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Achilles' wrath awhile must stay

The dreadful doom thy crimes require; But when appears the appointed day,

Old Troy shall feed the Grecian fire! 1843.



All unconscious of the light,
That his

presence shed,
In a grove a glow-worm bright

Made his grassy bed.

Slyly crept his neighbour toad

From her rotten moss; And upon him, as he glowed,

Venom shot across.

“ Ah! what crime,” the glow-worm cried,

“Dost thou thus requite ?" “ Ha !" the monster grim replied,

Why dost shine so bright ?"



Six days she blessed my side,

Six days I loved and cherished ; The seventh, she grew pale and died,

And my last hope forever perished. Still live I on, ordained to wait,

With life enough to vegetate. Oh! doomed a wretch, to whom by heaven

A heart, with power to feel, is given! Let warmth and blood desert this breast,

From which the soul hath fled before ; Here, where I weep above her rest,

Let welcome death my peace restore. What though my years should roll in gloom,

'Till Nestor's age should frost ny brow, Not older then I'd find the tomb, My heart and head are hoary now.

Six days she blessed my side,

Six days I lived, then died ! 1847.



To S. M. G.
This lovely eve, in the lovely May,
When the air is sweet and the roses gay,
And beautiful things are all in one's way,

I've made a little translation
Of Goethe's Dutch of The Fisherman's Glee,"
A proper song for Susie G.,
Almost as bright and sweet as she
And this is my Dedication.

W. S. G.
May 18, 1846.

The water sighed, the water swelled,

A fisher sat thereby;
Chilled to the heart, his hook he held,

And gazed with patient eye.
And as he sat, and as he gazed,

The trembling waves withdrew; And from the deep a maiden raised

A dripping form to view.

She sang to him-she spake to him;

Why lure my brood away, With human craft and human skill,

To the deathly glow of day? Ah! could'st thou guess what pleasures sweet

The little fishes know, Thou too would'st downward turn thy feet,

And find true bliss below.

“Loves not the moon and glorious sun

In the crystal deeps to lave?
Hath not his face new glory won,

Fresh breathing of the wave?
And tempt thee not the heavens that sleep

In wave-transfigured blue;
And tempt thee not thine eyes, to leap

Into the eternal dew ?"

The water swelled, the water sighed,

The surf swept o'er his feet;
A strong wish through his heart replied,

As when true lovers meet.
She spake to him, she sang to him,

His earthly fate was o'er;
Half drew she him, half yielded he,

And ne'er was heard of more!



So the old wizard's gone, for certain,

And I rule the house to-day; Now I'll step behind the curtain,

And his goblins shall obey. All his magic tricks, observant,

I have learned right well to do; And with the aid of a spirit servant, Can perform high wonders too.

Scamper! Scamper !
Fast and faster,
For your master,

Till there goeth
Such a tide as naught can hamper,
And the bath-tub overfloweth.

Now, old Broom! step forth so stately,

Robe thyself in tatters gayThou hast served me long, and greatly

Must I tax thy speed to-day.

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