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Lord, pardon me before I die,
That I at peace with thee may lie;
Then shall I from the dust arise,
Then see thy glory with mine eyes,
Then, lifted up above the skies,
In that land rest where nothing dies.


Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall

presently give me more than twelve legions of angels ?

The armies of the heavenly hosts
Stand watching at their several posts,
Ready to draw the glittering sword,
If great Jehovah speak the word.

Ah! wherefore then is God's own Son
In hour of darkness left alone,
Betrayed, condemned, led forth to die
A robber's death on Calvary?

Such was the Almighty Father's will
To save the world from deadly ill ;
For us the willing victim bled,
For us was numbered with the dead.

A full atonement now is made,
The sumless debt of sin is paid,
The Grave is conquered, man is free,
We live, we live eternally.


" Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they


The Lord is risen, is risen, to-day,
Seek not the tomb where late he lay;

up by faith to where on high
He lives, he lives, no more to die.

What now the insult and the scorn,
The heavy cross by Jesus borne ?
The Powers of Heaven before him bow,
And hail him King of Glory now.

Shall we then grovel here below ?
Shall we to earth’s dead idols bow ?
Mount up, mount up, ye saints, and sing,
The Lord is risen, the Lord is King.'

Now God from Heaven to earth comes down,
His power, his love, his truth, are known;
Break forth, ye nations all, and sing,
• The Lord is risen, the Lord is King.'

Expect him, O ye sons of light,
To come again with clouds in might;
Both quick and dead shall in that day
Hear his dread summons and obey.

The Lord is risen ; ye deaf men, hear ; ;
Ye dead, arise ; your God is near ;
Come forth, come forth, rejoice and sing,
• The Lord is risen, the Lord is King.'

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