The London Quarterly Review, Zväzok 1

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Theodore Foster, 1810

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Strana 30 - Had we never loved sae kindly, Had we never loved sae blindly, Never met, or never parted, We had ne'er been broken-hearted.
Strana 23 - I am as free as nature first made man, Ere the base laws of servitude began, When wild in woods the noble savage ran.
Strana 212 - As monumental bronze unchanged his look : A soul that pity touch'd, but never shook : Train'd, from his tree-rock'd cradle to his bier, The fierce extremes of good and ill to brook Impassive — fearing but the shame of fear — A stoic of the woods — a man without a tear.
Strana 69 - ... in comparison. Then would he add certain praises by telling what a peerless beast the horse was, the only serviceable courtier, without flattery, the beast of most beauty, faithfulness, courage, and such more, that if I had not been a piece of a logician before I came to him, I think he would have persuaded me to have wished myself a horse.
Strana 84 - British earth, that the ground on which he treads is holy, and consecrated by the genius of UNIVERSAL EMANCIPATION. No matter in what language his doom may have been pronounced ; — no matter what complexion incompatible with freedom, an Indian or an African sun may have burnt upon him ; — no matter in what disastrous battle his liberty may have been cloven down ; — no matter with what solemnities he may have been devoted upon the altar of slavery ; the first moment he touches the sacred soil...
Strana 18 - With the ready trick and fable Round we wander all the day; And at night, in barn or stable, Hug our doxies on the hay. A fig &c. Does the train-attended carriage Thro
Strana 211 - The orison repeated in his arms, For God to bless her sire and all mankind ! The book, the bosom on his knee...
Strana 242 - ... which was numerous and poor. Domingos therefore took a house for her, and removed to it for the purpose of contributing to the comfort of her latter days. Some of his friends represented to him that this was a rash undertaking for one who had no certain income, and no other reliance than on Providence ; to which he replied, that Providence, by which all things had their being, which provided for the fowls of the air and the beasts of the field, and which he beheld shining in the stars and vegetating...
Strana 300 - Next in three books spoil'd human nature : Undid Creation at a jerk, And of Redemption made damn'd work. Then took his Muse at once, and dipt her Full in the middle of the Scripture. What wonders there the man, grown old, did ? Sternhold himself he out Sternholded. Made David seem so mad and freakish, All thought him just what thought King Achish. No mortal read his Solomon But judg'd Re'boam his own son. Moses...
Strana 217 - The grief that knew not consolation's name : Casting his Indian mantle o'er the youth, He watch'd, beneath its folds, each burst that came Convulsive, ague-like across his shuddering frame ! 71 XXXV.

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