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Take frefrom between the wheels, Ezek. xl, 8. And he brooght: the LORD saw that he turned aside from between the cherubims, then me thither, and, behold, there was to see, God called unto him out of he went in, and stood beside the a man whose appearance was like the midst of the bush, and said, wheels. And one cherub stretched the appearance of brass, with a Moses, Moses. And he said, Here forth his band from between the lige of flax in his hand, and a am I. cherubims unto the fire that was measuring reed; and he stood in E.cod. xxiii, 20--22. Behold, I between the cherubims, and took the gate.

send an Angel before thee, to keep thereof, and put it into the hands

· Dan. vill, 16. And I heard a thee in the way, and to bring thee of him that was clothed with linen; man's voice, between

the banks of into the place which I have prewho took it, and went out. And Ulai, which called, and said, Gab- pared. Beware of him, and

obey there appeared in the cherubims riel, make this man to understand his voice, provoke him not; for be the form of a man's hand under the vision,

will not pardon your transgres. their wings. And when I

I looked,

Rev. iv. 6. 7. And before the behold the four wheels by the

sions: for my name is in him. But

his voice, Cherubims, one wheel by one che throne there was a set of glass and do all that I speak; then I will rub, and another wheel by an-like unto crystal: and in the midst other cherub: and the appearance

of the throne, and round about the be an enemy unto thine enemies, of the wheels was as the colour of throne, were four be ists full of and an adversary unto thine ad

versaries. a beryl-stone. And as for their eyes before and behind. And the

Josh. v, 13. And it came to pass, first beast was like a lion, and the appearances, they four had one likeness, as if a wheel had been in second beast like a call, and the when Joshua was by Jericho, that the midst of a wheel. When they third beast had a face as a man, he lifted up his eyes and looked, went, they went upon their four and the fourth beast was like á and, behold, there stood a man

over against him, with his sword sides; they turned not as they flying eagle. Went, but to the place whither Rev. viil, 2, 6. And I saw the went unto him, and said unto him,

drawn in his band; and Joshua the head looked they followed it; seven angels which stond before Art thou for us, or for our adverthey turned not as they went. God; and to them were given seven

saries? And their whole body, and their trumpets. And the seven angels, backs, and their hands, and their which had the seven trumpets,

Judges vi, 12--16. And the angel wings, and the wheels, were full prepared themselves to sound.

of the Lord appeared unto him, of eyes round about, even the Rev. x, 3. And cried with a

[Gideon) and suid unto him, The wheels that they four had. As for loud voice, as when a lion roareth; man of valour. And Gideon said

LORD is with thee, thou mighty the wheels, it was cried unto and when he had cried, seven them in my hearing, 0 wlieel! thunders uttered their voices.

unto him, Oh my Lord, is the LOED And every ne had four faces: the

be with us, why then is all this first face was the face of a cherub, sand years are explred, Satan miracles which our fathers told us

Rev. xx, 7. And when the thou- befallen us and where be all bis and the second face was the face shall be loosed out of his prison. of a man, and the third the face

of, saying, Did not the LORD bring of a lion, and the fourth the lace

us up from Egypt? but now the

THE ANGEL OF THE of an eagle. And the cherubims

LORD bath forsaken us, and dewere liited up. This is the living


livered 16 into the hands of the creature that I saw by the river

Gen. xxxii, 24, 25-29. And Jacob Midianites. And the Lord looked of Chebar. And when the che- was left alone; and there wrestled upon blin, and said, Go in this thy rubims weut, the wheels went by a man with him until the break- might, and thou shalt save Israel them; and when the cherubims ing of the day. And when he saw from the hand of the Midianitos: lifted up their wings to mount up that he prevailed not against him, have not I sent thee? And be from the earth, the same wheels he touched the Lollow of his thigh; said unto him, Oh my Lord, wherealso turned not from beside them, and the hollow of Jacob's thigh with shall I save Israel? behold, Wheu they stood, these stood; was out of joint as be wrestled my family is poor in Manassel, and when they were lifted up. What is thy

name? And he said, house. And the LORD said unto

with him. And be said unto him, and I am the least in my father's for the spirit of the living creature Jacob. And he said, Thy name him, Surely I will be with thee, uas in them. Then the glory of shall be called no more Jacob, but and thou shalt smite the Midlanthe LORD departed from off the Israel: for as a priuce bast thou iles as one man. threshold of ihe house, and stood power with God and with men, Judges xiii, 17, 21-23. And over the cherubims. And the and hast prevailed. And Jacob Manoah said unto the angel of cherubims lifted up their wings,

asked him, and said, Tell me, I the LORD, What is thy name, that and mounted up from the earthi pray thee, thy name. And he when thy sayings come to pass we in my siglit: when they went out, said, Wherefore is it that thou may do theo honour? (But the the wheels also were beside them dost ask after my name? And he angel of the Lord did no more and cuery one stoud at the dooroi blessed him there.

appear to Manoah and to his wife.) the east gate of the Lord's house; Gen. xlviii, 16. The angel which Then Manoh knew that he was and the glory of the God of Israel redeemed me from all evil, bless an angel of the LOUD. And Manosh was over them above. This is the the lads; and let my name be said unto his wife, We shall surely living creature that I saw under named on them, and the name of die, because we have seen cod. the God of Israel by the river of my fathers Abrahain and Isaac; But liis wie said unto him, If the Ciebar; and I knew that they and let them grow into a multi- LORD were pleased to kill us, be were the cherubims. Every one tude in the midst of the earth. would not have received a burntbad four faces apiece, and every Exod. iii, 2-4. And the angel of offering and a meat-offering at vur one four wings; and the likeness the LORD appeared unto him in hands; neither. would be bave of the hands of a man was under a flame of fire, out of the midst of shewed us all these things; nor their wings. And the likeness of a bush; and he looked, and, be- mould, as at this time, buvé told their faces was the same faces hold, the bush burned with fire, us such things as these. which I saw by the river of Cle- and the bush was not consumed. Hos. xil, 3, 4. He took his brother bar, their appearances and them- | And Moses said, I will now turn by the heel in the womb, and by selves : they weut every one aside, and see this great sight, why bis strength he had power witb straigbtforward.

the bush is not burnt. And when God: Yea, he had power over the me, I


angel, and provalled, he wept, and rows are turned upon me, and I Though thon detain me, I will not made supplication unto him: he have retained no strength. For eat of thy bread; and if thou wilt found him in Beth-el, and there he low can the servant of this my offer a burnt-offering, thou must spake with us.

lord talk with this my lord? for offer it unto the Lord: for Manoah Acts vii,30-32 38 39,53. And when as for me, straightway there re- knew not that he was an angel of forty years were expired, there mained no strength iu me, neither the LORD. appeared to him, in the wilderness is there breath left in me. And

Acts xii, 8, 9. And the angel of Mount Sina, 'an angel of the sald, o man greatly beloved, fear said unto 'him, Giru thyself, and Lord in a flame of fire in a bush. not: peace be unto thee; be strong, bind on thy sandals. And so he When Moses saw it, he wondered yea, be strong.

And when he did. And he saith unto him, Cast at the sight: and as he drew near had spoken unto

was thy garment about thee, and to behold it, the voice of the Lord strengthened, and said, Let my follow me. And he went out, and came unto him, saying, I am the lord speak: for thou hast strength- followed him; and wist not that God of thy fathers, the God of ened m

it was true wbich was done by Abraham, and the God of Isaac, Matth. xxvill, 4. And for fear the angel; but thought he saw a and the God of Jacob. Then of him the keepers did shake, and vision. Moses trembled, and durst not be- became as dead men.

* Heb. xill, 2. Be not forgetful to hold. This is be that was in the Luke 1, 12. And when Zacharias entertain strangers: for thereby church in the wilderness with the saw him, he was troubled, and some have entertained angels unangel which spake to him in the fear fell upon him. mount Sina, and with our fathers; who received the lively oracles to Lule ii, 9. And, lo, the angel of

DEVILS. give unto us; to whom our fathers the Lord came upon them, and would not obey, but thrust him the glory of the Lord shone round

Gen. iii, 14. And the LORD God from them, and in their liearts about them; and they were sore said unto the serpent, Because turned back again into Egypt, who afraid.

thou hast done this, thou art have received the law by the dis- Acts x, 3, 4. He saw in a vision cursed above all cattle, and above position of corels, and have not evidently, about the ninth hour every beast of the field; upon thy kept it.

of the day, an angel of God com- belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt

ing in to him, and saying unto thou eat all the days of thy life. ANGELS VENERATED BUT NOT him, Cornelius. And when he Job ii, 1, 2. Again there was a WURSHIPPED.

looked on him, be was afraid.... day when the sons of God came Judges Vi, 22, 23. And when 1 Cor. xi, 10. For this cause to present themselves before the Gideon perceived that he was an ouzht the woman to have power LORD, and Satan came also among angel of the LORD, Gideon said, on her head because of the angels.them, to present bimself before Alas, O Lord God! for because

the LORD. And the LORD said

Colos. ii, 18. Let no man beguile unto Satan, From whence comest I have seen an angel of the LORD face to face. And the Lord said you or your reward in a voluntary thou? And Satan answered the unto him Peace be unto thee; fear angels, intruding into those things and fro in the earth, and from

ilumility and worshipping of LORD, and said, From going to not: thou glialt not die.

which he hath not seen, vaidly walking up and down in it. 1 Chron. xxi, 30. Bit David could puffed up by his fleshly mind. not go before it to enquire of God:

Matth. xil, 26, 27, 29. And if for lie was afraid because of the Rev. xix, 10. And I fell at his Satan cast ont Satan, be is divided sword of the angel of the LORD. feet to worship him. And he said against bimselt; how shall then his

unto me, Se thou do it not; I am kingdom stand? And if I by Dan. viii, 17. So he came near thy fellow-servant, and of thy Beelzebub cast out devils, by where I stood: and when he came, brethren that have the testimony whom do your children cast them I was afraid, and fell upon my face of Jesus: worship God: for the out? therefore they shall be your but he said unto me, Understand, testimony of Jesus is the spirit of judges. Or else, how can one O son of inan; for at the time of prophecy.

enter into a strong man's house, the end shall be the vision.

Rev. xxii, 8, 9. And I John saw and spoil bis goods, except he Dan. X, 7--9, 15-17, 19. And I these things, and heard them first bind the strong man? and Daniel alone saw the vision: for And wh had heard and seen, then he will spoil his house. the men that were with me saw

I fell down to worship before the Mark iii, 23, 26. And be called not the vision; but a great qual- feet of the angel which showed thein unto him, and said unto ing fell upon them, so that they me these things. Then saith he them in parables, How can Satan fled to hide themselves. There-anto me, See thou do it not: for Icast out Satan? And if Satan riso fore I was left alone, and saw this am thy fellow servant, and of thy up against himself, and be divided, greit vision, and there remained brethren the prophets, and of he cannot stand, but hath an end. no strength in me: for my cume them which keep the sayings of liness was turned in me into cor- this book: worship God.

2 Peter il, 4. For if God spared ruption, and I retained

not the ange's that sinned, but

cast them down strength. Yet heard I the voice

to hell, and of his words; and when I heard

ANGELS IN DISGUISE. delivered them into chains of darkthe Voice of his words, then was Num. xxii, 34, And Balaam sala dess, to be reserved unto judg1 in a deep sleep on my face, and unto the angel of the LORD, I have inent. my face toward the ground. sinned; for I knew not that thou Jude 6. And the angels which And when he had spoken such stoodest in the way against me: kept not their first eslate, but left Words unto me, I set my face to- now therefore, if it displease thee, their own liabitation, be hith re. ward the ground, and I became I will get me back again.

served in everlasting chai is, undumb, And, behold, one like the Judges xili, 15, 16. And Manoah der darkness, unto the judgment similitnde of the sons of men sald unto the angel of the LORD, of the great day. touched my lips: then I opened I pray thee, let us detain thee, Rev. ii, 13. I know thy works, my mouth, and spake, and said until we shall have made ready á and where thou dwellest, eren unto him that stood before me, kid for thee. And the angel of where Satan's seat 18: and thou O my lurd, by the vision my sor- the LORD sald unto Manoab holdest fast my name, and hast



not denied my faith, even in those 2 Cor. xi, 14, 15. And no mar. catcheth away that which was days wherein Antipas was my vel; for Satan himself is trang. Sown in his leurt. faithful martyr, who was slain frined into an angel of light. amoug you, where Satan dwell. Therefore it is no great thing if unto him, all this power will I

Luke iv, 6, 13. And the devil said eth.

his minister's also be transforined give thee, and the glory of them: Rev. ix, 11. And they hada king as the ministers of righteousness; for that is delivered unto me; and over ther, which is the angel of whose endi shall be according to to whomsoever I will I give it. tbe bottomless pit, whose name in their works.

And wlien the devil had ended all the Hebrew tongue is A batidon, 1 Tim. iv, 1. Now the spirit the temptation, he departed from but in the Greek tongue bath his speaketh expressly, that in the him for a season. namo Apollyon.

latier times some shall depart
from the faith, giving beeui to

Luke xxii, 31. And the Lord Rev. xil, 7-9. And there was seducing spirits, and doctrines of said, Simon, Simon, behold, Salan

hath desired to have you, that he dovils. war in heaven: Michael and his

may sitt you as wheat. angels fought against the dragon; James il, 19. Thou believest and the dragon fought and his that there is one God, thou doest 2 Cor. iv, 4. In whom the God angels, And prevailed not; well; he devils also believe and of this world hath blinded the neliher was their place found any tremble,

minds of thien which beleve bot, more in herren. And the great

James III, 15. This wisilom lest the light of the glorious gosdragon was cast out, that old ser descendetli nət from above, but is pel of Christ, who is the image of pent, called the Devil, and Satan, earthy, sensual, devilish.

God, should shine unto them. which deceiveth the whole world,

Rev. 11, 9. I know thy works. would have come unto you, even

1 Thess. ii, 18. Wherefore we ho Wits cast out into the earth, and liis angels were cast out with and tribulation, and poverty (but i Paul, once and agulu; bat Satan him. thou art rich) and I know the

hindered us.
blisphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but

Eph. iv, 27. Neither give place 2 Chron. svili, 19--22. And the are the synagogne of Satan.

to the devil. LOUD said, who shall entice Abab

Rev. iii, 9. Behold, I will make

1 Tim. I, 20. Or whom is Hyme. king of Israni, that he may go up them of the synagogue of Satan,

dens and Alexander; whom I have and full at Runoth-gilead? And which say they are Jews, and are delivered unto Satan, that they one spikesning after this man. aut, but do lie.

may learn not to blaspheme. ner, and another saying after that

2 Tim. il, 26. And that they may manner. Then there came out a

NUMBER. spirit, and stool before the LORD,

recover themselves out of the and said, I will entice bii. Aud

Matth. viii, 30-33. And there sware of the devil, wbo are taken the Lord said unto him. Where was a good way off from them an captive by him at bis will. with? And he sail, I will go out, herd of inany swine feeding. So

James iv, 7. Submit yourselves and be a lying spirit in the mouth the devils besonight bim, saying.

therefore to God. Resist the of all his propriets. And the LORD I thou cest is out, so for us to go devil, and he will flee from you said, Thou shalt entice him, and away into the hard of swine. thou shalt also prevail: go out,

And he said unto them, Go. And 1 Peter V, 8. 9. Be sober, be and do eren so. Now therefore,

when they were come out, they vigilant, because your adversary beloll, the LED liath put a lying I went into the berd of swine; ani, the devil, as a roaring lion walke spirit in the mouth of these thy beholil, the whole herd of swine eth about, speking whom he may proplets, an'l the LORD hatú ran violently down a steep place devour. Whom resist sledfast in spoken ovilagslust thee.

into the sea, and perished in the the faith, knowing that the same

walers. And they that kept them afilictions are accomplished in P3, Ixxviii, 49. He cast upon fled, and went their ways into the your brethren that are in the then the fiercenoss of his ang-r, city, and told every ibing, and world. wrath, and indignation, and what was befillen to the possess. Nov. II, 10. Fear none of those trouble, by sending evil angels ed of the devils.

things which thou shalt 811ffr; among them.

Luke vili, 30. And Jesus asked beholil, the devil shall cast some Jutth, xiii. 38 39. The field is him, saying, What is tliy naine? of you into prison, that ye may be the world; tlie rond seed are the children of the kingdom; but the

And lie said, Legion: because tried; and ye shall have tribulamany devils were entered into

tion ten days: be thou faithful ustars are the childr-1 of the him.

to deatlı, and I will give theo & wicked one; The enemy that

crown of life. sowed them is the devil; tha harVest is the end of the world; and

POWER AND WORKS. the reapers are the angels.

1 Chron. xxi, 1. And Satan

Rev. ix, 1, 2, 5. And the filth stood up against Israel, and pro- | fali irom heaven unto the earth:

angel sounded, and I saw a star John viii. 44. Ye are of your voked David to number Israel. father the devil, and the lasis of

and to him was given the key of

Ps. cix, 6. Set thou a wicked the bottoniless pit. And he openyour father ye will do: he was a murderer from the beginning, man over him;, and let Satan ed the bottomless pit; and there and abuo not in the truth, bestand at his riglit hand.

arose a smoke out of the pit, as cause there is no truth in him. Matth. iv, 1 5. Then was Jesus the smoke of a great furnace; and When he speaketh alie, he speak. led up of the Spirit into the wil- the sun and the air wi re darkened eth of his wivn: for he is a liar, and derness, to be tempted of the by reason of the smoke of the pit. the father of it.

devil. Then the devil taketh him and to them it was given that Acts xiil, 10 And said, O full of up into the holy city, and setteth they should not kill them, but all subtilty ani all mischief, thout him on a pinnaclu of the temple. that they should be tormented child of the devil, thout enemy of Matth viii, 19 When any one

five months, and their torment all righteou.nes, uilt thou not heareth the word of the kingdim, was as the torment of a scurpion, cease to pervert the right ways of and understanden it bot, men when he striketh a man. the Lorup

Comet thu Ticked one, and Rev. xI, 7. And when they shall have finished their testimony, tho I rejoice, ye heavens, and yo that he walketh throng! dry places, beast that ascendeth out of the dwell in them. Woe to the in- seeking rest, and findeth none. bottomless pit sball make war habiters of the earthi and of the 'Then he saith, I will return into against them, and sliall overcome seal for the devil is come down my honse from whence I came them, and kill them,

unto you. having great wrath, out; and when he is come, he find. Rev. xil. 10. 11. And I heard a because be knoweth that he hatli eth'it empty,swept, and garnished. loud voice saying in heaven, Now but a short time. And when tho Then gueth' he, and taketh with is come sulvation, and strength, dragon saw that he was cast unto himseli seven other spirits more and the kingilom of our God, and the earth, he persecuted the wo- wicked than himself, and they the power of his Christ: for trio man which brought forth the enter in and dwell there: and the

last state of that man is worso accuser of our brettiren is cast man-child. down, which accused them before

than the first. Even so shall it be our God day and night. And they WORSHIP PAID TO THEM.

also unto this wicked generation. overcame liim by the blod of the

Luke vill, 27. And when he Lev. xvii, 7. And they shall no Lamb, and by the word of their

went forth to land, there met him more offer their sacrifices unto testimony; and they loved not devils, after whoin they have gone had devils long time, and ware no

out of the city a certain man, which their lives into the death.

a whoring.. Rev. xiil. 12, 13. And he exercis.

clothes, neither abode in any eth all the power of the Birst unto devils, not to God; to gods

Deut. xxxii, 17. They sacrliced house, bat iu the tombs. beast before bim, and causeth tho whom they knew not, to new gods swered and said, Master, we saw

Luke ix, 49, 50. And John anearth, and thein which dwell

that came newly up, whom your one casting out devils in thy name: ther in, to worship the first beast,

fathers feared uut. whose deadly wound was healed.

and we forbide hiin, because he And he doeth great wonders, 80

2 Chron. xi. 15. And he ordained followeth not with us. And Jesus that he maketh fire come down him priests for the high places, and sajd unto him, Fubid him not; from heaven on the earth in the for the devils, and for the calves for hathat is not agaiust us is for

wlich he had made. siglit of men.

us. Rev. xvi, 14. For they are the

1 Cor. x, 19--21. What say I Luke si, 18, 20. If Satan also bo Epirits of devils, working miracles, then? that the idol is any thing? divided against himself, low shall which go forth unto the kings of or that wluch is offered in sacritice his kingdoin stand? because yo the earth and of the whole world, to idols is any thing?. But I say, say that I cast cut devils through to gather them to the battle of that the things which the Gentiles Beelzebub. But if I with the fin. that great day of God Almighty.

sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, ger of God cast out devils, no

and not to God: and I would not doubt the kingdom of God is come FINAL DOOM.

that ye should have fellowship upon you. Matth. viii, 29.. Art thou (Jesus] with devils. Ye cannot drink the come hither to torinent us before cup of the Lord, and the cup of

APOCALYPTIC SYMBOLS. the time? devils: ye cannot be partakers of

Rev. xil, 3, 4, 15-17. And there Luke x, 17, 18. And the seventy the Lord's table, and of the table appeared another wonder in dieareturned again with joy, saying,

Ven; and behold a great red dragon, Lorul, even the devils are subject

having seven heads and ten horus, unto us through thy name. And Rev. 1x. 20. And the rest of the and seven crowns upon his heads. be s'il unto them. I beheld Satan men, which were not killed by and his tail drew the third part as lig litning fall from heaven these plagues, yet repented not of of the stars of heaven, and and cast

lohn xii, 31. Now is the judg- the works of their hands, that they them to the earth; and the dragon ment of this world: now shall the slould not worship devils....

stood before the woman which prince of this world be cast out. Rev. xijl, 4, 14, 15. And they to devour her child as soon as

was ready to be delivered, for Jolin xiv, 30. Hereafter I will worshipped the dragon which it was born. And the serpent not talk much with you; for the gave power unto the beast: and cast out of his month water as a prince of this world cometb, and they worshipped the beast, say: flood after the woman, that lie hath nothing in me.

ing, Who is like unto the beast? might cause herto be carried away John xvi, 11. of judgment be- who is able to make war with of the flvod. And the earth helped cause the prince of this world is him? And deceiveth them that the woman: and the earth opened judged.

dwell ou the earth by the means her mouth, and swallowed up the Rom. xvi, 20. And the God of of those miracles which he had flood which the dragon cast out peace shall bruise Satan under power to do in the sight of of his mouth. And the dragon your feet shortly. The grace of dwell on the earth, that they went to make war with the rem

ihe beast; saying to them that was wroth with the woman, and our Lord Jesus Clirist be with you. should inake an image to the nant of her seed, which keep thie Amen. Col 11, 15. And having spoiled sword, and did live. And he had the testimony of Jesus Christ.

beast which had the wound by a commandments of God, and have principalities and powers, he power to give life unto the image made a slew of them openly, of the beast, that the image of the another beast coming up out of

Rev. xiii, 11. And I belield triumphing over them in it. beast should both speak and cause the earth; and he had two biorns

1 John ill, 8. He that commit- that as many as would not wor; like a laib, and le spake as a teth sin is of the devil; for the ship the image of the beast should devil sinneth from the beginning. be killed.

dragon. For this purpose the Son of God

Rev. xvi, 13. And I saw three Was manifested, that he might DEMONIACAL POSSESSIONS. unclean spirits like frugs come out destroy the works of the devil.

of the mouth of the dragon, and (See also under MIRACLES) out of the mouth of the boust, and

Matt. xii, 43-45. When the un- out of the mouth of the faise pro Rev. xii 12 13. Therefore clean spirit is gone out of a man, puet.




that I might shew them unto thee overlay the boards with gold, and TABERNACLE

art thou brought hither: declare make their rings of gold for place

all that thou seest to the house of for the bars; and thou shalt over1.-OF DIVINE ORIGIN. Israel,

lay the bars with gold. Exod. xxv, 9, 40. According to

Ezek. xliii, 10, 11. Thou son of Erod. xxxvi, 20--23, 25-27, 29, 34 all that I shew thee, after the man, shew the house to the house And he made boards for the tapattern of the tabernacle, and the of Israel, that they may be bernacle of sbittim-wood, standing pattern of all the instruments ashamed of their iniquities; and up. The length of a board was thereof, even so shall ye make it. let them measure the pattern. ten cubits, and the breadth of a And look that thou make them and if they be ashamed of all board one cubit and a half. One after their pattern, which was

that they have done, shew them board had two tenons, equally shewed thee in the mount.

the form of the house, and the distant one from another: thus Exod. xxvi, 30. And thou shalt fashion thereof, and the goings- did he make for all the boards of rear up the tabernacle according out thereof, and the comings-in the tabernacle. And be made to the fashion thereof which was thereof, and all the forms thereot, boards for the tabernacle; twenty shewed thee in the mount. and all the ordinances thereof, boards for the south side, south

Exod. xxvil, 8., Hollow with and all the forms thereof, and all ward: And for the other side of boards shalt thou make it: as it the laws thereof: and write it in the tabernacle, tohich is toward was sbowed thee in the mount, their sight, that they may keep the north corner, he made twenty so shall they make it.

the whole form thereof, and all boards. And for the sides of the Exod. xxxiii, 7. And Moses took the ordinances thereuf, and do tabernacle westward he made sis them.

boards. And two boards mado the tabernacle, and pitched it without the camp, afar off from Ezek. xliv, 5. And the LORD said he for the corners of the taber. the camp, and called it the Taber- unto me, Son of man, mark well, nacle in the two sides. And they nacle of the Congregation. And and behold with thine eyes, and were coupled beneath,and coupled it came to pass, that every one hear with thine ears all that I say together at the head thereot, to which sought the Lord went out unto thee concerning all the ordi

one ring: thus he did to bol of unto the tabernacle of the congre- nances of the house of the LORD them in both the corners. And gation, which was without the and all the laws thereof; and be overlaid the boards with guid, camp.

mark well the entering in of the and made their rings of gold w be Exod. xxxix, 42, 43. According house, with every going forth of places for the bars, and overzió the sanctuary.

the bars with gold. to all that the LORD commanded Moses, so the children of Israel Rev. xv, 5. And after that I

BARS: made all the work. And Moses looked, and, behold, the temple of did look upon all the work, and, the tabernacle of the testimony in

Erod. xxvi, 26-28. And thou behold, they had done it as the heaven was opened.

shalt ipake bars of shitlim-wood; LORD had commanded, even so

five for the boards of the one silo bad they done it: and Muses


of the tabernacle, And five bars blessed them.

Exod. xxvi, 15--18, 20, 22-24. 29. for the boards of the other side of

the tabernacle, and fire bars for Acts vii, 44. Our fathers had | And thou shalt make boards for the tabernacle of witness in the the tabernacle of shittim-wood the boards of the side oa the lawilderness, as he had appointed, standing up. Ten cubits shall be bernacle for the two sides westspeaking unto Moses, that be the length of a board, and a cubit ward. And the middle bar in the should make it according to the and a half shall be the breadth of midst of the boards shall reach fashion that he had seen. one board. Two tenons shall there from end to end.

Exod. xxxvi, 31-33. And he made Heb. viii, 5. Who serve unto the be in one board, set in order one example and shadow of heavenly against another: thus shalt thou bars of slittim-wood: five for the things, as Moses was admonished make for all the boards of the boards of the one side of the tee of God when he was about to

tabernacle. And thou shalt make bernacle, And five bars for the make the tabernacle: for, See, the boards for the tabernacle, boards of the other side of the tasaith he, that thou make all things twenty boards on the south side bernacle, and five bars for the according to the pattern sbewed southward. And for the second boards of the tabernacle for the to thee in the mouut.

side of the tabernacle, on the sides westward. And he made Heb. ix, 6. Now when these boards, And for the sides of the north side, there shall be twenty the middle bar to shoot through

the boards from the one end to things were thus ordained, the tabernacle westward thou shalt the other. priests went always into the first make six boards. And two boards tabernacle, accomplishing the ser- shalt thou make for the corners

SOCKETS. vice of God.

of the tabernacle in the two sides. Exod. XXVI, 19, 21, 25. And thou

And they shall be coupled toge- shalt make forty sockets of silver Ezek. x1,4. And the man said unto ther beneath, and they shall be underthe twenty boards: two sockme, Son of man, behold with thine coupled togetlier above the heat ets under one board forhis two teneyes, and hear with thine ears, of it unto one ring: thus shall it ons,and two sockets under another and set thine heart upon all that be lor them both; they shall be for board for his two tenons.

And I shall show thee; tor to the inteut the two corners. And thou halt their forty sockets of silver: two

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