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It is with some hesitation that I venture to undertake the rewriting and enlargement of the former issue of this work, which appeared in pamphlet form under the title of "A Century of Injustice," but complying with the wishes of our struggling brethren, my dear friends and kinsmen in far South Africa, I have endeavored to explain the real "grievances" of the Boer Governments against the wrongdoings of their oppressors. I had only one object in view-namely, to enlighten the American people, especially those in high authority. It is gratifying to state that the book has been favorably received, for many readers have assured me that, after the reading of the plain facts, they have become convinced that the cause of the Boers is right.

The unexpectedly large demand from all over the country and from all classes of people, as well as the urgent requests of many sympathizers and societies, has induced me to publish the work in a new and revised edition under the title of “The Story of the Boers." The new work has been prepared with great care and is much more complete. It contains, among other important official documents, the treaties of Sand River, of Pretoria, and of the London convention.

The friendly attitude of the press toward our sister republics, especially in my own city, has greatly encouraged me in undertaking this work.

I am indebted to my friend, Mr. H. H. de Vos, of New York, the ex-Vice-Consul of the Netherlands, for his valuable assistance. I express my renewed thanks to my friends in the East and West for their continued devotion to the good cause; and finally, I sincerely hope-it being my earnest desire to serve the Boers' cause—that the book in its new form may find its way into many homes, not for my own sake, but for that of the Boers.



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Stephanus J. Paulus Kruger,
Map of South Africa,
F. W. Reitz, .
Johannesburg, Rissick Street,
President Kruger Entering his Carriage,
Typical Boer of the Country,
General View of Pretoria,
Dr. W. J. Leyds, .
Boer Pickets Reading the Bible,
Old Dutch Church, Government Square,

P. J. Joubert,
M. J. Steyn, ·
General Piet Cronje,
Government Building, Pretoria,
Bird's-Eye View of the Seat of War,

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