Orr's Circle of the Sciences: Inorganic nature] Geology, mineralogy, and crystallography

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W.S. Orr and Company, 1855

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Strana 256 - The sieve keeps the coarse stones from entering the cradle, the current of water washes off the earthy matter, and the gravel is gradually carried out at the foot of the machine, leaving the gold mixed with a heavy fine black sand above the first cleets.
Strana 5 - The ultimate aim of physical geography is, however, as we have already said, to recognise unity in the vast diversity of phenomena, and by the exercise of thought and the combination of observations, to discern the constancy of phenomena in the midst of apparent changes.
Strana 177 - Greatness of mind is not shown by admitting small things, but by making small things great under its influence. He who can take no interest in what is small, will take false interest in what is great ; he who cannot make a bank sublime, will make a mountain ridiculous.
Strana 5 - ... floating, as it were, on the confines of sense, and indicating, though dimly, those superior powers which, more nearly related to infinity, mysteriously manifest themselves in the phenomena of mind. Poetry seizes the facts of the one and the theories of the other, unites them by a pleasing thought, which appeals for truth to the most unthinking soul, and leads the reflective intellect to higher and higher exercises ; it connects common phenomena with exalted ideas, and, applying its holiest powers,...
Strana 166 - In one place the walls are not more than four feet asunder. Some huge blocks, in their course from the summit, have been jammed in between them, and form a natural roof, beneath which you must creep along, above the brook, on planks, if the brook be small, or wading in water, if it be swollen ; for the rivulet occupies the whole space between the walls in this narrow passage, which goes under the name of
Strana 162 - Curtain,' which hangs exactly in natural folds like a white and pendent sheet. Every where you hear the dripping as of a continual shower, showing that the mighty work is still going on, though the several stages of its progress are imperceptible. Our attention was so excited, that we had walked two hours without feeling the least fatigue, or being sensible of the passage of time. We had gone beyond the point where most travellers had stopped, and had been rewarded for it by seeing stalactites of...
Strana 248 - ... ~No sooner, however, had this taken place, than the pressure of the water in the pits became so great that the confined air, which had been forced back into the high workings, burst through the surface of the earth in a thousand places, and many acres of ground were seen to bubble up like the boiling of a cauldron.
Strana 479 - ... lay the plate on the table with the edge, /, parallel to the window, the side to which the wax is attached being uppermost, and press the end of the wax against the crystal until it adheres ; then lift the plate with its attached crystal, and place it in the slit of the pin, x, with that side uppermost which rested on the table.
Strana 31 - Papandayang, a mountain in Java, was swallowed up ; the inhabitants of its declivities were suddenly alarmed by tremendous noises in the earth, and before they had time to retire, the mountain began to subside, and soon disappeared. The area thus sunk was 15 miles long and 6 broad.
Strana 254 - After five days washing, the precipitation in the trench is carried to some convenient stream, to undergo a second clearance. For this purpose wooden bowls are provided, of a funnel shape, about two feet wide at the mouth, and five or six inches deep, called gamellas.

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