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shall cast off his flower as the Deut. xxii, 9. Thou shalt not! Mark xii, 1. And he began to olive.

sow thy vineyard with divers speak unto them by parables. A P8. Ixxx, 8. Thou hast brought seeds: lest the fruit of thy seed certain man plavteu a vineyard, a vive out of Egypt; thou last which thou hast sown, and the and set an bedge about it, and cast out the heatheo, and planted fruit of thy vineyard, be defiled.

digged a place for the widetat,

and built a tower, and let it out to

VINE DRESSERS. Isa, xxvill. 4. And the glorious

husbaudmen, and went into a far beauty, which is on the head of 2 Kings xxv, 12. But the cap- country. the fat valley, shall be a fading tain of the guard left of the poor

THE VINTAGE. flower, and as the hasty fruit bes of the land to be vine-dressers and fore the summer, which achen he husbandmen.

Job xxiv, 10, 11. They cause that looketh upon it seeth, while 2 Chron. XXVI, 10. Also he built him to go naked without clothit is yet in his band be eateth it towers in the desert, and digged ing, and they take away the sheaf up.

many wells: for he had much from the liungry; Which make oil Isa. Ixv, 8. Thus saith the cattle, both in the low country, within their walls, and tread Vieir LORD, As the new wine is fonnd and in the plains: busbandmen wine-presses, and suffer thirst. in the cluster, and one saith, also, and vine-dressers in the

Isa. xvi, 9, 10. Therefore I will Destroy it noi; for a blessing is in mountains, and in Carmel: for be bewail with the weeping of Jazer it: so will I do for my servants' loved husbandry

the vine of Sibmah: I will water sakes, that I may not destroy Isa. Ixi, 5. And strangers shall thee with my tears, 0 lleslibon, them all

stand and feed your flocks, and and Elealel; for the shouting for Jer. ii, 21 Yet I had planted the sons of the alien shall be your thy summer fruits, and for thy theo a noble vine, wholly a right plowmen and your vine-dressers. harvest, is fallen. And gladness seed: how then art thou turned Joel i, 11. Be yo ashamed, 0 ye is taken away, and joy out of tho into the degenerate plant of a busbandmen; how!, O yo' vine- plentiful field; and in the videstrange vine unto me?

dressers, for the wheat, and for yards there shall be no singing, Jer. xlix. 9. If grape-gatherers the barley; because the harvest neither shall there be shouting:

the treaders shall tread out no come to thee, would they not of the field is perished. leave some gleaning - grapes? If

wine in their presces; I hare made thieves by night, they will de- PROTECTION OF VINE- their rintage shouting to cease. stroy till they hve enough.


Isa. Ixili, 2-5. Wherefore art Ezek. xvil. 6. 7. And it grew and Ps. Ixxx, 12. Why hast thou thou red in thine appurel, and thy bec:ime a spreading vine of low then broken down her hedges, 60 garments like lin that treadeih stature, whose branches turned that all they which pass by the in the wine-fat? I have trodden toward him, and the roots thereof way do pluck ben

the wine-press alone; and of the were under him: so it became a

Çant. 1, 6. Look not upon me, people there was none with me: vine, au

brouglit forth branches, because I am black, because the for I will tread them in mine and shot forth spriga. There was

sun bath looked upon me: my anger, and trample them in my also another great cagle with mother's children were angry fury; and their blood shall bo great wings and many feathers: with me; they made me the keeper sprinkled upon my garmenis, and and, behold, this vine did bend her of tho vinegards; but mine own

I will stain all my raimert. For roots toward him, and shot forth vineyard have I not kept.

the day of vengeance is in mine her branches towart him, that he

heart, and the year of my remiglit water it by the furrows of Heshbon languish, and the vine and there was none to help; and i

Isa. xvi, 8. For the fields of deemed is come. And I looked, her plantation.

of Sibmab: the lords of the bea- wondered that there aras none to Ezek. Six, 10. Thy mother is then have broken down the prin uphold; therefore mine own arm like a vine in thy blood, planted clpal plants thereof, they are come brought salvation unto me; and by the waters: she was truitful eren unto Jazer, they wandered my fury, it uplield me. and full of branches by reason of through the wilderness: ber many waters. branches are stretched out, they

Isa. xvii, 6. Yet gleaning grapes Hosea x, 1. Israel is an empty are gone over the sea.

shall be lóit in it, as the shaking vine, he bringeth forth fruit unto

181. xviii, 5, 6. For afore the of an olive tree, two or three bera himselt: according to the multi, harvest, when the bud is perfect,

ries in the top of the upperinost tudo of his fruit die hath iucreased and the sour grapo is ripening in bough, four or five in the outmost the altars.

the flower, be shall both cut off fruitul branches thereof, saith the Obad. 5. If thieves came to thee, the sprigs with pruning-hooks, Lord God of Israel. if robbers by night, (low art thou and take away and cut down the Jer. vi, 9. Thus saith the LORD cut off!) would they not bave branches. They shall be left to- of hosts, They shall thoroughly stolen uil they had enougl? if the gether unto the fowls of the glean the remnant of Israel as a grape - gatherers came to thee, mountains, and to the beasts of vine: turn back thine band as a would they not leave some grapes: the earth: and the fowls shall grape-gatherer into the baskets.

Mallh, xxi, 34. And when the summer upon them, and all the tine of the fruit drew near, he beasts of the earth shall winter sibmah, I will weep for thee with

Jer. xlviii, 32, 33. O vine of sent his servants to the husband. upon them. men, that they might receive

Isaiah xxiv, 7. The new wine are gone over the sea, they reach

the weeping of Jazei : thy plants the fruits of it.

mourneth, the vine languish- even to the sea of Jazer: the spoiler

eth, all the merry-hearted do is fallen upon thy summer fruits THE LAW OF PLANTING. sigh.

and upon thy vintage. And joy Deut. xx, 6. And what man is he Nah, ii, 2. For the LORD hath and gladness is taken from the that hath planted a vineyard, and turned away the excellence of plentiful field, and from the land hath not vjet eaten of il? let bim Jacob, as the excelleucy of Israel: of Moab; and I have caused wine also go and return unto his bouse, for the emptiers have emptied to fail from the wine presses: none lest he die in the battle, and an- them out, and marred their vine- shall tread with sliouting; their other man eat of it. branches.

shouting shall be no shouting.

Micah vil, 1. Woe is me! for I | town; sea, their stock shall not little thile, and Lebanon shall be am as when they have gathered lake root in the earth: and he turned into a fruitful field, and the summer fruits, as the grape shall also blow upon them, and the fruitful field shall be esteemned Kleanings of the vintage: there is they shall wither, and the whirl as a forest? nu cluster to eat; my soul desired wind shall take them away as

Isa. xxxill, 9. The earth mournthe tirst ripe fruit. stubble.

eth and languisheth; Lebanon is

Ezek. XV, 6. Therefore thus ashamed and hewn down; Sharon Amos ix, 13. Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that the saith the Lord God; As the vine is like a wilderness; and Bahau pluugliman shall overtake the tree among the trees of the forest, and Carmel shake vif their fruits. reaper, and the treader of grapes which I have given to the fire for him that soweth seed; and the fuel, so will I give the inhabitants

FELLING. mountains eball drop sweet wine, of Jerusalem.

Ezek. xxxi, 14. To the end that ward the south, or toward the

Eccles. xi, 3. If the tree fall toand all the hills shall melt

none of all the trees by the waters Rev. xiv, 17--19. And another exalt themselves for their height, north, in the place where the tree neither shoot up their top among

falleth, there it shall be. anrul care out of the temple which is in heaven, he also having trees stand up in their height, all the Lond of hosts, skall lop the

the thick bughs, neither their Isa. x, 33, 34, Behold, the Lord, a sharp sickle. Aud another angel came out from the altar, which that drink water: for they are ali bough with terror: and the nigh had power over fire; and cried delivered unto death, to the nether ones of stature shall be hewn with a loud cry to him that had parts of the earth, in the midst of down, and the hauglity shall be the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust the children of men, with them humbled. And he shall cut down

the thickets of the forest with in thy sharp sickle, and gather ibat go down to the pit. the clusters of the vine of the Luke xxiii, 31. For if they do iron, and Lebanon shall fall by a earth; for her grapes are fully these things in a green troe, what mighty one. ripe. And the angel thrust in his shall be done in the dry?

Matth. ill, 10. And now also the sickle into the earth, and gathered

axe is laid unto the root of the the vine of the earth, and cast it


trees: therefore every tree which into the gr at wine-press of the Isa. xli, 19, 20. I will plant in bringeth not furth good fruit is wrath of God.

the wilderness the cedar, che shit- hewn down, and cast into the tiro.

tah-tree, and the myrtle, and the (WINE, See under DIET AND

oil-tree; I will set in the desert FORESTS MENTIONED IN DRESS.)

the fir-tree, and the pine, and the
box-tree together: That they may

see, and know, and consider, and


understand together, that the hand 1:a. 11, 13. And upon all the

of the LORD hath done this, and cedars of Lebanon, that are high Gen. xlix, 22. Josepli is a fruit. the Holy One of Israel bath' cre- and lifted up, and upon all the ful bough, eren a fruitful bouzh ated it.

oaks of Baslan. by a well, whose branches run over

Isa. Iv, 13. Instead of thô thorn the wall shall come up the fir-tree, and in the cedar' is fallen; because the

Zech. xi, 2. Horrl, fir tree; for 2 Kings xix, 26. They stead of the brier shall come up mighty are spuiled: howl, o yo were as the green herb, as the the myrtle-tree: and it shall be to oaks of Bashian; for the forest of grass on the house tops, and as the LORD for a name, for an ever. the vintage is come duld. corn blasted before it be grown lasting sign that shall not be cut up. ofl.

HIARETII. Job viii, 16, 17. He is green before the sun, and his branch shall come unto thee, the fir-tree, Gad said unto David, Abiule not

Isa. 1x, 13. The glory of Lebanon 1 Sam. xxil, 5. And the prophet Bhooteth forth in his garden. His roots are wrapt about the heap, the pine-tree, and the box to in the bold; depart, and get theo and seeth the place of stones.

gether, to beautify the place of into the land of Judah. Then Job xiv, 7, 9. ' For there is hope the place of my feet glorious. my sanctuary; and I will make David departed, and came into

the forest of Hareth. of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the


EPIIRAN. tender branch thereof will not cease. Yet through the scent of 2 Sam. xviil, 9. And Absalom 2 Sam. xvill, 6. So the people water it will bud, and bring forth met the servants of David. And went out into the field azainst bouglis like a plant.

Absalom rode upon a mule, and Israel; and the battle was in the Job xviii, 16. His roots shall be bouglis of a great oak, and his

the mule went under the thick wood of Ephraim dri-d up beneatli, and above shall head caught hold of the oak, and

LEBAXON. his branch be cut off. he was taken up between the

1 Kings vii, 2. He built also the Job xix, 10. He hath destroyed heaven and the earth; and the house of the forest of Lebanon; me on every side, and I am gine; mule that was under him went the length thereof was an hundred and mine hope hath ho removed away.

cubits, and the breadth thereof like a tree.

Isa. x, 33, 34. Behold, the Lord, filiy cubits, and the height tbereP8. xcii, 14. They shall still the Lord of hosts, shall lop tho of thirty cubits, upon fuur rows bring forth fruit in oid age; they bough with terror, and the high of cedar pillars, with cedar beams bball be fat and flourishing.

ones of stature shall be hewn upon the pillars.

down, and the naughty shall be Isa. x, 19. And the rest of the humbled. And he shall cut down three hundred shields of beaten

1 Kings x, 17. And he made trers of his forest shall be fow, the thickets of the forests with gold; three pound of guild went that a child may write them. iron, and Lebanon shall fall by a io one shield; and the king put Isa, xb 24 Yea, they shall not mighty one.

them in the house of the forest of be planted; yea, they shall not be Isa, sxix, 17. Is it not yet a very Lebanon.

ont. Let my beloved come into


Lel. xix, 23--25. And when ye 2 Kings xix, 23. By thy messed- his garden, and eat his pleasant

shall come into the land, and shall fers thou hast reproached the fruits. Lor), and must said, With the Cant. vi, 11. I went down into have planted all manner of trets inultitu le of my chariots I am the garden of nuts to see the frnits for food, then ye shall count the come up to the height of the of the valley, and to see whether fruit thereof as uncircumcised: mountains to the sides of Leba- the vine flourished, and the pome-three years shall it be as meir. non, and will cut down the tall granates budded.

cumcis d unto yon; it shall not be Cestar trees thereof, and the choico

Cant. vill, 13. Thon that dwell- eaten of. But in the fourth year Ir ires thereof: and I will enter est in the gardens, the compania all the fruit thereof shall be lols; in o the Joldings of his borders, ions hearken to thy voice: Cause in ine orth yeur siall ye eat of

to praise the LORD irithal. And and into the forest of his Curinel. me to hear it.

the fruit thereof, that it may yieil Isa. I, 29, 30. For they shall bo ARABIAN. ashamed of the oaks whic'ı ye am the LORD your God.

unto you the increase thereof: I 180. xxi, 13. The burden upon have desireil, aud ye shall be can. Aralin. In the forest in Arabia founded for the gardens that yo

Lev. XXV, 14--17. And if thou shell ye 101:5*, Oye travelling bave chosen. For ye smll be as

sell ought onto tliy neighibur, ir companies of Dedanim.

an oak ivliose leaf rulet, and as a buyest ought of thy neighbour's garden that hath no water.

hand, ye shall not or press one an. OF THE SOUTII. lea. Ixi. 11. For as the earth

other. According to the number Exk. xx, 46, 47. Son of man, set bringet forth her bud. and as the sunit buy of thy neighbour, and

of years after the jub tl.12 thy iacu towind the south, and garden caused the things that according unto the numer of drop thy word toward the south, are sown in it to spring furth; so and pripilesy against the forest the Lord God will cause right unto thee. According to the mula

years of the fruits he shall sell of the son old Anil say to the cousness and praise to spring forth titude of years thou shalt increase forest of the soutli, Ilear the word before all the nations.

the price thereof, and accuruits of the LD; Thus saith the Lord

Hos. 11. 12 And I will destroy Gov. Belioli, I will kindle a fire her vines and herz-trees, whereor diminish the price vtit:fur accord.

to the fewness of year's thou shalt in three, and it alrull devour every she hath said. These are iny re- ing to the number of the yeurs vf gre-u tree in thre, and every dry wards that iny luvers lrive given the fruits doth le sell on o tliee. inte: the flaming Aune shall not

mc: and I will make them a fo. be quenched, and all fices from rost, and the beasts of the field another; but thou shali lear thy

Ye shall not therefore oppreks 01.0 the mildth to the north shall be shall eat theni.

God: for I am the LORD your burnt therein.

Joel I, 7. lle hath lil my vine Gud.
The King's FOREST.

waste, and barkeit iny tig-iree: be Deut. xx, 19, 20. When thon

hath in ido it clou bare, and cast shalt beslege a city a long ump, in Veh, il, 8. And a letter unto it away; the brauches thereof uro making sar against it iv take it, Asuph the keeper of the king's made white.

thou shall not destroy the trees forest, that lie may give me timbar to make beams for the filter thein by their fruits. Do med ga- them: forilou murest eat of them,

Matth. vil, 16..20. Ye shall know thereof by forcing an axe a gust of the palace which appertained ther gruppg of thorns, or figs of a d ihou shall noi cuttim down to the bou-e, and for the wul of

thistles? Even 80 every good iree for the tree of the field is min's the city, and for the lause that I bring it forth good fuit; but a life) to employ them in the slege: Ball enter into. And the king

corrupt Tree bringeth furth evil Only the irees a bueli thon bouw. granted ine, according to the sou fruit." A gooid tree cannot brins est that they be pot trets for hand of my God upon me,

furth evil fruit, neither can a cor- meat, thou shalt destroy and cut

rupt tree bring forth goud fuit. them down; and thou shalt build 3rd.

Every tree that bringeth not furth bulwarks against the city iliat ORCI ARD.

good fruit is hewn down, and cat maketh war with thee, until it be JOB xv. 32. It shall be accom- into tho fire. Wherefore by their subdued. plished before his time, and his fruits ye shall know them. Lrlicha shall not be green.

Matth. xii, 33. Either make the FLOWERS AND AROMATICS. P3. lxxviil, 47. llo destroyed tree good, and his frult kood; or Çant. I, 13, 14. A bundle of their vines with hiil, and their else make tlie trec 'corrupt, and myrrh is iny well-beloved unto Sycinore-ire 's will frost.

his fruit corrupt: for the tree is me: he shall lie all night betwist L's. cv, 33. IIe smote their vines known by his fruit.

iny breasts. My beloved is onto also ind then fi, trees, and brake Lul:e ill. 9. And now also the me as a cluster of Cailapuire in the trees of their coasts. axe is laid unto the root of the

the vineyards of En-geui. Ecclcs, ii, 5. I made me gardens trees: every tree therefore which Cant. ii, 1.2, 16. I am the rose of and orciariis and I planted trees pringeth not forth good fruit is sharull, and the lily of the valleys. in them of all lind of fruits.

liewn down, and cast into the As the lily among thorns. 80 18 my fire.

love among the daughter's My Çunt. ii, 3. As the apple-tree

Luke vi, 43, 44. For a good tree beloved is mine, and I am luis: Le aming the trees of the wood, so is bringeth noc fortlı corrupt fruit; feedett among the lilles. my budover anong the sons. I

neither lolli a corrupt free bring sit down uuer luis shadow will bring forth good fruit. For every day break, and the sadus fit

Cant. iv, 6, 11, 13, 14. Until the greit religil, and his fruit uus tree is known by his own fruit: anay, I will get me lu ile m 10. sweet to iliy taste.

for of thorns men do not guber tail of myrrhi, and to the bill of Cant. iv, 12. 16. A garden in 19. nor of a brambic-busla güller frankincense.

The smell cluseid is my sister, only spouse; a they araps.

of thy garments is like the smell sprins sluit op, it fountain sealed. Mark xi, 14. And Jesus ansier- of Lebanon. Thy plants are an Alake, Ouril, mind; and cole, ed and said unto il. Nman eat orchard of pomegranules, with thon souil; blow opon my garden, fruit of nee herealler for ever. pleasant fruits; camphire, with that the spices thereof may flow and his disciples hear it. spikepard; Spikenard and saffrons

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enlamug and cinnamon, with all Joel 1, 12. The vine is dried up, cities, wherein thou trustedst, trees of frankincense; myrrh anu and the fig tree languisheth; the with the sword. alocs, with all the chief spices. pomegranate tree, the palm tree Jer. viil, 12, 13. Were they

also), and the apple tree, even all ashamed when they had comCant. v, 13 Ilis cheeks are ng

the trees of the field, are witber- milted abomination? nay, they a bed of spices, as sweet 11 wers;

were not at all ashamel, neither his lips like lilies, dropping sweat


could they blush; therefore shall swelling myrrh.

Isa. xliv, 14. He planteth they fall among them that tall: in Cant. vi. 2 3.7. My beloved is an ush, and the rain doth nuurish the time of their visitation they gone down into his garden, to tho u.

shall be cast down, suith the LORD. beds of spices, to feed in the gar


I will surely consume tlen, saith dens, and to gather Illies. I am

Ps. xxxvil, 85. . I have seen the tho LOID: there shall be no grapes my belovodi's, and my beloved is

wicked in great power, and on the vide, nor tips on the tigmine: he feerletir among the Ilies. As a piece of a pomegranatu are spreading himself liko a green tree; and the leaf shall fade; and buy tree.

the things that I have given them thy temples within thy locks.

shall pass away from them. Cant, vili, 14. Make haste, my


Amos iv, 9. I have smitten you beloved, and be thiou like to a roo Isa. xll, 19. :::: The pine with blasting and miles: when or to a young hart upon the moun- and the box tree together.

your gardens, and your vineyards, tains of spices.

and your fig-trees, and your olive

CEDAR. (Vegetable productions in Or.

treos, increased, the pelme:-worm chards and Fields. See under made silver to be in Jerusalem as returned unto me, saith the Lord.

1 Kings x, 27. And the king devoured them: yet havo ye not AGRICULTURE. Pages 12, 13.) stones, and cedar: made he to be

Mark xi, 19--21. And when even as the sycamoro trees that are in TREES AND HERBS

was come, he went out of the city. the vale, fur abundanco.

And in the morning, as they pass. BIENTIONED IN TIIE BIBLE.

Ps. Ixxx, 9.-11. Thou preparedst ed by, they saw the fig-trco dried ALYOND.

room before it, and dist cause it up from the roots. And Peter, Gen. xllll, 11. And their father to tako deep rool, and it filled the calling to remembrance saith uutó Israel said unto them. It it must be land. The bills were covered with him. Master, behold, the lix-treo 80 now.do this; take of the bet the shadow of it, and the boughs which thou cursodst is wildcred fruits of!le land in your vessels, thereof were like the goodly away. and carry down the man a jire cedars. She sent out her boughis

Mark xill, 28.-31. Now, Icarn a Bent, a lilile bulin, and a little unto the sea, and ber branches parable of the rig-tree; when her honey, spices, and myrri, uuts, unto the river.

branch is yet ten ler, and puteth and almol s.

Pj. civ. 16. The trees of the forth leaves, ye know that sunEccles. xii, 5.

The al- Lorn are full of sap; the cedars of mer is near: So ye, in like manner, mond tree siiall fourish, because Lebauun, which he hath pluuled. when ye shall see these things man goeth to his lons boine; and

come to pass, know that it is bigt, the mouruers go about the streets.


even at the doors. Verily I say Exck XXSİ, 8.

And the unto you, That this generation Jer. 1, 11. Moreover the word chesnut trees were not like his shall not pass, till all these things of the Lord came into me, saying, branches; nor any tree in the gar- be done. Heaven and earth shall Jeremiale, H hat seest llou? And 1 said, I see a rod of an aimond den of God was like unto him in pass away: but my words shall his beauty.

not pass away. tree.

James iil, 12. Can the fig tree, ALNUG OR A LOUM.


my brethren, bear olive-berries? 1 Kings x, 12. And the king 134. xliv, 14. He hewell him either a viue, fig ? No can no foun. made of the almig-trees pillars down cedars, and taketh the cy- tain both yield salt water and for the house of the LORD, and for press and the oak. . ...

fresh, the king's house, harps also and

FIR. pealleries for singers: there camo 10 such alıms-trees, nor were seen Deut. viii, 8. A land of wheat Solomon cedar trees aux tir trees,

1 Kings V, 10. So Iliram gave unto this day.

and barley, and vines, and his according to all his desire. 2 Chron. ix 10, 11. And the ser- trees, and pomegranates; a land of vanis also of lluram, and the ser- oil olive and honey.

Isa. xiv, 8. Yea, tie fir trees revants of Solomon, which brought

Isa. xxx19, 16, 17. IIearken not joice at thee, and the care of soll from Oplir, bruulit algum, to Hezekali; for thus saith the Lebanon, saying, Since thou art trees and precious stones. And king of Assyria. Make an agree.

laid down, no leiler is come up the king made of the algum-trees ment with ine by a prsent, and against us. terraces w the liouse of the LORD, come out to me: und eat ye every

Zech. xi, 1 2. Open thy doors, and to the king's palace, and barps one of liis vine, and every one of O Lebanon, that the fire may deand psalteries for singers and wis ng-tree, and drink ye every vour thy cedars. Ilowl, fir-tree; there were none sucli seen before one the waters of luis own cistern; for the cedar is fallen; because the In the land of Judah.

Uutil I come and take you away mighty are spoile l: low O ye

to a land like your own land, a oaks of Bashan; for the forest of APPLE.

land of corn and wine, a land of the vintago is come down. Cant. 11, 3. As the apple tree bread aud vineyards. among the trees of the wood, so is Jer. v, 17. And they shall eat

JUNIPER. my beloved among the song. ... up thine harvest, and thy bread, 1 Kings xix, 4. But he [Elijah] Cant. vill, 5.

I raised which thy sons and thy daugliters himselt went a day's jouruey into thice up under the apple tree: should eat; they shall eat up thy the wilderness, and cune and sat there thy mother brought thee flocks and thine herds; they shall down under a juniper iree: and he furth; there she brought thee eat up thy vines and thy fig trees; requested for himself that he forth that bare thee.

they sbali impoverish thy fenced might die.....




and olive-trees, which thou plant- phet's son; but I was an herdman, Num. xxiv, 6. 7. As the valleys edst not; when thou shall have and a gatherer of sycamore fruit.

Luke xix, 4. And he ran before, are wey spread forth, as gardens eaten, and be full. by the river's side, as the trees Isa. xvii, 6. Yet gleaning-grapes and climbed up into a sycamoreoi lign-aloes, which the Lord hath shall be left in it, as the shaking tree to see him; for be was to pass planted, and as cedar-trees beside of an olive-tree, two or three that way. the waters. He shall pour the berries in the top of the upperwater ont of his buckets, and his most bough, four or five in the

TEIL. beed shall be in many waters; and outnost fruitful branches thereof, Isa. VI, 13.

• As a tell his king shall be higher than saith the LORD God of Israel. tree, and as an oak, whose sub Agig, and his kingdom shall be

Jer. xi, 16. The LORD called thy their leares: so the buly seed shall

stance is in them, when they cist exulted.

name, A greer olive-tree, fair, be the substance thereof. MULBERRY.

and of goodly fruit: with the noise

of a great tumult he hath kindled 1 Chron. xiv, 14, 15. Therefore fire upon it, and the branches of

WILLOW. David enquired again of God; and it are broken.

Job xl, 22. The shady trees God said unto him, Go not up

cover bion with their sha low; the after them; turn away from them,


willows of the brook cumpass him and come upon them over against

about. the mulberry-trees. And it shall

Exod. xv, 27. And they came to

Isa.xliv, 4. And they shall spring be, when thou shalt hear a suund Eliin, wbere were twelve wells of of going in the tops of the muls water, and threescore and ten up as among the grass, as willows beiry-trees, that thien thou shalt palm trees; and they encamped by the water courses.

Ezek. xvii, 5. He took also of go out to battle: for God is gone thero by the waters. forth before thee, to sinite the Ps. xcii, 12. The righteous shall the seed of the land, and planted host of the Philistines. flourish like the palm tree. ....

it in a fruitful field; he placed it by

great waters, and set it as a wil. MYRTLE.

Jer. x, 5. They are upright as low tree.

the palm-tree, but speak nut; they Isa. xli, 19. I will plant in the must needs 'be borne, because HERBS AND SIIRUBS wilderness the cedur, the slittal they cannot go. Be not afraid of MENTIONED IN SCRIPTURE. tree, and the myrtle. ..... them; for they cannot do evil,

ALOES AND CALANCS, MYKEN, Isa. Iv, 13. Instead of the thorn neither also is it in them to do

SAFFRON, SPIKENARD. shall come up the fir tree, and in- good. stead of the brier shall come up

Cant, iii, 6. Who is this that Pixe.

cometh out of the wilderness like the myrtle tree. .....

Isa. xli, 19... I will set in the pillars of smoke, perfumed with Zech. 1. 10. And the man that ' desert the fir tree, and the iny:rh and frankincense, with all stood among the myrtle trees pine.......

powders of the merchani? answered and said, These are they wliom the LORD hath sent

Cant. iv, 14. ... Myrrh and

POMEGRANATE. to walk to and fro through the

aloes, with all the chief spices. earth.

Deut. viii, 8.

A land Prov. vii, 17. I have perfumed of

fig trees, and pome- my bed with myrrh, alves, and MUSTARD. granates,

Cinnamon. Mark iv, 31, 32. It is like a grain 1 Sam. xlv, 2. And Saul tarried

John xix, 39. And there cama of mustard-seed, which, when it in the uppermost part of Gibeah, also Nicodemus, which at the tirst is roun in the earth, is less than under a pomegranate-tree which came to Jesus by night, and all the seeds that be in the earth: is in Migron: and the people that brought a inixture of myrrh and But when it is sown, it groweth were with him were about six alves, about an bundred pound up, and becoinetlı greater than all hundred men.

weight, herbs, and shooteth out great

Joel 1, 12.

The pomebranches; so that the fowls of tbe

ANISE, CUMMIN, AND MINT. air may lodge under the shadow granate tree, the palm tree also ..

aro withered.

Matth. xxiii, 23. Woe unto you, of it.

scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! SHITTAH OR SHITTIM.

for ye pay tithe of mint and anise OAK

and cummin, and have omitted Isa. I. 30. For ye shall be as an

Exod. xxxvi, 20. And be made the weighicier matters of the law. oak whose leaf fadeth, and as a boards for the tabernacle of shitgarden that hath no water. tim wood, standing up.

CUCUMBER, GARLICK, LEEKS, Isa. vi, 13. But yet in it shall be Isa. xli, 19. I will plant in the

MELON, ONIONS. a tenth, and it shall return, and wilderness the cedar, the shittal

Num. XI, 6. We remember the tree, shall be earen: as a teil-tree, and

fish which we did eat in Egypt as an oak, whose substance is in


freely; the cucumbers, and the them, when they cast their leares,

melons, and the leeks, and the 80 the huly seed shall be thu sub- 1 Kings x, 27. And the king onions, and the garlick. stancu thereof.

made silver to be in Jerusalem as
stones, and cedars made he to be

as the sycamore trees that are in

P3. xlv, 8 All thy garments Isa. xli, 19. I will plant in the the vale, for abundance.

smell of myrrh, and alors, and wilderness ihe cedar, the shittah Ps. lxxvill, 47. He destroyed cassia, out of the ivory palaces, tree, and the myrtle, and the oil

their sycamore trees whereby they have made theo treo. ••••• with frost.

Amos vil, 14. Then answered
Amos, and said to Amazial, I was

Deut. vi, 11. .... Vineyards no prophet, neither was I a pro- Isa. Xxvill 27. For the fitcben


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