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Brothers, make haste,
The precious time ye waste;
Each moment that ye stay
Adds danger to delay;
Begin at once the fight,
Strong in the Lord your might;

Arise, before
The voice which calls is hushed, to call no more.

Come, join the array,
There's glory in this fray :
Already in the war
Jesus is conqueror;
Before the Prince of light,
See! darkness takes its flight:

To him be power,
And glory, and dominion, evermore.

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“This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be

glad in it."

Who that has watched the billows roll,
Or eyed the wonders of the pole,
Or seen the lightning rend the sky,
Or heard the thunder rolling by,
Or marked throughout the circling year
The seasons each its produce bear,
Or mused in holy solitude
On what is just and true and good,
But knows that man is not alone,
But cared for by the Almighty One,
Who would his creatures should be blest
With holy work and holy rest;
But chiefly on the Sabbath day
May we discern the better way;

For then did he, who died for men,
Jesus our Saviour, rise again,
And open out to mortal sight
New realms of undiscovered light:
Then cease this day from worldly care,
And give thyself to praise and prayer,
And tell abroad the gracious plan,
How God redeemèd sinful man.


"A tabernacle for a shadow."

The mercy of the Lord as far exceeds
All human mercies, as bright flowers do weeds,
Enlivening ever with a constant bloom
This desert world, these skies o'ercast with gloom.

Thy temples, Lord, are like a hallowed bower,
Wherein thy weary pilgrims rest an hour,
There, in their journey heavenwards, to be fed
By angel-hands with Christ, the living bread.

What joy is theirs, to pause, though but a while,
And join in holy converse without guile,
To praise thee for the wonders of thy hand,
And pray for strength to reach the better land !

Refreshed and strengthened, soon again they rise
To brave the dangers of their enterprise,
Looking for Christ, their Saviour-King, to come
Himself, and take them to their promised home

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