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J 779

VASKELL (Mrs.) as a novelist, 778- Jessopp (Rev. Dr.), Hints on Church

Reform, 446-462
Germ theory of disease, 755

Jusserand (J. J.), Ronsard and his
Germany, Sketches made in, 285-292 Vendômois, 588-612
Gibbon's Life and Letters, 293-310
Girls' Public Day School Company,
the, 406, 627

to Liberalism, 19

King's College, London, 207-210
on the meaning of the integrity of

Kingsley (Charles) as a novelist, 784
the Ottoman Empire,' 673-674

Knox (John), his scheme of national
Goethe as a Stage Manager, 628-638

education, 115-117
Gongora, 824-836

Kropotkin (Prince), Recent Science,
Goree, a Lost Possession of England,

Greece and Crete, For, 337-338
Greece, future of, 340
Greek Church, ritual for the dead in LA

ADIES, Poor, how they live, 405-
the, 50-55

417, 613-619
Green (Mrs. J. R.), Woman's Place in

how they might live, 620-627
the World of Letters, 964-974

Lancashire May carols, 725-727
Gregory (Rev. F. A.), The French in Laundries, Commercial, 224-231
Madagascar, 69-83

in Religious Houses, 232-235
Laurier, Mr., and Manitoba, 656-670

Law and the Laundry, 224-235

Lawless (Hon. Emily), A Note on the
Russia in China, 487-502

Ethics of Literary Forgery, 84-95
Hamilton (Lady), her intimacy with Lewes (G. H.), misrepresentations in
Nelson, 899-901

his . Life of Goethe,' 634-637
Hankin (St. John E. C.), The Sins of Liars, Among the, 699-706
St. Lubbock, 467-473

Liberal Leadership, The, 17-27
Hanover, House of, what British mon. Lilly (W. S.), British Monarchy and
archy owes to the, 860-861

Modern Democracy, 853-864
Hardy (Thomas) as a novelist, 787–788

Literary Forgery, X Note
Heward (Ed. Vincent), Tobacco in re-

Ethics of, 84-95
lation to Health and Character, Lodge (H. Cabot), The Home of the

Cabots, 734-738
Hogarth (Mr. D. C.), his report on

London, improvements in, during the
Alexandrian excavation, 440-443 Queen's reign, 651-652
Horace's principle of poetical expres-

London University Problem, The,
sion, 271

Huggins (William), The New Astro- Lord (Walter Frewen), Goree : a Lost
nomy, 907-929

Possession of England, 759-768
Low (Miss Frances H.), How Poor

Ladies live, 405-417
(BEX-HUNTING in Crete, 699-706

Lowther (H. Cecil), Among the Liars,
Ice, Artificial, Skating on, 474-


Lubbock (Sir John), On Bank Holi-
India, Fighting the Famine in, 352-

days--and a Plea for one more,

- under Queen Victoria, 865-882

Lubbock (Dr. Montagu), The Plague,
India, statistics of progress in, during

the Queen's reign, 344

Lubbock, St., The Sins of, 467-473
- ethics of our domination in, 522– Lyall (Sir Alfred), India under Queen

Victoria, 865-882
Individualists and Socialists, 311- Lytton (Bulwer) as a novelist, 779-

Ireland and the next Session, 104-112
Irish Policy, The New, 1016

ACFADYEN (Alfred N.), his trans-

on the


EM, Prince, a Turkish • Young Pre.

tender,' 547-555
Jericho, Roses of, 930-941

of his accession to the Popedom,

Madagascar, The French in, 69 83

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Mahaffy (Professor), About Alex- the,' as a Diplomatic Formula, 671-
andria, 437-445

Mahan (Captain A. T.) his “Life of Oxford May carols, 730–731

Nelson,' noticed, 893
Manitoba, Mr. Laurier and, 656 -670
Mn88, The Sacrifice of the, 837–849 ADSTOW May song, 728
May Carols, 722-733

Pagello (Dr.) and George Sand,
Medicine, The Progress of, during the 430-431
Queen's Reign, 739-758

Palmer (E. Davidson), The True
Meredith (George) as a novelist, 786- Nature of Falsetto,' 216-223

Palmer (H. J.), The March of the
Metals, some physical properties of, Advertiser, 135-141
255 259

Paris, Declaration of, Note on the,
Mew (James), Gongora, 824 836

335-336, 503-504
Middleton (G. A. T.), Deliberate De- Paul (Herbert), Gibbon's Life and

ception in Anciont Buildings, 463- Letters, 293-310

The Apotheosis of the Novel under
Mivart (Professor St. George), The Queen Victoria, 769-792
Burial Service, 38-55

Penal reforms during the Queen's
Molecular structure of solid bodies,

reign, 653

Persia, English Enterprise in, 124-134
Monarchy, British, and Modern Demo. Piccolomini (Æneas Silvius),
cracy, 853-864

Pius II.
Monteagle (Lord), The New Irish Pichegru, plot of, against Napoleon, 143
Policy, 1016

Pius II., How I became Pope (Transla-
Morris (Malcolm), The Progress of tion), 538-547

Medicine during the Queen's Reign, Plague, The, 184–190

Poetry, Life in, 270-284
Morris (William), poetical expression Political economy, fault of the old, 316-
of, 279

Müller (Professor Max), The Schles. Politics, the human element of, 17-18

wig-Holstein Question and its Place Poor, legislation for the, its limit, 321-
in History, 707-716

Poor-law children, management of,

TANSEN'S expedition, some results Pope, How I became, 538-546
of, 255-266

Presidential Election, The Recent,
Napoleon on himself, 142-145

Nation, duty of a, a fallacious expres- Pressensé (Francis de), The Cretan
sion, 528

Question, 339–342
Naval Review, The forthcoming,

The Powers and the East in the

Light of the War, 681-686
Navy, requirements of the, 175-183 Priestley (Lady), Nurses à la Mode,
Nebulæ, Mr Huggins's investigations 28-37
of the, 915-918

a Reply to, 325-334
Nelson, 893-906

Prothero (Rowland E.), Ro808 of
Newspaper advertising, 135-141

Jericho, 930-941
Nicotiana, species of, used for tobacco,

Nicotine, poisonous nature of, 819

UEEN , The Apotheosis

Queen Victoria, 769-792

India under, 865-882
Nuns as nurses, 327

Queen's Long Reign, Greater Britain
Nurses à la Mode, 28-37

and the, 343-351
a Reply to, 325-331

Queen's Reign, the, Some Changes in

Social Life during, 639-655

- The Progress of Medicine during,
ORANGE,River, England's Ad- 739-758

vance North of, 366-386
Orders, decorations, &c., in the Queen's
reign, 641-642

EADE (Charles) as a novelist, 785-
Orme (Miss Eliza), How Poor Ladies

live, 613-619

Redinond (J. E.), Ireland and the next
Ottoinan Empire, The Integrity of Session, 104-112


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Rees (J. D.), Fighting the Famine in Spectroscope, Mr. Huggins's applica-
India, 352-365

tion of, to the observation of the
Reid (Sir Wemyss), The Integrity of stars, 911-920

the Ottoman Empire'as a Diplo- Speech, The, of Children, 793-807
matic Formula, 671-675

Spencer (Mr. Herbert), his theory of
Religion, The Elizabethan, 191–204 the State, 318
Religious Houses, Laundries in, 232- Spencer, Mr. Herbert, and Lord Salis-

bury on Evolution, 387-404, 569-
Rogers (Rev. Dr. J. Guinness), The 587
Liberal Leadership, 17-27

Spencer (Herbert), The Duke of
- The Integrity of the Ottoman Argyll's Criticisms, 850–852
Empire' as a Diplomatic Formula, Spielmann (M. H.), Mr. G. F. Watts,

R.A., his Art and his Mission, 161-
Roman Church, ritual for the dead in 172
the, 42-45

Standing (Percy Cross), The Signifi.
Ronsard and his Vendômois, 588-612 cance of the Siamese Visit, 957–
Rosebery (Lord), the late Premiership 963
of, 22-26

Stanley (Henry), The Boer Indict.
Roses of Jericho, 930-941

ments of British Policy, 505-515
Round (J. Horace), The Elizabethan Stevenson (Robert Louis) as a novelist,

Religion, in correction of Mr. George 788-789
Russell, 191–204

Sun, Mr. Huggins's spectroscopic ob.
The Sacrifice of the Mass, 837-849 servations of the, 924-925
Russell (George W. E.), The Mass : Swinburne (Algernon Charles), For

Primitive and Protestant, in correc- Greece and Crete, 337-338

tion of Mr. Round, 418
Russia, France and, in China, 487-

TEHERAN, method of water supply

Tein, 130-131

SALISBURY, Lord, Mr. Herbert

Spencer and, on Evolution, 387-
404, 569-587
Salisbury (Lord) on the American

presidential election, 1
his declaration of British policy in

Eastern Europe, 671-672
Sand (George) and Dr. Pagello, 430-431
Sand River Conventions, violation of

the, by England, 367-373, 376-383,

Schleswig-Holstein Question, The,

and its Place in History, 707-716
Science, Recent, 250-269
Scotland, The Educational Peace of,

Shaw (Miss Edith M.), How Poor

Ladies might live, 620 627
Shaw (Thomas), The Educational

Peace of Scotland, 113-123
Siamese Visit, The Significance of

the, 957-963
Skating on Artificial Ice, 474-486
Smith (G. Barnett), Napoleon on him.

self, 142-145
Smoking injurious to the young, 813
Social Life during the Queen's Reign,

Tennyson (Lord), a master of poetical

expression, 283–284
Thackeray (W. M.) as a novelist, 774
Timber Creeping in the Carpathians,

Tobacco in relation to Health and

Character, 808-823
Trade, British, Do Foreign Annexa-

tions injure? 993-1004
Trafalgar campaign, Nelson's conduct

of the, 903-905
Trollope (Anthony) as a novelist, 782-

Turkish Young Pretender,' A, 547–

Turks, influence of smoking on the

character of the, 814-815
- misrepresentations concerning the,

in connection with the Cretan in-
surrection, 688-690

(NITED STATES, the election of

Mr. McKinley as President of
the, 1-16

TALMORE (Madame), Correspond-

Some Changes in, 639-655
Socialists, Individualists and, 311-324
Socotra, The Island of, 975-992
Soudan, causes of our withdrawal from

the, 526-527
Sparrow (Walter Shaw), Goethe as a

Stage Manager, 628-638

Vendôme, 593-598
Villiers (Melius de), England's Ad.

vance North of Orange River, 366-
· Reply to, 505 515



Vogel (Sir Julius), Greater Britain

and the Queen's Long Reign, 343-

Voice, training of the, see · Falsetto '

WAKEFIELD_Mies A. M.), May

Whibley (Charles), The Limits of
Biography, 428-436

The Encroachment of Women,
Wilson (H. W.), The forthcoming

Naval Review, 883-892
Wodehouse (Sir Philip), South African

policy of, 368-372
Woman's Place in the World of

Letters, 964-974
Women, The Encroachment of, 531-

Wordsworth, his theory of poetical ex-

pression, 275-278
Wyatt (H. F.), The Ethics of Empire,


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Young Pretender,' A Turkish, 547-


Wall, Governor, 763–765
Washerwomen, the legislation of 1895

concerning, 224-235
Watts, Mr. G. F., R.A., his Art and

his Mission, 161-172
Webb (Mrs. Sidney), Commercial

Laundries, 224-231
Wells (Sir Spencer), his operations for

ovariotomy, 748
West (Dr. C.) on modern nurses, 35

Social Life during the Queen's

Reign, 639-655
Whale, the, a biological marvel, 576




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