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The former Series of the deceased Author's Sermons has been so favourably received by the Christian public, that but few copies of a somewhat large impression now remain on hand, while a considerable sum of money, the profits of the work, has been remitted, for charitable uses, to the parishes for which it was designed.

These facts will, perhaps, furnish the best apology for the introduction of a new Volume to the attention of the religious world. May this work be blessed by the Divine Giver of all good, to the furtherance of true piety and virtue, and to the praise of His own Most Holy Name.

Not unfrequently, in his life time, was the lamented Author accustomed to remark, that they who send forth infidel and pernicious publications among men, little think what a progressive accumulation of evil will be going on, by their instrumentality, through a long succession of years, even after they themselves shall have passed off to their account; and it may not be presumptuous, or fanciful, to imagine, that possibly no thought is now more afflictive to the souls of such evil advisers, in the intermediate state, than the conscious knowledge that they are still, as it were,

adding sin to sin,” even while (however much they may desire it) they possess no power to arrest the course of the dreadful responsibility

If there be any truth in this remark, may we not, on the other hand, indulge the hope that there is an addition of joy among the spirits of the just, arising from the conscious thought, that “ their labour is not in vain in the Lord,” even after the tongue is silent, and the heart has ceased to beat.

May we, who have ventured on this second undertaking, be found in the last day to have been engaged in a work which, under God, shall

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