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Book of the Bomish Controversy.

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Lecture 4.

Lectio 4. She is, therefore, that noble IPSA est igitur nobilis illa star sprung from Jacob, whose stella ex Jacobo orta, cujus raray illuminates the whole world; dias universum orbem illuminat; whose splendour both shines in cujus splendor et præfulget in the heavens and penetrates bell, supernis et inferos penetrat, terras pervading the earth, and warming etiam perlustrans, et calefaciens our minds rather than our bodies. magis mentes, quàm corpora.

Lecture 5.

Lectio 5. O thou, whosoever thou art, O quisquis te intelligis in bujus who understandest that thou dost seculi profluvio magis inter prorather fluctuate in the stream of cellas et tempestates fluctuare, this life, amidst storms and tem- quam per terrain ambulare, ne pests, than walk over the earth, avertas oculos a fulgore hujus turn not thine eyes away from sideris, si non vis obrui procellis. the splendour of this star, if thou Si insurgant venti tentationum, si desirest not to be overwhelmed incurras scopulos tribulationum, with storms. If the winds of respice stellam, voca Mariam. temptation rise against thee, if Si jactaris superbiæ undis, si amyou run upon the rocks of tribu- bitionis, si detractionis, si æmusation, look to this star, call upon lationis, respice stellam, voca Mary. If you are cast upon the Mariam. Si iracundia, aut avawaves of pride, ambition, de- ritia, aut carnis illecebra navicutraction, or emulation, look 10 lam concusserit mentis, respice this star, call upon Mary. If ad Mariam. Si criminum imanger, or avarice, or the entice- manitate turbatus, conscientiæ ments of the flesh, strike against fæditate confusus, judicii horthe vessel of the mind, look to rore perterritus, barathro incipias

Mary. If troubled by the im- absorberi tristitiæ, desperationis mensity of your crimes, con- abysso, cogita Mariam. founded by the pollution of your conscience, and terrified with the horrors of the judgment, you begin to be absorbed in the gulf of sorrow, or in the abyss of despair, think of Mary.

Lecture 6.

Lectio 6. In dangers, in straits, in un- In periculis, in angustiis, in certainty, think of Mary, invoke rebus dubiis, Mariam cogita, Mary. Let her not recede from Mariam invoca. Non recedat ab thy mouth, let her not departore, non recedat a corde.-Brefrom thine heart.- From the Ro- viarum Romanum, &c. (Antman Breviary. (Printed at Ant- verpiæ, 1823.) werp, 1823.)

On the 9th of September.

Die 9 Septembris.

Lecture 6.

Lectio 6. Let that be pardonable through Sit per te excusabile, quod per thee, which we prefer through te ingerimus: fiat impetrabile, thee; let that be obtainable, quod fidâ mente poscimus. Acwhich we intreat with a faithful cipe quod offerimus, redona quod mind. Receive what we offer, rogamus, excusa quod timemus : give us back what we ask, excuse quia tu es spes


peccawhat we fear; because thou art torum. Per te speramus veniam the sole hope of sioners. By delictorum, et in te beatissima thee we hope for the pardon of nostrorum est expectatio præour sins, and in thee, O most miorum. blessed, is the expectation of our rewards.---- Roman Breviary. (Printed at Antwerp, 1823.)

The Devotion of the Sacred Heart of Mary.

Section 1. As the adorable heart of Jesus was formed in the chaste womb of the blessed Virgin, and of her blood and substance, so we cannot in a more proper

and agreeable manner show our devotion to the sacred heart of the Son, than by dedicating some part of the said devotion to the ever pure heart of the mother. For you have two hearts here united in the most strict alliance and tender conformity of sentiments, so that it is not in nature to please the one, without making yourself agreeable to the other, and acceptable to both. Go, then, devout client, go to the heart of Jesus, but let your way be through the heart of Mary. The sword of grief, which pierced her soul, opens you a passage; enter by the wound love has made; advance to the heart of Jesus, and rest there even to death itself. Presume not to separate and divide two objects so intimately one, or united together, but ask redress in all your exigencies from the heart of Jesus, and ask this redress through the heart of Mary.

This form and method of worship is the doctrine and the very spirit of God's church : it is what she teaches us in the unanimous voice and practice of the faithful, who will by no means that Jesus and Mary should be separated from each other in our prayers, praises, and affections. This consideration has engaged the sovereign pontiff's and head pastors of the church to give the selfsame sanction to the pions practices instituted in honour of the sacred beart of Mary, as they give to those of the adorable lieart of Jesus, both within their proper limits. They both have equally their feasts and solemnities, both their associations, and those too equally enriched with the treasures of the church, under the liberal dispensation of its governors. Many are the pious and virtuous souls, who have drawn most signal fruit and advantages from these devotions.

Come, then, hardened and inveterale sinner, how great soever your crimes


be! come and behold! Mary stretches out her hand, opens her breast to receive you. Though insensible to the great concerns of your salvation, though unfortunately proof against the most engaging invitations and inspirations of the Holy Ghost, fling yourself at the feet of this powerful advocate. Her throne, though so exalted, has nothing forbidding, nothing dreadful; her heart is all love, all tenderness. If you have the least remains of confidence and reliance on her protection, doubt not she will carry you through ber own most blessed heart in the most speedy and most favourable manner, to the truly merciful and most sacred heart of her Son Jesus.

Section 2.

Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Mary. O holy mother of God, glorious queen of heaven and earth! I choose thee this day for my mother, my queen, and my advocate at the throne of thy divine Son.

Various Salutations and Benedictions to the honour of our Blessed

Lady-p. 205. 9. Hail, Mary, lady and mistress of the world, to whom all power has been given, both in heaven and earth.

Hail, Mary, queen of my heart, my mother, my life, my sweetness, and my love.

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