
the LORD thy God, and do his

Matt. xix, 18, 19. He saith unto keep iny commandments, and do which I command thee this day.

him, Which? Jesus sild, Thop them: I am tho LORD.

Deut. xxx, 8. And thou shalt re

shalt do no murder, Thou shalt Deut. iv, 10. Thou shalt keep turn, and obey the voice of the not commit adultery. Thou shalt therefore his statutes and bis Lobo, and do all his command- not steal, Thou shalt, not bear commandments, which I com- ments which I command thee this and thy mother; and, Thou shalt

false witness, Ilonour thy father mand thee this day, that it may day. go well with thee, and with thy

love thy neighbour us thysell. children after thre, and that thou

P3. cxlx, 4. Thou hast command

Rom. vi, 19. I speak after the mayest prolong thy days upon the ed us to keep thy precepis dili

manner of men because of the inearth, which ihe LORD thy Gou Sently. giveth thee, for over.

Jer. xl, 7. For I earnestly pro

firmity of your flesh: for as yo Deut. v, 33. Ye shall walk in all tested unto your fatliers in the bave yielded your memb :rs sera

vants to uncleanness and to ini the ways which the Lord your day that I brought them up ous

quity unto iniquity; even so now God hath commandled you, that of the land of Egypt, eren unto

yield your members servants to ye may live, and that it may be this day, rising early and protest

righteousness unto huliness. well with you, and that ye may ing, saying, Obey my voico. prolong your days in the land Ezek. XX, 19. I am the LORD

Rom. xii, 7-12. Or ministry, let wbich yo shall possess. your God; walk in my statutes,

us wait on our ministering; or ho and keep my judgments, and do that ieacheth, on teaching or he Deut. vi, 17-19. Ye shall antithem.

that exhorteth, on exhortation; ho gently keep the commandments

John v, 14. Afterward Jesus

that giveth, Ict lum do it with simof tho LORD your God, and, bis findeth Him in the temple, and plicity; ho that ruleth, with dili. testimonies, and his statutes, which he liath commanded thee, said unto hiin, Behold, thou art Fenco; lie that she weth mercy,

with cheerfulness. Lét lovo be And thou shalt do that which is made whole: sin no inore, lest a

without dissmulation. Ablr worse thing como unto thee. right and good in the sight of the

that which is evil, cleave to that LORD: that it may be well with

John xiv, 15. If ye love me, which is good. Be kindly atre.co thee, and that thou mayest go in keep my commandments.

tioned one to another witi brinth. and possess the good land which 1 Jolin ii, 3. And herehy we do erly lovo; in honour preferring the LORD sware unto thy fathers; know that we know him, if we one another, Not sluthful in busiTo cast out all thine enemies from keep bis commandments.

ness; ferven

spirit; serving tho before theo, as the LORD hath

Lord; rejoicing in bope; patient spoken.

Gen. vi, 22. Thus did Noah; ac- in tribulation; continuing instant Deut. vii, 10, 11. And repayeth cording to all that God command lu prayer. them that hate him to their face, ed him, so did ho.

Phil. 1v, 8. Finally, brethren, 624

whatsoever things are true, what. Lam. Ill, 40. Let us search and his disciples algo, he wald unto Boever things are honest whatso- try our ways, and turn again to them, Whosoever will come after ever things are just, whatsoever the LORD.

me, let him deny himsell, and take things are pure, whatsoever

Haggai 6-7. Now therefore up his cross, and follow ine. things are lovely, whatsoeverthus saith the LORD of hosts, Con

Luke ix, 23. And he said to them things are of good report; if there sider your ways. Ye have sown all, If any man will come after me, de any virtue, and if there be any much, and bring in little; ye eat, let him deny bimsell, and take up praise, think on these things.

but ye have not enough; ye drink, his cross daily, and follow me. 1 Thess. I, 3. Remembering but ye are not filled with driuk; Luke xiv, 27. And whosoever without ceasing your work of ye clothe you, but there is none doth not bear his cross, and como faith, and labour of love, and pa- warm; and be that earneth wages, after me, cannot be my disciple. tience of hope in our Lord Jesus earneth wages to put it into a

Luke xvii, 33. Whosoever shall Christ, in the sight of God and our bag with holes. Thus saith the seek to save his life, shall lose it; Father.


of hosts, Cousider your and whosoever shall lose bis life, 1 Thess. V, 14. Now we exhort ways.

shall preserve it. you, brethren, warn them that are Matth. v, 8. Blessed are the pure Luke xviii, 27-30. And he said, unruly, comfort the feeble-minded, in heart: for they shall see God.

The things which are irppossible support the weak, be patient toward all men.

2 Cor. viii, 12. For if there be with men are possible with God. 1 Tim. vi, 11, 12. But thou, O

first a willing mind, it is accepted Then Peter said, Lo, we have left man of God, flee these things; and according to that a man hath, and all, and followed thee. And he follow after righteousness, godli

not according to that he hath not. said unto them, Verily I say unto ness, faith, love, patience, meek- 2 Tim. 11, 7. Consider what I you, There is no man that hath

left house, or parents, or brethren, ness. Fight the good fight of say; and the Lord give thee un

or wife, or children, for the kingfaith, lay hold on eternal life, derstanding in all things.

dom of God's sake, Who sball whereunto thou art also called, Heb. x, 32. But call to remem- not receive manifold more in this and hast professed a good profes- brance the former days, in which, present time, and in the world to sion before many witnesses. after ye were illuminated, ye en- come life everlasting. Titus ii, 12. Teaching us, that, dured a great fight of afflictions.

John xil, 25. He that loveth his denying ungodliness and worldly OFTEN INVOLVING SELF Ilfe shall lose it; and he that hatJusts, we should live suberly,


eth his life in this world shall righteously, and godly, in this present world,

Matth. v, 29, 30. And if thy right

keep it unto life eternal.

kom. viii, 12, 13. Therefore, 1 Peter il, 17. Honour all men. eye offend thoe. pluck it out, and Love the brotherhood. Fear God. cast it from thee: for it is profit- brethren, we are debtors, not to Honour the king. able for thee that one of thy mem

the fesh, to live after the flesh. bers should perish, and not that For if ye live after the flesh, ye OBEDIENCE ALWAYS INVOLVING thy whole body should be cast

shall die: but if ye through the into hell. And if thy right hand spirit do mortify the deeds of the SINCERITY.

offend thee, cut it off, and cast it body, ye shall live. Job xi, 13. If thoo prepare thine from thee; for it is profitable for Gal. v, 24. And they that are beart, and stretch out thine hands thee that one of thy members Christ's have crucified the flesh, toward him.

should perish, and not that thy with the affections and lusts. Job xxii, 22. Receive, I pray whole body should be cast into

Col. iii, 5-7. Mortify therefore thee, the law from his mouth, and hell.

your members which are upon lay up his words in thine heart. Matth. x, 38. And he that taketh the earth; fornication, unclean

Ps. II. 6. Behold, thou desirest not his cross, and followeth after ness, inordinate affection, evil truth in the inward parts; and in me, is not worthy of me.

concupiscence, and covetousness, the hidden part thou shalt make

Matth. xvi, 24-26. Then said

wliich idolatry: For which me to know wisdom.

Jesus uuto his disciples, If any things' sake the wrath of God Ps. Ixxiii, 1. Truly God is good man will come alter me, let him cometh on the children of disto Isra I, even to such as are of a deny himself, and take up his obedience. In the which ye also clean beart.

cross, and follow me. For who-walked sometime, when yo lived

soever will save his life shall lose in them, P3. cxix, 59, 60, 111, 112, I

it; and whosoever will lose his thought on my ways, and turned life for my sake shall find it. For

DEMANDING ZEAL. my feet unto thy testimonies. I what is a man profited, if he shall 1 Cor. xiv, 12. Even so ye, formade haste, and delayed not to gain the whole world, and lose asunuch as ye are zealous of spírit. keep thy commandments. Tby his own soul? or what shall a man testimonies have I taken as an give in exchange for his soul?

mal gifts, seek that ye may excel heritage for ever: for they are

to the edifying of the church. the rejoicing of my heart. I have

Matth. xviii, 8, 9. Wherefore, if Gal. iv, 17, 18. They zealously inclined mine heart to perform thy hand or thy foot offend thee, affect you, but not well; yea, they thy statutes alway, even unto the

cut them off, and cast them from would exclude you, that ye might end.

thee: it is better for thee to enter affect them. But it is good to bo

into life halt or maimed, rather zealously affected always in a Prov. iv, 23. Keep thy heart than having two hands, or two good thing, and not only when I with all diligence; tor out of it are foet, to be cast into everlasting am present with you. the issues of life.

fire. And thine eye offend thee, Prov. xxil, 11. Ile that loveth pluck it out, and cast it from thee: all diligence to write unto you of

Jude 3. Beloved, when I gavo pureness of heart, for the grace it is better for thee to enter luto the common salvation, it was of his lips the king shall be his life with one eye, rather than needful for me to write unto you, friend,

having two eyes to be cast into and exhort you, that ye should Prov. xxiii, 19. Hear thou, my hell-fire.

earnestly contend for the faith son, and be wise, and guide thine Mark viil, 84. And when he bad which was once delivered unto heart in the way.

called the people unto him, with the saints.

Rev. i!l, 15, 16. I know thy/ the law of the fathers, and was commandment is charlly out of a works, that thou art neither colu zealous toward Gud, as' ye all are pure heart, and of a good connor bot: I would thou wert cold this day.

science, and of faith uuteigned. or hot. So then because thou art

Rom. x, 2. For I bear them re. Titus lil 8. This is a faithful lukewarm, and neither cold nor cord that they have a zeal of God, hot, I will spue thee out of my but not according to knowledge.

saying, and these things I will

that thon affirm constantly, that mouth,

Phil. ill, 6. Concerning zeal,

they which have believed in God persecuting the church; touching might be careful to maintain Num. xxv, 11--13. Phinehas, the the righteousness which is in the good works.

These things are son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron law, blameless.

good and profilable unto men, the priest, hath turned my wrath away from the children of Israel, AND UNIVERSAL CHARITY.

CONSCIENCE. while he was zealous for my bake Rom. xiv, 1-3. Him that is

ITS UXIVERSAL POWER. among them, that I consumed

weak in the faith receive ye, but Rom. ii, 14, 15. For when tho not the children of Israel in my jealousy. Wherelore say, Behold, not to doubtful disputations. For Gentiles which have not the law, I give unto him my covenant of

one believeth that he may eat all do by nature the things contained peace: And he shall have it, and

things: anoiher, who is weak, eat- in the law, these, having not the his seed after him, even the coveeth herbs. Let not him that eateth law, are a law unto themselves;

Which shew the work of the law nant of an everlasting priesthood; despise hin that eateth not; and because he was zcalous for his let not hin which eateth not written in their hearts, their con. God, and made an atonement for huidige him that eateth: for God science also bearing witness, and hath received him.

their thoughts the mean while the children of Israel, 2 Chr. xxxi, 20, 21. And thus dldful unto me, but all things are not 1 Cor. vi, 12. All things are law accusing or else excusing one

another. Hezekiah throughout all Judah, and wrought that which was good, for me, but I will not be brought expedient: all things are lawful

AN EVIL CONSCIENCE. and right, and truth, before the under the power of any.

Gen. xlil, 21, 22. And they sald LORD bis God. And in every work that he began in the service of

one to another, We are verily

1 Cor. x, 23. All things are law. the house of God, and in the law, ful for me, but all things are not guilty concerning our brother, in

that we saw the anguish of his and in the comman ments, to seek expedient: all things are lawful

soul, when he besought us, and his God, ho did it with all his for me, but all things edily not.

we would not hear, therefore is heart, and prospered.

1 Cor. xill, 1--10, 13. Though I this distress come upon us. And 2 Cor. vii. 11. For bebola this speak with the tongues of men leuben answered them, saying, self-same thing, that ye sorrowed and of angels, and have not Spike I not unto you, saying. Do after a godly sort, what careful. clarity, I am become as sounding not sin against the child and yo ness it wronglit in you, yea, what brass, or a tinkling cymbal.. Anu would not hear; therefore, behold, clearing of yourselves, sea, what thongh I have the gift of prophecy, also his blood is required. indignation, yea, what fear, yea, and understand all mysteries, and

1 Kings ii, 44. The king said what veliement desire, yea, 'what all knowledge; and though I have

moreover to Shimei, Thou knowzeal. yea, what revenge! 'In all all faith, so that I could remove

est all the wickedness which things ye have approved your mountains, and have not charity, selves to be clear in this inatter.

I am nothing. And though I be thine heart is privy to, that thou stow all my goods to feed the poor,

didst to David my father; there2 Cor. xi, 28 30. Besides those and though I give my body to be fore the Lord shall return thy things that are without, that burned, and have not charity, it

wickedness upon thine own head. which cometh upon me daily, the profiteth me nothing. Charity 1 Kings xxi, 20. And Ahab said care of all the clıurches, Who suffereth long and is kind; charity to Elijah, Hast thou found me, is weak, and I am not weali? who envieth not; charity vaunteth not mine enemy? And he answered, I is offended, and I burn not? If I itself, is not putred up, Doth not have found thee; because thou must needs glory, I will glory of behave itself unseemly, seeketh hast sold thyself to work evil in the things which concern mine not her own, is uot easily provoke the sight of the Lord. infirmities. ed, thinketh no evil; Rejoiceth

Job xv, 21--24. dreadful sound Col. iv, 13. For I bear him re- not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in is in his ears: in prosperity the coril, that he hath a great zeal for believeth 'all things, hopeth all He believeth not that be shall

the truth; Beareth all things, destroyer shall come upon him. you, and them that are in Laodicea, and thom in Hierapolis.

things, endureth all

things. return out of darkness, and he is Charity never faileth; but whether waited for of the sword. Не

there be propliecies, they shall wandereth abroad for bread, say2 Kings x, 16. And he said. Sail; whether there be tongues, ing, Where is it? he knoweth that Come with me, and see my zeai thuy shall cease; whether there be the day of darkuess is ready at his for the Lord. So they made him For we know in part, and we pro- shall make him afraid; they shall

knowledge, it shall vanish away. hand. Trouble and apguish ride in his chariot.

phesy in part. But when that Afalth. xxiv, 12. And because which is perfect is come, then prevall against him, as a king iniquity shall abound, the love of that which is in part shall be done ready to the battle. many shail wax cold. away. And now abideth faith,

P3. xiv, 5. There were they in Acts xxii, 2, 3. And when they hope, charity, these three; but the great fear: for God is in the heard that he spake in the He- greatest of these is charity.

generatiou of the righteous. brew tongue to them, they kept

1 Cor. xvi, 14. Let all your

Ps. liii, 5. There were they in the more silence: and he saith, I

great fear, where no fear was; for am verily a man which am a Jeiv, things be done with charity.

God hath scattered the bones of born in Tursus, a city in Cilicia,

Col. ill. 14. And above all these him that encaipeth against tliee: yrt brought up to this city at the things put on charity, which is thou bust put them to shame, tert of Gamliel, and taught acthe bond of perfectness.

because Gol bath despised curuing to the perfect manner of 1 Tim. 1, 6. Now the end of the them.


Prov. xi, 23. The desire of the John viii, 9. And they which deeds may be made manifest, righteous is only good: but the heard it, being convicted by their that they are wrought in God. expectation of the wicked is wrath. own conscience, went out one by Acts xxiv, 16. And herein do I Dan. vi, 14. Then the king, unto the last: and Jesus was left conscience void of off nce to

beginning at the eldest, eren exercise myself, to have always a when he heard these words, was alone, and the woman standing in ward God, and toward men. Bore displeased with himself, and the midst.

2 Cor. I, 12. For our r«joicing is set his heart on Daniel to deliver him; and he laboured till the

1 Tim. 1y, 2. Speaking lies in this, the testimony of our congoing down of the sun to deliver hypocrisy;baving their couscience science, that in simplicity and him. seared with a bot iron.

godly sincerity, not with fleshly John ili, 19, 20. And this is the things are pure: but unto them the world, and more abundantly

Titus i, 15. Unto the pure all wisdom, but by the grace of God,

we have had our conversation in condemnation, that light is come that are detiled and unbelieving to you-ward. into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, be- mind and conscience is defiled. is nothing pure; but even their

Heb. 1x, 14. How much moro Cause their deeds were evil. For

shall the blood of Christ, who every one that doeth evil hateth

through the eternal Spirit offered the light, neither cometh to the


himself without spot to God, light, lest his deeus should be re- John iii, 21. But he that doeth purge your conscience from dead proved.

truth cometh to the light, that his works to serve the living God!



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thee. And remember that thou ye shall not find it in the Beld. THE PATRIARCHAL wast a servant in the land of six days ye shall gather it; but on SABBATH.

Egypt, and that the LORD thy the seventh day, which is ihe sabe Gen. 11, 1-3. Thus the heavens God brought thee out thence, bath, in it there shall be none. and the earth were finished, and through a mighty hand, and by a And it came to pass, that there

went out some of the people on all the host of them. And on the stretched-out arm; therefore the seventh day God ended his work

LORD thy God commanded thee to the seventh day for to gather, and wluch he had made; and he rest-keep the sabbath-day.

they found none. And the LORD ed on the seventh day from all Neh. ix, 14. And madest known

said unto Moses, How long reluse his work which he bad made. unto them thy holy sabbath, ye to keep my commandments and And God blessed the seventh day, and commandedst them precepts, my laws? See, for that the LORD and sanctified it; because that in statutes, and law's, by the hand of bath given you the sabbath, thereit he had rested from all his Moses thy servant.

fore he giveth you on the sixth work which God created and Isaiah Ixvi, 23. And it sball day the bread of two days : abide made. come to pass, that from one new ye every man in his place; let po

man go out of his place on the Heb. iv, 3-5. For we which have inoon to another, and from one

seventh day. So the people restbelieved do enter into rest, as he sabbath to another, shall all flesh

ed on the seventh day. said, As I have sworn in my come to worship before me, saith wrath, if they shall enter into my the LORD.

HOW TO BE KEPT ALWAYS. rest: although the works were Ezek. xx, 12, 20. Moreover also, I finished from the foundation of gave them my sabbaths, to be a

No SECULAR WORK Dong. the world. For he spake in a sign between me and them, that

Exod. xxxiv, 21. Six days thou certain place of the seventh day they might know that I am the shalt work; but on the seventh on this wise, And God did rest LORD that sanctify them.

And day thou shalt rest: in earingthe seventh day from all his hallow my sabbaths; and they

time and in harvest thou shalt works. And in this place again, shall be a sign between me and

rest. If they sball enter into my rest. you, that ye may know that I am Exod. xXXV, 2, 3. Six days shall the LORD your God.

work be done; but on the seventh 2nd.

Matt. xxiv, 20. But pray ye that day there shall be to yon an holy JEWISH SABBATH. your flight be not in the winter, day, a sabbath of rest to the Lord:

whosoever doeth work therein Erod. xxiil, 12. Six days thon neither on the sabbath-day. shalt do thy work, and on the Marke xv, 42. And now, when kindle no fire througbout your

shall be put to death. Ye shall seventh day thou shall rest; that the even was come, (because it habitations upon the sabbath-day. thine ox and thine ass may rest, was the preparation, that is, the and the son of thy handmaid and day before the sabbath.)

Lev. xxiii, 3. Six days shall work the stranger may be refreshed.

Luke xxiii, 54. And that day the sabbath of rest, an boly con

be done; but the seventh day is Exod. xxxi, 13, 16, 17. Speak was the preparation, and the sab- vocation ; ye shall'do no work thou also unto tbe children of Is- bath drew on.

therein: it is the sabbath of the rael, saying, Verily my sabbaths

LORD in all your dwellings. ye shall keep: for it is a sign be- HOW TO BE KEPT IN THE tween me and you throughout

Jer. xvii, 21, 22. Thus saith the

WILDERNESS. your generations; that ye may

LORD, Take heed to yourselves, know that I am the LORD that

Exod. xvi, 5, 22-30. And it shall and bear no burden on the sabo doth sanctify you.

Wherefore come to pass, that on the sixth day bath-day, nor bring it in by the the children of Israel shall keep they shall prepare that which they gates of Jerusalem; Neither carry the sabbath, to observe the sab- bring in; and it shall be twice as forth a burden out of your houses bath througbout their generations, much as they gather daily. And on the sabbath-day, neither do ye for a perpetual covenant. It is á it came to pass, that on the sixth any work; but hallow ye the sign between me and the children day they gathered twice as much sabbath-day, as I commanded of Israel for ever: for in six days bread, two omers for one man: your fathers. the Lord made heaven and earth, and all the rulers of the congregaand on the seventh day he rested, tion came and told Moses. And BUT PUBLIC WORSHIP TO and was refreshed.

he said unto them, This is that
which the Lord bath said, To-

Lev. xxiii, 32. It shall be anto
morrow is the rest of the holy sab-

Ezek. xlvi, 1. Thus saith the you a sabbath of rest, and ye shall bath unto the LORD: bako that Lord God, The gate of the inner afflict your souls: in the ninth day which ye will bake to-day: and court that looketh toward the of the month at even, from even seethe that ye will seethe; and east shall be shut the six working anto eren, shall ye celebrate your that which remaineth over lay up days; but on the sabbath it shall Babbath.

for you to be kept until the morn- be opened, and in the day of the Lev. xxvi, 2. Ye shall keep my ing. And they laid it up till the new-moon it shall be opened. sabbaths, and reverence my sauc morning, as Moses bade: and it Acts xiii, 14, 42, 44. But when tuary: I am the LORD.

did not stink, neither was there they departed from Perga, they Deut. v, 12, 15. Keep the sab- any worm therein. And Moses came to Antioch in Pisidia, and bath-day to sanctity it, as the said, Eat that to-day; for to-day is went into the synagogue on the LORD thy God hath commanded | a sabbath unto the LORD: to-day sabbath-day, and sat down. And

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