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Address to the reader, 1

Address to a Sunday School, 153
Amen, on the word 257
Anecdote of the Rev. J. Newton, 87
Anecdote of the Princess Charlotte, 189
Anecdotes, 127---165---255

Baxter's Saints' rest, 66

Benefit of Sunday Schools, 145

Benefit of Tracts, 261

Bite of a mad dog, 11

Bible Society, 21

Children in France, 116 :
Collier boy, 162
Cruelty to children, 252

Daniel Sixsmith, 209

Death of a schoolmaster, 46

Death of a Hindoo girl, 92

Extract from Mrs. Savage's Diary, 163

Paithful dogs, 117---260

Father killed by his son, 107

filial piety, 207

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It seems only right, that he who be-
gins to make a book, should give his
readers a reason for so doing. Now this
little work, which will come out on the
first day of every month, is on purpose
for young people. And I will tell you,
dear Readers, why I publish it. For
the last five years, I have sent out a
monthly penny tract, called “THE
FRIENDLY VISITOR.” It was meant for
young readers, as well as old ones; and
I know that it has found its way very

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