Labour Mobility in Urban China: An Integrated Labour Market in the Making?

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Michaela Baur, Bettina Gransow, Yihong Jin, Guoqing Shi
Lit, 2006 - 300 strán (strany)
Labour Mobility in Urban China is the focus of this comprehensive account which introduces readers to the far-reaching changes arising from the transformation of the Chinese labour market. The book brings together academic research and practical experience from China and abroad. It discusses challenges such as mismatches between labour supply and demand, the influx of rural labour migrants, rising unemployment and the expansion of flexible/informal work, including gender dimensions. A variety of problem-solving strategies from state and non-state actors alike are presented. An essential resource for academics, students and practitioners in the field, this volume analyses the erosion of the " Great Wall" between rural and urban China.

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Bettina Gransow is a professor of Chinese studies at Free University, Berlin, Germany.

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