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Sc. 5. p. 253

Sc, 6. p. 455

Cath. "I 18

29991 ist I spied an antient Engle going down the bill.)

Coming down the bill." Folio. 1632, and Sir Tho. Hanmer.

to Id. ib. ''Tra. What is be, Biondello ? axine

Bion. Mafter a merchant, or else e pedant. I " Or a pedant.” Folio 1632.htrub

Id. ib. Take in your love.]' Take me your love. Folio 1632, and Sir Tho. Hanmer. st.

455. Catharina to Grumio. 1.18 Catb. I prøytbee ĝo, and get me some repaft, I care not what, so it be wholesome food.

Gru. Wbat say you to a neat's foor?

Gru. I fear, it is too flegmatick a meat : bow say you to a fát tripe finely broild? ::

Cath. I like it well, good Grumio fetch it me.

Gru. I cannot tell ; I fear it's cholerick; What say you to a piece of beef and mujtard?

Cath. A dish that I do love to feed upon.
Gru. Ay, but the mustard is too bot a little.

Ca:h. Why then the beef, and let the mustard reft.

Gru. Nay, then I will not, ye fall have the mustard, or else you get no beef of Grumio.

Cath. Then both, or one, or any thing thou wilt.
Gru. Why then the mustard without the beef :
Cath. Go get thee gone, thou false deluding

Beats him.]
That feedst me with the very name of meat
Sorrow on thee, and all the pack of you,
Sephat triumph thus upon my misery.

gone, I say,]



Go get

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This seems to be borrowd from Cervantes's account of Sancbo Pansa's treatment by his pbyfician, when tham Governour of the Inand of Barataria. (See Motteux’s translation of Den. Quixote, vol. 4. chap. 67, p. 452.) “ The “ history informs us, that Sancho was con- ducted from the court of justice to a fump

tuous palace, where in a spacious room he s found the cloth laid; and a moft neat “ and magnificent entertainment prepared. As " soon as he entred, the wind mufick plaid, " and four pages waited on him, in order to " the washing of his hands, which he did with a

great deal of gravity. And now the instruments ceasing, Sancho fate down at the

upper “ end of the table ; for there was no feat but there, and the cloth was only laid for one. "A certain personage, who afterwards ap

peared to be a physician, came and stood at his

elbow, with a whalebone-wand in his hand. “ Then they took off a curious white cloth " that lay over the dishes on the table, and “ discover'd great variety of fruit, and other eatables. One that look'd like a student said

grace, a page put a laced bib under Sancho's “chin; and another who did the office of a

steward, set a dish of fruit before him. But “ he had hardly put one bit into his mouth, "before the physician touch'd the dish with his

wand, and then it was taken away by the

page in the instant. Immediately another " with meat was clapp'd in the place, but


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Sancho no sooner, offer'd 10 taste of it, but the doctor with the wand conjur’d it away as faft as the, fruit. Sancbo was amaz’d at this sudden removal, and looking about him upon the company, alk’d, whether they used to tantalije people at that rate ? feeding their eyes, and starving their bellies. My Lord Governour, said the Physician, you are to eat no otherwise than according to the use and

custom of other islands, where there are “ Governours, I am a doctor of physick, my “ Lord, and have a falary for taking a charge

of the Governour's health Therefore, I

now order'd the fruit to be taken away because " 'tis exceeding moist, and the other dish, be

cause 'tis as much too hot, and over-season'd

with spices, which are apt to increase thirst, “ and he that drinks much destroys the radical “ moisture, which is the fuel of life. So then,

quoth Sancho, the dish of roasted partridges “ here can do me no manner of harm. Hold, “ said the physician, the Lord Governour shall

not eat of them, while I live to prevent it : Why so, cry'd Sancho? Because, answer'd the “ doctor, our great master Hippocrates, the North star, and luminary of physick, says in one of his aphorisms, omnis saturatio eft mala, Perdicis autem peffima : that is, all repletion is

bad, but that of partridges is worst of all. If « it be fo, said, Sancho, let Mr, Doctor see, « which of all these dishes on the table will do " me most good, and least harm and let me eat my


& Belly-full of that, without having it whisk'd
« away with his wand. For by my hopes,
6 and the pleasures of government as I live,
"am ready to die with hunger, and not to al:
at low me any victuals is the way to shorten

my life, and not to lengthen it. Very true,
my Lord, 'reply'd the physician, however I

am of opinion, that you ought not to eat of sw thefe rabbers, as being a tough, and acute s kind of food, nor would I have you tafte of.

that veal; indeed, if it were neither roasted,

nor ftew'd, fomething might be said ; but as C

it is, it must not be.' Well, said Sancho, «'What think you' of that huge dish yonder, " that fmokes fo? I take it to be an olla por, 5 drida (an olio) and that being a bodge podge of se so many sorts of victuals, fure I can't but

light of something 'there that will nick me; s and be both wholesome, and toothfome,

Abfit, cry'd the doctor, far be such an ill thought from ús; no diet in the world yields "a worse nutriment than thofe wilh-walhes do:

no, leave that rich compound to your rich s monks and prebendaries, your masters of col

leges, and lufty feeders at country weddings : * but let them not incumber the tables of Go" vernours, where nothing but delicate, un"mix'd viands in their prime ought to make

a figure. The reason is, that simple medi"cines are generally allow'd to be better than " compounds: for in a composition there may “happen to be a mistake through the unequal


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* proportion of the ingredients : but simples

are not subject to that accidents. Therefore "what I would advise at present, as a fit diet " for the Governour, for the prefervation of his "health, is a hundred of small wafers, and a

few, thin Nices of marmalade, to strengthen “his stomach, and help digestion. Sancho Shearing this, lean'd back upon his chair, " and looking earnestly in the doctor's face,

very seriously ask'd him what his name was,

and where he had studied ? My Lord, an "fwered he, I am call'd Doctor Pedro Rezio de Aguerro; the name of the place where I “ was born is Tirteafuero, and lies between Ca" roquil and Almodobor del Campo, on the right “ hand : and I took my degree of doctor, in " the university of Ofuna. Hark you, faid " Sanche in a mighty chafe, Mr. Doctor Pedro " Rezio de Aguerro, native of Tirteafuero, that " lies between Caroquil and Almodebor del Campo, “on the right, and who took your degree of “ doctor in the university of Osluna, and fo

forth, be gone! or by the life of Pharao, Pll get me a good cudgel, and beginning with

your carcass, will so belabour, and rib roaft: " all the physick-mongers of this island, that “ I'll not leave there one of the tribe, of those, I mean that are ignorant quacks; for, as for “ learn’d and wife physicians, I'll make much “ of them, and honour them like so many an

gels. Once more, I say, Pedro Rezio get out of my presence: avaunt, or I'll take the chair I sit

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“ upon

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