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Inultus ut tu riferis Cotyttia
Vulgata, facrum liberi Cupidinis ?
Et Efquilini pontifex venefici

Impune ut Urbem nomine impleris meo?
Quid proderit ditaffe Pelignas anus
Velociufve mifcuiffe toxicum,

Si (a) tardiora fata te votis manent?
Ingrata mifero vita ducenda est, in hoc,
Novis ut ufque fuppetas doloribus.
Optat quietem Pelopis (6) infidi pater,



Egens benigna Tantalus femper dapis;
Optat Prometheus obligatus aliti:
Optat fupremo collocare Șifyphus

In monte faxum: fed vetant leges Jovis.
Voles modo altis defilire turribus,


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Plorem artis in te (d) nil valentis exitum ?

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mariners. What fhall you, without being made an example of, deride the * Cotyttian mysteries, facred to unrestrained love, which were divulged by you? and fhall you, affuming the office of Pontiff, with regard to my Efquilian incantations, fill the city with my name, unpunished? What will it avail me to have enriched the Pelignian forcerelles with my charms, and to have prepared poison of more expedition than others, if a flower fate awaits you than is agreeable to my wifhes? an irksome life fhall be protracted by you, wretch as you are, only for this purpose, that you may perpetually be able to endure new tortures. Tantalus, the fire of the perfidious Pelops, always in want of that plenteous banquet, which is always before him, wishes for refpite: Prometheus, chained to the vulture, wishes for reft: Sifyphus wishes to place the flone upon the fummit of the mountain: but the laws of Jupiter forbid. Thus you, in hopes of relief; fhall defire at one time to leap down from an high tower, at another to lay open your breast with the Noric fword; and, grieving with your tedious indifpofition, fhall tie nooses about your neck in vain. For I at that time will ride on your odious shoulders; and the whole earth fhall acknowledge my unexampled power. What, fhall I, who can give motion to waxen images (as you yourself, inquifitive as you are, were convinced of) and fnatch the moon from heaven by my incantations, I, who can raise the dead after they are burned, and duly prepare the potion of love; fhall I bewail the fuccefslefs event of my art having no efficacy upon you.

Cotytto, or Cotys, was the Goddess of impurity.




Lib. 3. Ode 1.


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DI profanum vulgus, et arceo.
Favete linguis carmina non prius
Audita Mufarum facerdos

*The Secular Poem.


Virginibus puerifque canto.

The Poet to the People. In conformity to the opinion of M. Sanadon, and many other ingenious editors of our author, it is here thought proper to collect together, into one view, the feveral parts the fecular ode may be fuppofed to have originally confifted of. Whether or no the generality of competent judges of antiquity and Horatian elegance, be convinced that this is the form in which its author wrote, and Rome admired it; most, I believe, will allow, that in this condition every part is confiftent, each divifion adds dignity to the whole, and that there arifes a poem, which is at once the finest monument of heathen worship, and perhaps the nobleft fpecimen of lyric poetry that is any where remaining-Tranflations of the feveral parts will be found by the references in the margin.


Lib. 4.
Öde 6.

V. 29.



PIRITUM Phoebus mihi, Phoebus artem
Carminis, nomenque dedit poetæ
Virginum primæ, puerique claris
Patribus orti,

Delia tutela Dex, fugaces

Lyncas et cervos cohibentis arcii,
Lesbium fervate pedem, meique
Pollicis ictum;

Rite Latona puerum canentes,
Rite crefcentem face noctilucam,
Profperam frugum, celeremque pronos
Volvere menfes.

Nupta jam dices; ego Dis amicum,

Seculo feftas referente luces,

Reddidi carmen, docilis modorum
Vatis Horati.


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Lib. 4. DIVE quem proles Niobæa magnæ

'Vindicem linguæ, Tityofque raptor

Senfit, et Troja prope victor altæ

Phthius Achilles,

*To the Chorus of Youths and Virgins.

Firt Concert. Hymn to Apollo. Chorus of Youths

and Virgins.


Cæteris major, tibi miles impar;
Filius quamvis Thetidos marinæ
Dardanas turres quateret tremenda
Cufpide pugnax.

Ille, mordaci velut icta ferro
Pinus, aut impulfa cupreffus Euro,
Procidit late, pofuitque collum in
Pulvere Teucro.

Ille non inclufus equo Minerve
Sacra mentito, male feriatos
Troas, et lætam Priami choreis
Falleret aulam :

Sed palam captis (a) gravis, heu nefas, heu!

Nefcios fari pueros Achivis

Ureret flammis, etiam latentes

Matris in alvo:

Ni, tuis victus (b) Venerisque gratæ

Vocibus, Divum pater annuiffet

Rebus Æneæ potiore ductos

Alite muros.

Doctor Argutæ (c) fidicen Thalia

Phoebe, qui Xantho lavis amne crines,
Daunia defende decus Cameræ,

Levis Agyieu.

(a) Palam captor gravis. (c) Ductor Argivæ et Argeæ.






(b) Tuis flexus vocibus.


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