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Teach me to spend each passing year,
Rememb’ring thou art ever near,
Striving in all things to fulfil
With all my heart thy perfect will;

That, when I have fulfilled the span
Thou metest out to mortal man,
I may through mercy have a place
With those who see thee face to face.


“The time is near."



has past, Time and the world yet last, Not yet has Jesus come

To take his people home.

Ye holy men, endure,

Your confidence is sure ; Though wickedness wax strong,

It shall not be for long.

A little while, and then

Jesus shall come again, To give to each his due

Judgment most just and true.




When Jesus comes to reign,

The world-ah! then how vain !
Seek ye no earthly prize,

Lift to the Heavens your eyes.

Despise the toil and shame,

Your Lord endured the same;
Stand fast and persevere,

The time is drawing near.

To be with Jesus then,

Like angels, not like men !
Such glory to attain

Were worth a little pain.

Ye who are waxing faint,

Make to the Lord complaint ;
Strive but to do his will,

He will preserve you still.

Ye who have gone astray,

Lo! Jesus is the way;
Ye who are sore opprest,

Lo! Jesus offers rest.

O heed the gracious call

Of him who died for all, Now is the day of grace,

Now seek the Saviour's face.

One universal cry

Be raised to God on high For safety in the strife,

For the all-glorious life.


“How long wilt thou sleep, 0 sluggard ?”

Long since has the orient Sun
Through the heavens his course begun,
Cheering with his glorious ray
This fair world another day:
Now, the bee is on his road,
Now the ant has got her load,
Now the beasts, though wild and rude,
Have by search obtained their food ;
Wherefore, man, with sluggard head
Dost thou turn upon thy bed ?
Up, and use the precious time;
Lo! Creation's in its prime.

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