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Surtees Society, 1918
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Strana 2 - Durham, and in accordance with his pursuits and plans ; having for its object the publication of inedited Manuscripts, illustrative of the intellectual, the moral, the religious, and the social condition of those parts of England and Scotland included on the east between the Humber and the Frith of Forth, and on the west between the Mersey and the Clyde, a region which constituted the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria.
Strana 3 - A list' of the officers and members, together with an account of the receipts and expenses of the Society, shall be made up every year to the time of the annual meeting, and shall be submitted to the Society to be printed and published with the next succeeding volume. XVIII. — No alteration shall be made in these rules, except at an annual meeting. Notice of any...
Strana 4 - Edited by Rev. J. Stevenson. 15. A Description or Briefe Declaration of all the Ancient Monuments, Rites, and Customs belonging to, or being within, the Monastical Church of Durham, before the Suppression Written m 1593.
Strana 3 - ... be expended in publishing such compositions, in their original language, or in a translated form, as come within the scope of this Society, without limitation of time with reference to the period of their respective authors. All editorial and other expenses to be defrayed by the Society.
Strana 4 - Stevenson. 17. The Correspondence of Dr. Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of York. With a selection from the Letters of Sir Timothy Hutton, Knt., his son, and Matthew Hutton, Esq., his grandson.
Strana 2 - Frith of Forth, and on the west between the Mersey and the Clyde, a region which constituted the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria. NEW RULES AGREED UPON IN 1849 ; REVISED 1863.
Strana 3 - If the funds of the Society in any year will permit, the Council shall be at liberty to print and furnish to the members, free of expense, any other volume or volumes of the same character, in the same or a different form.
Strana 5 - Edited by Dr. Raine. 32. The Survey of the Palatinate of Durham, compiled during the Episcopate of Thomas Hatfield (1345— s2).
Strana 5 - Member.) 39. The Gospel of St. Mark, from the Northumbrian Interlinear Gloss to the Gospels contained in the MS. Nero D. IV, among the Cottonian MSS. in the British Museum, commonly known as the Lindisfarne Gospels, collated with the Rushworth MS. ; a continuation of No.
Strana 2 - Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, and two Treasurers. IV. — The Patron, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, and the Treasurers, shall form the Council, any five of whom, including the Secretary and a Treasurer, shall be a quorum competent to transact the business of the Society. V. — The twenty-four Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, and the Treasurers, shall be elected at a general meeting, to continue in office for three years, and be capable of re-election. VI. — Any vacancies in the office of...

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