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as they occurred. To that gentleman he is also indebted for the communication of several circumstances that otherwise he could not have related with accuracy.

At length, then, the author commits himself with diffidence and anxiety to a discerning though indulgent public: yet whatever be their decision, he will submit without a murmur.

In the retirement of a domestic life he will at least look back with pleasure on the busy, varied, and important scenes in distant parts of the globe to which he has been a witness, and he will always feel gratified by the reflection of having been even an humble memorialist of a splendour and heroism so glorious to his country and his friends.








1 DEDICATION, with the Earl of St. Vincent's Arms engraved, next after the title page. 2 General Chart of the Mediterranean to face


1 3 View of the Rock and Town of Scylla on the Coast of Calabria .

12 4 Landing Place at Syracuse ... 5 Temple of Minerva at Syracuse

26 6 Latomiæ, or Caverns, near Syracuse

29 7 Entrance into Dionysius' Ear, one of the Caverns called Latomiæ

30 8 Inside of a Cavern, one of the Prisons of Dionysius, near Syracuse

31 9 Piazza, or Grand Place, in the City of Syracuse.

32 10 Subterraneous Gardens belonging to the Capuchin Monastery near Syracuse 11 Curious Cemetery of the Capuchin Monastery near Syracuse

37 12 Plan of the Battle of the Nile on the 1st of August 1798 ...

60 13 Tower on the Island of Marabou at the Entrance of the Western Harbour of Alex

andria .... 14 Moors returning from a Pilgrimage to Mecca; on board the Swiftsure off Alexandria 96 15 Castle of Aboukir; taken from the Burial Ground on the Island .... 16 Arsenal and Guardhouse at Rhodes; formerly a Monastery when the Island was in the Hands of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem

109 17 Arabs on board the Swiftsure

120 18 Turkish Gun-boats, conducted by Captain Hallowell, battering the Castle of Aboukir 123 19 Attack on the French Camp near the Lake Maadie ..

126 Ancient Egyptian Relicks found on the Island of Aboukir, or Nelson's Island

134 21 A Mamaluk delivering a Message from Mourad Bey

136 22 The Pharos or Castle at the Entrance of the Eastern or New Port of Alexandria 142 23 A Street in Caifle, a Town at the Foot of Mount Carmel ...

151 24 View of the Bay of Acre from the Summit of Mount Carmel ..

152 25 View of the Town of Caiffe and Mount Carmel ....

155 26 Peasants Plowing, and Mode of Agriculture in Syria

160 27 The Court-yard of Hassan Bey's Palace at Rhodes.

171 28 Mount Pelegrino, and the Light-house, in the Bay of Palermo, Sicily

174 29 The Castle and Town of Ischia ..

185 30 View on the road near Lacco, in the Island of Ischia

186 31 Palazzo di Aqua Viva, or the Palace of the Duke of Aqua Viva, near Lacco in the Island of Ischia ..

190 39 The Benedictine Monastery of Vallombrosa on the Appenines

229 33 Cubillario, an Inn on the Appenines, on the Road from Florence to Bologna. 231 34 View on the Grand Canal, with the Ponto Rialto, Venice

236 35 View of Monte Baldo on Lago di Garda .... 36 Flying bridge on the River Po, in Lombardy

246 37 Grand Parade at Mahon, in the Island of Minorca

258 38 Inhabitants of Minorca, with the Manner of making Butter

265 39 The Bay of Fournelles, in the Island of Minorca

271 40 Entrance to the Spanish Church at Gibraltar ...

284 41 Interior of a Gallery, or Fortified Excavation in the Rock of Gibraltar

286 42 Inside view of the Entrance to Poco roca Cave, Gibraltar

288 43 Interior of St. Michael's Cave, Gibraltar...


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“ Far on the right, her dogs foul Scylla hides:

Charybdis roaring on the left presides;
And in her greedy whirlpool sucks the tides:
Then spouts them from below; with fury driven
The waves mount up, and wash the face of heaven.”

DRYDEN's Trans. Æn. b. iii.

Scylla described. Poetical description of an earthquake by Cowper.
The British fleet passes the Straits of Messina. Picturesque appearance
of the shores on each side. Charybdis and Mount Ætna described. In-
telligence gained that the French having captured Malta, through the
treachery of some of the Knights and Grand Master, had sailed from
thence to the eastward. The British fleet arrives off Alexandria. The
Admiral dispatches Captain Hardy, in the Mutine brig, to the governor,


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