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“When thy word goeth forth, it giveth light and understanding unto

the simple."

We give thee thanks, O Lord,
For thy most holy Word ;
O write upon our hearts
The truths which it imparts :

Dispose us day by day
Its precepts to obey,
And grant, the more we know,
The holier we may grow.

What here we cannot see
But most imperfectly,
Teach us by faith to prize
As highest mysteries.

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The stars of Heaven shall fail,
The sun and moon grow pale,
Thy Word, O Lord, divine
Shall more than ever shine.

O let the gladd’ning light
Dawn on the realms of night,
And to the world proclaim
The great Messiah’s name.


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“O take him away! O take him away!
“ He's a child of the night and not of the day!

66 O take him

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“We plead for this sick and drooping soul,
“O pardon his sin and make him whole !

66 O make him whole !!!

Such were the voices I seemed to hear
Just at the close of the dying year,
Spirits in conflict, these for my death,
Those to prolong yet awhile

my breath.

Thousands of Seraphim loud and long
Sing round the throne of God their song,
Yet doth the faintest whisper of prayer
Pierce through His ear, who sitteth there :
Methought that in mercy he heard the prayer
Of those who besought him my life to spare!
Straightway there flew from the realms on high
One of those Cherubs that fill the sky;
Cleansed was my soul from sin's foul stain,
Snatched was my soul from Satan's reign,
Strengthened with Heaven's refreshening dew,
I fell on my knees and prayed anew :

For every prayer which I lifted on high,
For every bitter repentant sigh,
For every struggle, hearty and true,
To forsake my sin, and my duty do,
For every cross I bravely endured,
For every success by grace secured,

Thousands of saints, who had fought and won, Methought I heard crying, "Well done! Well done !" THE CLOSE OF THE YEAR.

“Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities.”

O Lord, I pray thee to efface
For ever every sinful trace,
Which thine all seeing eye can see
Clearly in every part of me.

Let thy most precious blood atone
For all the evil I have done,
And grant that I
A castaway, good Lord, from thee.

may never be

Let not the God of this world blind
And hold in unbelief
But fix my heart on things above,
And let me see and know thy love.

my mind,

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