Modern India: With Illustrations of the Resources and Capabilities of Hindústan, Zväzok 2

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Whittaker, 1837 - 666 strán (strany)

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Strana 279 - O'er many a frozen, many a fiery Alp, Rocks, caves, lakes, fens, bogs, dens, and shades of death, A universe of death, which God by curse Created evil, for evil only good, Where all life dies, death lives, and Nature breeds, Perverse, all monstrous, all prodigious things, Abominable, inutterable, and worse Than fables yet have feigned, or fear conceived, Gorgons and Hydras, and Chimeras dire.
Strana 171 - Thuggee, and shown that he has acquired sufficient dexterity, or what we may call nerve or resolution, and which they call ' hard-breastedness,' to strangle a victim himself, the priest, on a certain day, before all the gang assembled, before they set out on their criminal expeditions, presents him with the angocha or romal (the handkerchief with which the strangling is performed) tells him how many of his family have...
Strana 167 - The upright posts which supported the crossbeams were firmly fixed in stone masonry five feet in height. From either side of these walls foot-boards were placed, on which the unhappy criminals were to land on reaching the top of the ladder. The cross-beams were each provided with ten running halters equi-distant from one another. As each hackery load of malefactors arrived, it was taken to the foot of the respective ladders, and as one by one got out he mounted to the platform or footboard. Their...
Strana 302 - Firmaund, indispensibly requiring obedience, is issued; that whereas, in consideration of the attachment and services of the high and mighty, the noblest of exalted nobles, the chief of illustrious warriors, our faithful servants and sincere well-wishers, worthy of our royal favours, the English Company...
Strana 170 - Brahmans find themselves involved in troubles like these, there is no falsehood or perjury which they will not employ for the purpose of extricating themselves. Nor is this to be wondered at, since they are not ashamed to declare openly that untruth and false swearing are virtuous and meritorious deeds when they tend to their own advantage. When such horrible morality is taught by the theologians of India, is it to be wondered at that falsehood should be so predominant among the people ? CHAR III.
Strana 302 - Wherever," says Mr. Rickards, long an eminent servant of the Company, "The British power supplanted that of the Mohammedans in Bengal, we did not, it is true, adopt the sanguinary part of their creed; but from the impure fountain of their financial system, did we, to our shame, claim the inheritance to a right to seize upon half the gross produce of the land as a tax; and wherever our arms have...
Strana 90 - It is necessary, in my opinion, for the public safety, that the press in India should be kept under the most rigid control. It matters not from what pen the dangerous matter may issue ; the higher the authority the greater the mischief.

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