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reproach, as though we had been Prov. xiv, 6, 9. A scorner | heathen, a shaking of the head we: k. llowbeit, whereinsoever seeketh wisdom. and findeth it among the people. any is bold, (I speak foolishly,) I nut; but knowledge is easy unto

Ps. Ixix, 11, 12. I made back. am bold also,

him that understandeth, Fouls clothi also my garment; and I be2 Cor. vii, 14. For if I have make a mock at sin: but among came a proverb to them. They boasted any thing to him of you, the righteous there is favour.

that sit in the gate speak against I am not ashamed; but as we Prov. xix. 25. 29. Smite a scor- me; and I was the song of the spake all things to you in truth, ner, and the simple will beware; drunkards. even so our boasting, which I api reprove one that hath under

P3. Ixxiil, &. They are corrupt, made before Titus, is found a standling, and he will understani and speak' wickedly concerning truth.

knowledge. Judgments are pre- oppression: they speak lotily. 2 Cor. xi, 1, 16-19. Would to pared for scorners, and stripes for the back of fools.

P8. lxxix, 4. We are hecome a Gou ye could bear with me a

reproach to our neighbours, a little in my folly: and indeed bear Prov. xxi, 11. 24. When the scorn and deri-ion to them that with me.

I say agin, Let n scorner is punished, the simple is are round about us. man think me a fool: it otherwise, made wise; and when the wise is

P3. cxix, 51. The prond bare yet as a fool receive me, that I instructed, be receiveth know

had me greatly in derision; yet may boast myselt a little. That ledge. Proud and hanghty scorwhich I speak, I speak it not after ner is his name who dealeth in have I not decline 1 from tylaw.

Jer. xlviii, 27. For was not the Lord, but as it were foolislily. proud wrath. in this confidence of boasting.

Prov. xxii, 10. Cast out the Israel a derision unto thee? was Seeing that many glory after the scorner, and contention shall go

he found among thieves? for sinca flesh, I will glory also. For ye out; yeá, strife and reproach shall

thou spakest of him, tlou skippsuffer fools gladly, seeing ye cease.

edst for joy. yourselves are wise.

Lam. 11, 15, 16. All that pass hy Prov. xxvi, 18, 19. As a mad man 2 Cor. xii, 6. For though I who casteth firebrands arrows and clap their hands at thee; they hiss would desire to glory, I shall not death. So is the man that de- and wag their heal at the dinge be a fov); for I will say the truth: ceiveth his neighbour, and saitli, the city that men call the perfec

ter of Jerusalem, saying, 13 this but now I forbear, lest any man Am not I in sport? should think of me above that

Prov. xxix, 8. Scornful men whole earth? All thine enemies

tion of beauty, The joy of the which be seeth me to be, or that bring a city into a snare: but wise have opened their mouth agallist be heareth of me. men turn away wrath.

thee: they hiss and gnast the

Isa. xxviii, 22. Now therefrre teeth. Job vi, 13. 1s not my help in be ye not mockers, lest your bands Lam. III, 14. 46. 63. I was a deme? and is wisdom driven quite be made strong.

rision to all my people, and their from ine?

Jude 18. How that they told song all the day. All our enemies Job xii, 3. But I have under- you there should be mockers in have opened their mogth against stan ling as well as you; I am not the last time, who should walk Behold their sitting down, inferior to you: yea, who knoweth after their own ungodly lusts. and their rising up; I am their not such thíugs as these?

musick. Job xv. 8. 9. Hast thou heard the secret of God? and dost thou Neh. iv, 2, 3. And he spake be

REPROACI. restrain wisdom to thyself? What fore his bretliren and the army of

Deut. xxviii, 37. And thou shalt knowest thou, that we know not? Sanaria, and said. What do these become an astonishment, a prowhat understandest thou, which feeble Jewe? Will they fortity verb, and a by-word, among all is not in us?

themselves? will they sacrifice? nations whither the Lord shall Ps. xii, 4. Who have said, With will they make an end in a day? lead thee our tongae will we prevail; our

will they revive the stones out of
the heaps of the rubbish which bearen, and sive me from tho

Ps. lvii, 3. He shall send from lip-are vur own; who is lord over

are burut? Now Tobiah the us?

Ammonite was by him, and he reproach of him that would swalIsa. xxxvii, 24. By thy servants said, Even that which they build,

low me up.... bast thou reproached the LORD. 11 a fox go up, he shall even break

Ps. lxix, 19. Thou hast known and hast said, By the multisode of down their stone wall.

my reproach, and my shame, and my chariots am I come up to the


dishonour. .... heiglit of the mountains, to the

Job xii, 4. I am as one mocked sites of Lebanon; and I will cut of his neighbour, who calleth Ps. Ixxxix, 50–52. Remember, down the tall cedars thereof, and upon God, and he answereth him: LORD, the reproach of thy serthe choice fir-trees theref: and I the just upright man is laughed vauts; how I do bear in my linum will enter into the height of bis to scorn,

the reproach of all the mighty

Wherewith thine leborder, and the forest of his Job xxx, 9. And now am I their people; Curiol. song, yea, I am their by-word,

inies have reproached, 0 L.BD;

wherewi:h they hare reproached MOCKERY.

JOB xxxiv, 7. What man is like the footsteps of thine in inteil. Ps. cxxili, 3, 4. Ilave mercy Jols, who drinketh up scorning Blessed be the Lord for ererinore.

like water? upon us, O LORD, have mercy

Amen, and Amer). upon us for we are exceedingly Ps. xxxv, 21. Yea, they opened Ps. cxix, 22, 39. Remove from filled with contempt. Our soul is their mouth wide again-t me, and me reproach and contempt; for I exciedlingly filled with the scorn, said, Ana, Abal vur eye hatli seen lave kept thiy testonio Turn ing of those that are at ease, and it.

away iny reproach which I fear, with the contempt of the pruud.

Ps. xliv, 13, 14. Thou makest for thy juilgments are good, Prov. ix, 12. If thou be wise, us a reproach to our neighbours, Pror, xix, 7. All the brethren thou shalt be wise for thyself; but a scorii and a derision to them of the poor do hate lim; drwy if thou scornest, thou aloue shalt that are found about us. Thou nunch mori do liis frienes a fer bear it.

mukest us a by-word among the from him? ho pursueth thein eith


Fords, yet they are wanting to be not judget. For with what it is lilse; I wall not away frithio hini.

judgment le juge, ye shall be Chadeurs. But le bé! kned Lam. 111, 61. 62. Thou hast heard ju iel; and with what measure not to him: s.) Irijai souk Jeretheir reproach, O Lord, and all se mrte. It shall be measured to mih and brou;ut him to the their imaginations against me; pou again. And why beltoldest princes. The lips of those that rose up

thon the mote that is in thy
akuingi me, and tireir device brother's eye, but considerest not

the be im that is in thine own
against me all the day.

1 Sam xx, 30. Then Sanil's anger · Lam. v, 1. Temember, O LORD, brother, Let my pull on the mote and he suid unto him, Thou : on eye. Or how wilt thon say to thiy

was kinilled against Jonathan, what is come upon us; consider, out of 'ihine eye; and, behold, a and behold our reproach. beam is in thine own eye? Thou

of the perverse rebllious woman, Ezek. XV1, 41. Deholl, every one hypocrite. first cost out the beam

do not I know that thou hast that use the proverbs shall use this out of thine own eye; and then

chosen the son of Jesse to thine proverb alguns: thre, syiug, As shalt thou seo clearly to cast out

own confusion, and into the conis the mother, 80 is her daughter. the mote out of thy brother's eye.

fusion of thy mother's nakedness? Ezek xxii, 4, 5,... Therefore Luke vi, 41, 42. And why be

1 Sam. XXV, 14. But one of the have I made theo a reproach unto hobest thou the mote that is in young men to d Abigail. Nabal's the heation, and a mocking to all thy brother's eye, but perceivest wile, saying, Behold, David sent countris. Those that beliear, and not the beam that is in thine own messengers out of the wilderness those that be far from thee, shall eye? Eillier how canst thou say to salute our master; and he railed mick cliee, echich art ipfamous.and to thy brother, Brother, let me ou thein, much vexed. pull out the moto that is in thino

2 Sam. ill. 24. 23. Then Joab Din. xi. 18. After this shall he eye, when thou thyself beholdest came to the king and said, what tur his face unto the isles, and not the beam that is in thine own shall take many: but a prince for eve? Thou hypocrite, cost out

hast thou done? boboll, Abner

cime unto thee; why is it that his own beliaif shall curse the first the beam out of thine own

thou hast sent him away, and he reprorch effi-red by him to cease; eye, and then shalt thou see is quite gone? Thou knowest Ab. Wiilout his own reproach lie shall clearly to pull out the mule that ner the son of Ner, that he cimo cause it to turn upon him. is in thy brother's eye.

to deceive thee, and to linoiy my Zeph. 11.8, 10. I have beard the John vil, 24. Judge not accord, going out, and thy coming in, and reproach of Moab, and the revil-ins to the appearance, but judge to know all that thou dvost. friends of the children of Ammon, righteous ju igmeut. wereby they have reproached pom. il, 1. Therefore thou art cursing and dec-it, and fraud;

P8. x, 7. Ills mouth is full of mr periple, and magnified them inexcnsable, Oman, who ever under his tongue is mischiet and sc!re3 minst their burder. This thou art that julgest; for whicrein

Vanity shall they bave for their pride, thon julgust another, thou conbecause they have reproached dennent thyself; for thou that

Ps. xll, 5, 6 Mine enemies speak and magnilied themselies against julgest doest the same things.

evil of me; When shall lie die, the people of the LORD vf hosts.

and bis Dame perislı? And if ho Rom. xiv, 4. Who art thou that

coine judgest another man's servint? to vanity: his heart gailereth ini.

see me, he speaketlı Job xvi, 10. They have gaped mis own master he staudeth, or quity to itselt; when he goeth op in wiili their moutli; they talleth; yea, he shall be holden har smitten me upon the clieek np: for God is able to make him abrvad, he telivih it. reproachiuliy.. stand.

Ps. 1, 20. Thon sittest and speakJOD xix, 5. If indeed ye will 1 Cor. iv, 3. 4. But with me it is cet against thay brother; then slanmagnify yourselies against me, a very small thing that I should derest thine own muthier's son. aud pleading inst me myreproach. He jurisd of you, or of a man's Ps. lil 2-5. Thy tongile deviseth l'salm xxii, 6.

But I am a judgment; yea, ! judge not mine mischiets; like a sharp ruzur, woru, itdd no man; a reproach of owns: For I know nothing by working deceitfully. Tho lovest nen.

inyxell; yet ain I not hereby justi- evil more than god, and lying P3. XXS, 11. I was a reproach

fied: but he that judgeti me is the rather than to speak rigliteouis

Lord. al! mine enemies, but

ness. Selah. Tlou lovest all-dees" cially among my nigibours James iv, 11, 12. Speak not evil vouring words, () thou deceitful and a fear to inde acquaintance:

one of another, brrturen. Ile thit tongue. God shall likewise de. they that did see mo wiluout fleu speakerb evil of his brother, and stroy thee for ever: he shall take from ine.

janelloliis urother speaketli evil they away, and pluck thee out of P8, lxix, 7. 10. 20. Because for but it thou julge the law, thounrt out the land of the living. Selah.

of ilie law, and judget the law: thy dwelling-place, and rool thice thy sahe I have borne reptuach: not a doer of the luw, but a judge shume bath COV: re my face When I wopt, ani cha fened my There is one luwgiver, who is able

Pror. iv, 21. Put away from theo 80n1 with insting, that was to my thou that judgest another? te save and to destroy: w.10 art

a fruwarid mollth, and pervers3

lips put far from thice. reproach, R proach latlı broken

Pror, vi, 12. A nanghty person, my heart, and I am full of heavi. Dess and I looked for some to

Ps. Ivi, 5. Every day they wrest a wicked man, walkeila with a frotake plly, but there was nout; and my words: all their thoughts are ward mouili. avainst me for evil.

Proc. X, 31, 32. The month of for comf riers, but I luund bone. I'8. lxxxix. 41. All that pass by

Jer xxxvii, 13, 14. And when he the just bringen forth wis lom:

but the fruward tongte shul be the way pull tim: le is a reproacia was in the rate of Benjamin, a to hii neighbours.

captain of the war ichis there, cnt out. The lips of the righteous

whose name was Trijali, the son of know what is ace puble: bu! 11:0 CESSORIOUSSESS AND UNJUST Selemail.idie son of Tanzaniah; nontly of the wicked speaketh and he took Jeremiah the prophet,

iruntur lness JUI GMENTS.

suying. Thou fullest uway to the Prov. xii, 18 These is that speakJatth. vii, 15. Judgu not, that ye Cúnlucans. Then said Jeremiab, eth like the plurciugs of a sword:



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but the tongue of the wise is against thee wickedly, and thine | forth over the face of the whole health.

enemies take thy name in vain. earth: for every one that stealeth Prov. xvi, 27. An angodly man Matth. v. 34-37. But I say unto shall be cut off as on this side, digzeth up evil; and in his lips you, Swear not at all: neither by according to it; and every one there is a burning fire.

heaven; for it is God's throne: that sweareth shall be cut off as Prov. xvii, 20. Ile that hath a Nor by the earth; for it is his foot-on that side, according to it. froward heart findeth no good; stool: neither by Jerusalem; for it

PERJURY and be that hath a perverse tongue is the city of the great King. falleth into mischief.

Neither shalt thou swear by thy 2 Chron. XXXVI, 18. And he also

head, because thon canst not rebelled against king Nebuchad. Prov. xxx, 14. There is a gener tion whose teeth are as swords, mako one hair white or black. nezzar, who had made him svear and their jaw-leeth as knives, to Yea, yea; Nay. nay: for whatso

But let your communication be, by God. devour the poor from off the

Isa. xlvili, 1. Hear yo this. O earth, and the needy from among of evil.

ever is more than these cometh house of Jacob, which are called men.

by the name of Israel, and are Jer. xx, 10. For I heard the de- things, my brethren, swear not; Judah; which swear by the name

James V, 12. But above all come forth out of the waters of faming of many, fear on every neither by heaven, neither by the of the Lori, and make mention of side. Report, suy they, and we will report it. All my familiars but let your yea be yea; and your nor in righteousness.

eartlı, neither by any other oath: the God of Israel, but not in truth, watched for my balting, saying, Peradventure lie will be enticed, nay. nay; lest ye fall into condem- Jer. v, 2. And though they say,

nation. and we shall prevail against him,

The LORD liveth, surely they and we shall take our revenge on

swear falsely. himn.

Gen. xlil, 15, 16. Herehy ye Hosea x, 4. They have spoken

shall be proved: By the life of words, swearing falsely in making HARD NAMES NOT ALWAYS UNJUST. Pharaoh ye shall not to forth a covenant: thus judgment spring

Matt. vii, 6. Give not that which hence, except your youngest eth up as hemlock in the furrows is holy unto the dogs, neither cast brother come bituer. Send one of the field ye your pearls before swine, lest of you, arii let him fetch your Zech. v, 4. I will bring it forth, they trample them under their brother, and ye shall be kept in saith the Lord of hosts, and it feet, and turn again and rend you. prison, that your words may be shall enter into the house of the

Matt. xii, 34. O generation of proved, whether there, be any thief, and into the house of him ripers, how can ye, being evil, truth in you: or else, by the life of that sweareth falsely by my naine:

and it shall remuin in the midst speak good things for out of the Pharaoh, surely ye are spies. abundance of the heart the mouth Matth. xxiii, 16-22. Woe unto of his house, an I shall consumeit, speaketh. yon. ye blind guides, which say,

with the timber thereof, and the

stones thereof. Matt. xxili, 33. Ye serpents, ve Whosverer shall swear by the

Zech, viii, 17. And let none of generation of vipers, how can ye / temple, it is nothing; but whosoescape the damnation of hell? ever shall swear by the gold of you imagine evil in your hearts Luke iii, 6.7. And all flesh shall the temple, he is a debtor! Ye against his neighbour, and love

fools and blind! for whether is no false oath: for all these are see the salvation of God. Then greater, the gold, or the temple things that I hate, saitha

the said he to the multitude that came

And. | LORD. forth to be baptized of him, o that sanctfieth the gold?

Whos ever shall swear by the generation of vipers, who hattı

Matth. V, 33. Again, ye hase warned ye to flee iroin the wrath altar, it is nothing but whosoever heard that it lath been said by

sweareth by the gift that is upon them of old time, Thou shalt not to come?

it, die is guilly. Ye fools, and furswear thysell, but siialt perLuke xiii, 32. And he said unto Wind! for whether is greater, the furm unto the Lord thive oatlis, thein, Go ye and tell that fox..

gilt, or the altar that sanctifieti Acts xxiil. 3. Then said Paul the gifi? Whoso therefore shell unto him, God shall smite thee. swear by the altar, sweareth by thou whited wall; for sittest thou it, and by all things thereon,

FIGURES OF SPEECH. to judge me after the law, and And whoso shall swear by the

USE OF TONGUE. commandest me to be smitten con- temple, sweareth by it, and by Irod. iv, 10, 14-17. And Moses trary to the law?

him that dwelleth therein. And said unto the LORD, O my lori, I

he that shall swear by heaven, am not eloquent, neither her-toSWEARING.

sweareth by the throne of God, fore, nor since thou hist spoken FORBIDDEN.

and by him that sittetu thereon. unto thy Servant: but I am

(See under OATH.) of speech, and of a stow tongue. Lcv. xix, 12. And yo shall not

And the anger of the LORD was swear by my name falsely, neither


kinilled against Moses, and he shalt thou profane the name of

Jer. xxiii, 10. ... Because of said, Is not Aaron the Levite tby thy God: I am the LORD, swearing the land mourneth; the well. And also, beholil, he code

brother? I know that he can speak Lev. xxii, 32. Neither shall ye plesant places of the wilderness etli forth to meet thee: and when profine my holy name; but I will re dried up, and their course is lie seeth thee, he will be gladi in be hallowed among the children evil, and their force is not right. of Israel: I am the LORD which

his heart. And thou shali speak ballow you.

Ezek. xxi, 23. And it shall be unta hin, and put wds in his

unti them as a false divination in inouth; and I will be with thy Deut. v, 11. Thou shalt not take their sight, to them that have mouth, aud with his mouth and the name of the Lord thy God in sworn oaths; but he will call to

will teach you what ye shall do. voin: for the LORD will not hold remeinbrance the iniquity, that and he shall be. thy spokesmac him guiltless that taketh his they may be taken.

uni) the people: and he suall be name in vain.

Zech. v. 3. Then said he unto cren he shall be to thee instead of P3. cxxxis, 20. For they speak my, This is the curse that goelh | a moutb, and thou shall be i him



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instead of God. And thou shalt, thee. Son of man, take up a vengeance in anger and fury upon
take this rod in thine hand, lamentation upon the king of the heathen such as they have
wherewith thou shalt do sigus. Tyrus, and say unto him, Thus not heard.
saith the Lord God; Thou sealest

Matth. v, 20. For I say unto you,

the sum, full of wisdom, and that except your righteousness
Judges v, 21, 29, 30. The river perfect in beauty.

shall exceed the righteousness of of Kiston swept them away, that

the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall ancient river, the river Kishon.


in no case enter into the kingdom
O my soul, thou hast trodden Hosea ii, 21, 22. And it shall of heaven.
down strength. Her wise ladies come to pass in that day, I will

Matth. xxiv, 21. For then shall
answered her, yea, she returned bear, saith the LORD; I will hear be great tribulation, such as was
answer to herself. Have they not the heavens, and they shall hear not since the beginning of the
Epeu? have they not divided the the earth; And the earth shall world to this time, no, nor ever
prey; to every man a damsel or hear the corn, and the wine, and shall be.
two; to Sisera a prey of divers the oil; and they shall


Jark iv, 30. And he said, colours, a prey of divers colours of Jezreel.

Whereunto shall we liken the needle-work, of divers colours of

kingdom of God? or with what neeile-work on both sides, mect


comparison shall we compare it? for the necks of them that take the

Gen. xili, 16. And I will make

Mark xiii, 19. For in those days spoil?

thy seed as the dust of the earth: shall be affliction, such as was not
Job iv, 3, 4. Behold, thou hast so that if a man can number the from the beginning of the creation,
instructed many, and thou hast dust of the earth, then shall thy which God created, unto this time,
strengthened the weak hands. Seed also be numbered.

neither shall be.
Thy words have upholden bim Nahum ii, 9. Take ye the spoil
that was falling, and thou hast of silver, take the spoil of gold;

strengthened the feeble knees.

for there is none end of the store John xii, 24 Verily, verily, I Job xxvi, 3. How hast thou and glory out of all the pleasant say unto yon, Except & corn of counsellor him that hath no wis- furniture,

wheat fall into the ground and dom? and how hast thou plenti

die, it abideth alone: but if it die, fully declared the thing as it is?


it bringeth forth much fruit.
Job x1, 7-11. Gird up thy loins Isa. vil, 17. The LORD shall
now like a man: I will demand of bring upon thee, aud upon thy

thee, and declare thou unto me. people, and upon thy father's

Wilt thou also disannul my julg- house, days that have not come,

Prov. xxx, 15. 16. 18, 19, 21--24
ment? wilt thou condemn me, that from the day that Ephraim de.

There are three things that
thou mayest be righteous? Hast parted from Judah; even the king are never sati-lied, yea, four things
thou an arm like God? or canst of Assyria.

say not. It is enough. The grave;
thou thonder with a voice like
him. Deck thysell now with

Jer. xli, 6. If thou hast run with and the barren womb; the earth
m jesty and excellency,

the footmen, and they have weari. that is not filled with water; and
ed thee, then how canst thoni con-

the fire that saith not, it is enough.
array, thyself with glory and
beauty. Cast abroad the ruge ot tend with horses? and if in the There be three things which are

land of peace, wherein thou trust. too wonderful for me, yea, four
thy wrath; and behold every one edst, they wearied thee, ihen how which I know not: The way of
that is proud, and abase him.

wilt thou do in the swelling of an eagle in the air, the way of a 2 Cor. xi. 4. For if he that com- Jordan?

serpent upon a rock, the way of a eth

preacheth another Jesus, whom we liave not preached, or

Jer. xviii, 13. Therefore thus ship in the midst of the sea, and

saith the LORD, ye receive auother spirit, which

Ask ye now

the way of a man with a inaid.
ye hitve no! received, or another among the leathen, wiio hath For three things the earth is dis-
gospel, which ye have not ac-

heard such things? the virgin of quieted, and tor four which it can-
cepied, ye night well bear with Israel hath done a very horrible bot bear; For a servant when he

seigneth; and a fool when he is
Lam. 11, 13. What thing shall woman when she is married; and

filled with meat; For an odious
I take to witness for thee? what

an handinaid that is heir to her
1 Kings xviii, 27. And it came thing shall I liken to thee, o mistress.
to pass at noon, that Elijah mock- daughter of Jerusalem? what shall which are little upon the earth

There be four things
ed them, and said, Cry aloud; for I equal to thee, that I may com-

but they are exceeding wise.
he is a god: either he is talking, fori thee, ( virgin daughter of
or lle is pursuing, or he is in a Zion? for thy breach is great like

Eccles. vii, 27, 28. Behold, this
journey, or peradventure he the sea; who can heal thee?

bave I found, (-aith ihe Preacher.)
sler pelli, and must be awaked. Ezek. v, 9. And I will do in thee the account; Which yet my soul

counting one by one, to find out
Job xii. 2. No doubt but ye are that which I have not done, and seeketh, but I und not: one man
the people, and wisdom shall die whereunto I will not do any more
the like, because of all tuine but a woman among all those

among a thousand have I found;
Job x1, 12-14. Look on every

have I not found.
one that is proud, and bring him Joel ii, 2. A day of darkness
low; and tread down the wicked and of gloominess, a day of clouds know that they shall die: but the

Eccles, ix, 5. 6. For the living
in their place. Hide them in the and of thick darkness, as the dead know not any thing, neither
dust turetler, and bind their morning spread upon the moun-
faces in secret. Then will I also taips: a great people and a strong;

have they any more a r-ward; for
cunless unto thee that thine own there hath not been ever the like, Also their love and their hatred,

the memory of them is forgotten.
right band can save thee.

neither shall be any inore after it, and their envy, is now perished;
Ezek. xxvili, 3, 12. Behold, thou eren to the years of many geber- neither have they any more a
art wiser than Daniel; there is no

portion for ever in any thing that
secret that they cau bide from Micah v, 16. And I will execute is done under the sun.



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with you.

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Eccies. x, 15-17. The labour of forth bereave them of men. Thus bis word: Mountains, and all lille, the tools wearieth every one of saith the Lord God, Because they fruitful trees, and all cesars : tliem, because he knowell not say unto you, Thou land devour- Beasts, and all cattle; creeping how to ko to the city. Woe to Pst up men, and last brreaved thy things, and flying towl. thee, () land, win thy king is a nations. Therefore thou shalt de.

Isa. xliv, 23. Siug, o ye heschilí, and thiy princes eut in the your men no more, neither be vens; for the Lord baih done it: morning! Blessed art thou, o reave thy nations any more, saithi shout, ye lower parts of the earth: land, wien tlıy king is the son of the Lori God. Neither will I break forth into singing ye moutnobles, and the princes eat in due cause men to bear in thee the tains, o forest, and every tree 8:180n for stiength, and not for shame of the heathen any more, therein: for the LORD lath redrunkenness!

neither shalt thou bear the re- deerned Jacob, and glorified himEccles. xii, 1, 2. Remember nov pract of the people any more, self in Israel. thy Creator in the day's of thy neither shalt thou cause thy na. youth, while the evil days coine tions to fall any more, saith the

Isa, Iv, 12. For ye shall go out

with joy, and be led furib with not, bor the years dra w nish, Lord God. when thou shalt siy, I have to Micah vi, 1. 2. Hear yo now peace; the mountains and the ple::sure in then; While the sun, what the LORD saith; Arise, con

hills shall break forth beture yun or in light, or the moon, or the tend thou belore the monutaius, into singing, and all the trees of

the field shall clap their hands. Blars, be not dirkened, por the and let the bills hear thy voice. clouds return after the rain. Ilear ye, O mountains, the Lord's

Hab. ii, 11. For the stone shall controversy, and ye strong foun- cry out of the wall, and the ben INSTANCES OF PERSONIFICATION,

dations of the earth: for the LORD out of the timber shall answer it

buth a controversy with his people, Hab. iii, 10. The mountain: 2 EARTH AND HEAVEN.

and he will plead with Isruel. thee, and they trembled; the overDeut. xxxii, 1. Give ear, Oye

flowing of the water passed by: heavens, and I will sprak; and


the deep uttered his voice, and hear, 0 earth, the words of my

lifted up his hands on high. mouth.

Heb, vi, 13, 14, 17. For when God Isa. xlix, 13. Sing. O heavena; male promise to .Abraham, be

NATIONS. and lie joyful. O erth; and break cause he could swear by no

2 Kings xix, 21. This is the forth into singin o'monntains: greater, he sware by himself word that the LORD liath spoken for the LORD liath comforted his Saying. Surely blessing I will concerning bim; The virgin, the people, and will have mercy upon Dless thee, and multiplying I will daughter of Zion, liath despised his aflicted.

multiply thee.

Wherein God, thee, and laughed thee to scorir;

willing more abundantly to show the daughter of Jerusalein bath Jer. iv, 28. For this shall the unto the heirs of promise the saken her head at thev. earthi mourn, and the heavens immutability of his counsel, conabove be black; because I Ve firmed it by an oath.

Iza ili, 25 20. Thy men shall fall 8pken it, I have purposed it, and

by the sword, and thy mighty men will not repent, uelller will I turn

tu the war. NATURE.

And hier gates Ball back from it.

Jament and muurn; an I shit, being 1 Chron. xvi. 32. 33. Let the sea desolate, shall sit upon the ground. THE EARTII roar, and the fulness thereof; let

Isa. xxxvii, 22. This is the word Ps. cxiv. 7. Tremble, thou earth,

the 'nelds rejoice, and all that is which the LORD hill spoken conat the presence of the Lord, at the therein. Then shall the trees of cerning him, The virgin, the

the wool sing out at the presne daughter of Zion, bath despised preselice of the God of Jacob.

of the Loav, because he cometh to thee, and layglied thee to scurn; Ezek, vi, 2, 3. Son of man, set judge the earth.

the daughter of Jerusalem bath thy tice toward the mountains of

Ps. Ixxvii, 16. The waters Baw shaken her lead at thee. Israel and prophesy against them, And may; Ye mountains of Isruel, thee, O God, the waters saw thee; hear the world of the Lord Gov; they were afraid: the depths also

Amos v, 2. The virgin of Israel

is fallen; she shall no more rise: were tronbled. Th118 Suitl, the Lord Gon to the

she is forsaken upon her land; mountains and to the hills, to the

Ps. xcvi. 10--12. Say among the rivers and to the valleys, Belold, heathen, that the Loko reizarth: there is noue to raise her up. 1, eren 1, will bring a sword upon the world also shall be established,

DEATII. you, and I will destroy your list that it shall not be moved: he Job xil, 22. He uiscorereth deep places.

shalljulge the people righteously. things out of darkness, and Eruck xxxvi, 1, 4, 12-15. Also, Let the heavens "Juices, and let bringet out to light the shadow thou sum of man, praphorny unto

the earth be glad; let the sea roar, of death. the mountains of Israti, and sny, and the fuluess thereof. Let the

Job xviii, 14. Ilis confilence held by joyful, and all that is shall be rooted out of his taberYe mountains of Irel, hear the world of the LOR. Therefore, ye the wood rejoico.

therein: then shall all the trees of nacle, and it shall bring him to mountains of Isrul, bear the

the king of terrors. word of the Lord Ciud; Thus saith

Ps. xcvili, 7-9. Let the sea roar,

JOU xxviii, 3. Ile retteth an end the Lorik Conto the mountains, and the tulness them of the world, to dirkness, and searcheth out all aud to the bills, to ilie rivers, and anthy that duel therein. Let perfection; the stones of Jarkuess, to the valleys, to the desolate the food chap their lande: let the and the shadow of death. wants, and to the cities that are Tilly be joyful together Before the fulsikell, which became a prey Lord: for live cometh to judge the P3. xliv, 19. Though thou hast and derision in the residue of the earth; with rishtvoustess shall be sore broken us in the place of leathen tlt are round about. judge the world, and the people dragons, and covered us with the

shadow of deutlı. Yea, Tulcus men to walk with equity. upon yo'ls er eit ny people Isra!'); P's. cxlviii, 7--10. Praise the and the sil possess the ind LORD trom the rarth, ye dringos,

GRACES. Umeshalt tip Linir inberitalice, and all deeps: Fire and hall; SHOW Ps. lxxxv, 10--13. Mercy and and thou wilt no more hcucu- and vapour; stormy wind tuifilling | truth are met together; righteous

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