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Monthly Record.

her new

American Missionaries in Turkey.

The French Republic is seriously occupied

The missionaries of the American Board France and with the task of ruling the great African

in Asia Minor are nobly bearing the strain Colony. island, which last year she conquered.

of a most trying and terrible experience. What Madagascar should bema protec

They are standing by their persecuted, torate or a colony ?-was the first question to be settled; harassed, and destitute people with heroic courage and and, mainly in the hope of escaping from difficulties self-sacrifice. From the official organ of the Board it is with other powers, the Government decided to make evident that much of the missionaries' present duty the new acquisition a colony. That, however, was a consists in relieving the universal distress of their flocks. simpler matter than devising plans for the pacification But the sights they have witnessed, the horrors they and development of the island. Marauding bands of have known, the piteous stories they have listened to, forest and coast tribes, with an admixture of runaway have severely taxed heart and brain, while the efforts to slaves, disbanded Hova soldiers, and general riff-raff, meet the distress have made hardly less demand upon have proved a formidable obstacle to progress. Isolated physical strength and endurance. “How long, 0, Lord, French officials and travellers, rashly trusting to their how long ?” is the cry that forces itself to the lips. Still, prestige, have been ill-used and murdered; the main the darkest cloud often has its silver lining, and from routes to the capital are beset with armed mobs, which nearly every mission-station comes the welcome news retire before any strong body of troops, but reappear as that the old spirit of opposition on the part of the soon as those troops have passed by, again block the Gregorian, or Roman Catholic Armenians, to their road, and become a standing menace to the entire Protestant neighbours is breaking down under the stress countryside; while several districts are in a state of utter of this awful dispensation of outrage and suffering, and anarchy-villages burnt, cattle looted, women and that in the place of this a feeling of cordiality towards children carried into slavery, and Europeans in constant evangelical Christians is growing. The old churches are danger. In some instances it has been necessary to being opened to the Protestants, and the message of the abandon country mission stations for the present, and gospel is joyfully listened to. Indeed, the work is from the northern province of Antsihanaka the entire extending and helpers are needed to carry it on, mission staff has had to withdraw. To remedy this especially as several of the missionaries are showing signs deplorable state of things will be far from easy. Time of serious breakdown in health. Among the striking and patience will be needed, and not until a disciplined incidents reported from the region is one of an aged and trustworthy native force has been raised, the hands Christian woman, 110 years of age, whose son of the Hova administration strengthened, and a stable nearly ready to give up in despair in view of the terrible civil government in which the people have confidence experiences through which they were passing. But the established, will the trouble come to an end. But France mother told the ruffians who were assaulting them that is grappling bravely with the difficulties of the situation, she was too old to change her faith. “I know only and will eventually succeed.

Christ,” she said, and they took the dear old lady's Bible In the meantime, M. Laroche, the Resident General, is and tore it up and burned it before her eyes. • But, bitterly assailed by the Romanist party, ostensibly on thank God!” says the missionary who records the the ground of his Anglophile tendencies, in reality incident, “they could not tear the Word out of her because he is faithfully carrying out his instructions and heart." carefully preserving freedom of conscience. His official declaration at a great kabary, or national assembly, held

The editor of the Chinese Recorder, an able in the capital on 7th May last, left nothing to be desired

Progress in

monthly published at the American Presas regards completeness and lucidity. Liberty of worship

byterian Mission Press, Shanghai, and inis to be the right of every Malagasy. The Government tended for experts in missionary matters in the Celestial accords full liberty to all to send their children to either Empire, in a recent issue makes the following remarkProtestant or Catholic schools, and to attend what place able announcement: “In the ‘Mission Handbook' just of worship they prefer, and plainly announces its absolute issued from the Mission Press, Shanghai, we note neutrality on this point. With the exception of one or the total number of communicants in the various Protwo minor officials, the French administrators generally testant churches, in 1893, was something over 55,000. have acted in loyal accord with this policy, and Pro- Making due allowance for losses by deaths and defections, testant missionaries have had little cause of complaint. we suppose it would be reasonable to count an average In the larger centres of work all the ordinary missionary net gain of over 5000 per annum. This would bring operations are regularly carried on. M. Kruger has now the present membership of the churches in 1896 to some left Madagascar, but M. Lauga remains until a permanent 70,000. But the ratio of increase is a continually insubstitute can be secured to take his place. The mission creasing one, so that we may be safe in inferring that the of these French Protestant brethren has been most number is even considerably larger than this. And helpful.

when the amount of preparatory and foundation work


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New York Reforms.

which has been gone through is remembered—the books and tracts prepared, text-books and educational works, medical and scientific works, schools and colleges founded —there is certainly much cause for encouragement and call for thanksgiving.” The editor here simply expresses what is the confident belief of the men most familiar with the work now being carried on. These tell us that there is every reason to expect yet larger ingatherings of converts. Slowly but surely “the doctrine” is penetrating Chinese minds, and is meeting the needs of Chinese hearts, and God seems to be about to draw many unto Himself.

read the Bible.

When in Shanghai, prior to his departure Lĩ Hung

for St. Petersburg and the tour through Chang promising to Europe, the great Viceroy received at the

hands of a deputation a handsomely-bound

copy of the Chinese Scriptures. The Bible given him was similar in character to that presented some time before to the Dowager Empress, the binding only being a little less elaborate. His Excellency accepted the book with apparent pleasure, referreil most courteously to the donors, and promised to read the volume during his voyage.

Doubtless this Grand Old Man of China will return from his round of visits to European cities loaded with presents of other kinds, but we would fondly hope that this gift may be most prizeil of all.

In the early months of 1896, New York obtained two more advantages from the

popular uprising against Tammany Hall, which took place at the November elections in 1894. Its public schools were taken out of the control of the ward politicians, and the civil service of the State of New York was taken for all time out of the hands of the political spoilsmen. The schools of New York City have now been cut away entirely from the old order of things, under which the ward trustees, who were usually politicians, were all-powerful, and have been placed under a new system under which both teachers and scholars have infinitely better opportunities than were possible when Tammany Hall was supreme. The change brought about by the appointment of an engineer, instead of a Tammany politician, as superintendent of streetcleaning has also resulted in permanent good. For cleanliness and order, New York streets now compare with those of any European capital, and the city, for the first time for thirty years, is getting full value for every dollar it spends on the streets. Formerly the workpeople of this department were the poorer hangers-on of Tammany Hall. They were all appointed by Tammans, and voted, as a matter of course, with Tammany Hall in the municipal and State elections. Their political subserviency to Tammany kept them in their places nu matter how much they shirked their work. When, at the beginning of 1895, the politician gave place to the engineer, the shirkers were weeded out, and the streetcleaners were at the same time called upon to wear a distinctive uniform. By means of the uniform, which is white, they were brought constantly under the public eye, and shirking work ceased to be any longer possible

. At first the uniform was denounced by the Tammans press as an outrage upon American citizenship, but Colonel Waring, the new chief of the department, persisted in its being worn, and opposition to it soon died away. The men themselves are now rather proud of it than otherwise, and when they donned the white duck uniform for the summer they marched down Broadwas, headed by a band, and were reviewed by the mayor. About the same time also almost the entire police force of the city paraded on Broadway, and were accorded a reception which seemed to show that under the new commissioners the people of New York are regaining their confidence in the force.

The following is part of an advertisement which we find in the Behur Times. THE HINDU WATCHES FOR RELIGIOUS




A Calcutta evangelist connected with the A Vishnuvite London Mission recently met with a reMendicant singing markable illustration of the unexpected Christian Hymns.

ways in which God often works. This

evangelist, Dutt by name, was itinerating in a country district of which he has charge, when he

a Vishnuvite mendicant coming towards him. These men are generally musicians, who visit shops and private houses, and, to the accompaniment of a stringed instrument, sing lyrics in praise of the Hindu deity Vishnu. The people listen with evident pleasure to their effusions, and reward the performers with gifts of small coins. To the evangelist's intense surprise, as this heathen beggar came near enough for him to catch his words, he found that he was singing, not verses in praise of the virtues of Vishnu, but a Christian hymn. Naturally, Mr. Dutt asked for an explanation of this unusual conduct, and in reply was told by the mendicant that some time previously he had purchased from a colportcur a little book containing Christian hymns, which he liked so much that he had committed them all to memory, and now in his rounds sings these instead of the Vishnuvite lyrics. More than this, he added that the people preferred them. He said, too, that before he had bought the hymn-book, he had received a Bengali tract called “ The Mine of Salvation.” This he had read to a large number of friends, many of whom had been so pleased with it that they had been at the trouble of copying the whole of it, although the tract contained twenty-four pages of print. Finally, some one thought it so valuable that he purloined the tract, to the mendicant's great grief. Thus, says the Rev. W. R. Le Quesne, who relates the story, is the Spirit of the Lord working through unthought-of agencies to commend the Word of Truth to the people of India.

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baby's face, and that young person, perceiving two CHAPTER I

strange and inquisitive eyes peering at him, burst THER folks children as usual, I suppose; eh


into a loud roar, accompanied by movements Sarah Ann?” said the Vicar, stopping a suggestive of a lusty desire to kick.

woman in the village street. “ Who have “Oh! God bless him! Take him where he's you got hold of this time?

wanted !” cried his alarmed inspector. “Here, Sarah Ann clutched a shawl-wrapped little Chris ! Sweeties !” and the inexperienced man bundle closer to her, and answered in a voice thrust a silver coin into the fat, little red hand, half apologetic, half defiant :

nodded laughingly to the baby's bearer, and “It's only Chris Day, sir. His mother's got hurried off up the street. more'n enough at home, and we're glad to borrow It was but a few steps farther to Sarah Ann's him!”.

home. She held the sobbing child tightly to her She pulled a corner of the grey shawl off the breast, and comforted him with crooning noises.

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