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Maggie! from thy brow so bright,
And those dancing eyes of thine,
Glows a young heart's happy light,
Glancing beams of Hope divine.
In young fancy's charms arrayed,
Every object now is gay:
Maggie, all those charms must fade-
Earthly charms must fade away.
Turn thine eyes where pleasures shine,
Everlasting through the gloom:
Everlasting joys be thine,

Rising, deathless, from the tomb!



David was born a genuine poet;

But the old de'il himself don't know it,

And the young de'il himself can't show it!




Beneath a bower, where poplar branches long,
Embracing, wove seclusion round the abode

Of Hermit sage, what time the full moon rode, 'Mid spectre clouds her star-paved streets along, Rose on the listening ear a plaintive song,

Sweet as the harmony of an angel's lyre,

And soft as sweet, breathed heavenward from a choir

Of beauty, hid the encircling shades among.
Of mysteries deep I ween that sage had dreamed,
Who now, upstarting, clasps his hands, to hear
The mystic notes of nature's anthem clear,

Which holiest bards have heard and heavenly


'Tis ever thus, as to that sage it seemed,

'Tis beauty makes the dreams of wisdom dear!



Kind nature hath a sympathising tone

For every mood of human joy or pain.

Sad heart from humblest flower may courage


Daring the storm with smiling brow alone.

The brave old oak, around whose head have blown A hundred winters, still maintains his place;

The hoary cliff uprears his storm-scarred face, Though round his base the wrecks of time are


The stars shine on as at their birth they shone;
The glorious sun runs his immortal race.
Faint spirit! bowed 'neath life's o'erburdening ills,
Lift up thine eye to heaven's eternal scope!
Look out upon the everlasting hills,

And see a firm foundation still for Hope!



The world is full of joy. The sweet rose flings
Her fragrance out to invite the zephyr's kiss;
The morning lark, in wantonness of bliss,
To meet the sun with song of welcome springs;
The little brook to her own motion sings;

The storm peals out; down comes the dancing rain;

The mountain stream leaps shouting to the plain, And with high glee the echoing valley rings; The wild wind whistles in his desert caves;

The thick clouds ride triumphant down the sky; The old green wood his lusty branches waves;

Huge ocean shakes his foamy crest on high; Earth springs exulting in her fadeless prime, And the glad sun rolls on his course sublime!




I looked on Beauty, when the sudden light
Of intellect, and generous feeling high,
Blazed on the cheek and lightened in the eye,
And genius flashed from every feature bright.
I looked on Beauty, when a wild delight

Laughed from beneath her silken lashes fair,
And mirth, awaking from his rosy lair,
Led forth his dimples like the waves of night,
When the full heaven of stars is shining there.
But not the flash of genius may compare,
Nor the gay summer of the radiant cheek,

With the soft smile of twilight sweetness rare On Beauty's brow, which thoughts of kindness wear,

When the eye looks more than the tongue may speak.

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