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The accession of William and Mary-Locke's share in the Revolution-his

refusal of ambassadorship to Brandenburg-his appointment as com-
missioner of appeals-relations with the Earl of Monmouth-the
comprehension and toleration bills-Locke's views thereon-his occu-
pations at this time—Sir John Somers and the parliamentary elections
in 1690-political changes

Locke's 'Two Treatises of Government'--his answer to Sir Robert

Filmer's Patriarcha'-his Essay on Civil Government;' man in

the state of nature ;" Locke's law of property; "the origin and

extent of civil government ;” legislative and executive power, and

their limits; representation of the people ; Locke's justification of

the Revolution-the value of his second treatise



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Locke's ' Epistola de Tolerantia' and its English version as 'A Letter

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death of Furly's wife-letters to Limborch and others-Edward

Clarke-employment at Oates and in London-Limborch's 'Historia

Inquisitionis'-Archbishop Tillotson-William Molyneux and his

brother--Betty Clarke--surroundings at Oates


Some Thoughts concerning Education ;' physical training, clothing,

diet, and medicine ; moral training, petting, self-denial, rewards and

punishments ; mental training; the scope of education-correspond-

ence with Molyneux respecting the treatise


The second edition of 'An Essay concerning Human Understanding'-

correspondence with Molyneux thereon-the third edition of the

* Essay'—its translation into Latin-Wynne's abridgment of it—'An

Examination of Père Malebranche's opinion of Seeing all Things

in God'-a proposed treatise on ethics



• The Reasonableness of Christianity as delivered in the Scriptures'-

Locke's view of a reasonable Christianity-Adam's fall; death and
original sin ;” the redemption by Christ; the nature of Christ's


inission ; Christian ethics--opposition to Locke's treatise—his first




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Locke's share in the trinitarian controversy--Bury's 'Naked Gospel' and

the unitarian tracts-Edwards's attacks on Locke and his . Second
Vindication of the Reasonableness of Christianity'–Toland's 'Chris-


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