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time appear as a youth, and pre- ceret, observabat eum, nunc jusently afterwards as an old man. venem, nunc senem apparere. Hence discovering the tricks of Quibus rebus dæmonis insidias the devil, he ordered him in the agnoscens, Christi nomine impename of Christ to discover him.

rat, ut qui sit, aperiat. His ille self. Overcome by this, the victus celeri fugâ sese proripuit, devil betook himself to fight, and odoreque teterrimo, quo abiens as he departed he filled the place locum illum implevit, quein ne with so offensive a stench, that bestiæ quidem

bestiæ quidem ferre possent, even the beasts could not tolerate ecquis tandem esset, Philippo it, and thus made it evident, to cæterisque qui aderant spectatoPhilip and the other spectators, ribus, patefecit. who he was.

The devil one night appeared Francisco, ex ejus discipulis to Francis of Terrara, one of his uni, Terrariensi cognomento, dædisciples, in the form of the most mon noctu sanctissimæ Virginis holy Virgin, with the design of instar apparuit: id autem eo condeceiving him more easily under silio, ut vel sic hominem facilius that form. When be reported deciperet. Idque cum is mane this the next morning to Philip, ad Philippum detulisset; non Philip said to him, the most holy tibi, inquit ille, sanctissima Dei mother of God did not present Mater, ut putas, sed dæmon ejus herself to you in that form, as forma sese videndum obtulit: you think, but the devil : as soon itaque cum primum eadem visio therefore as this vision appears to tibi se devuo objiciet, faciem ejus you again, I command you to qui apparet conspuas jubeo. Inspit in the face of the person who sequenti nocte, Terrariensis magappears. On the following night, no animi ardore precanti, dæmon when the man of Terrara was en- eâdem specie eodemque fulgore gaged in very ardent prayer, the micans præsto est ; qui præcepti devil stood by him resplendent in beati Patris haud immemor,diaboli the same form and lustre. He, mox faciem sputo fædat, qua re however, mindful of the blessed confusus dæmon turpiterque suFather's injunctions, quickly spat peratus, evanuit. in the devil's face. Confounded and disgracefully defeated by this act, the devil vanished.

Collarium ad Diem 28. Maii.

Life of St. Andrew Salus.

Vita S. Andrea Sali.

When it was dark, and Andrew, At verò recurrentibus, ut sowho waswatching about the middle lent, tenebris, cum vigilans circiof the night, secretly offered up in ter noctis medium, consuetas the sanctuary of his heart prayers iterum Andreas preces atque voand vows to God and the blessed ta Deo ac beatæ martyri, in pemartyr, a devil suddenly came netrali cordis sui, clam offerret : to bim, surrounded with many aggreditur illum repentè diabolus, other devils, and bearing in his dæmoniis pluribus stipatus, maband an axe; whilst of the other num armatus asciâ ; dæmonum devils some were

re furnished with autem illorum alii machæris, alii daggers, others with clubs, some fustibus, quidam gladiis et rhom. with swords and lances, others phæis, reliqui funibus instructi, with ropes, and all fought under omnes dracone seu diabolo isto that dragon or serpent who was militabant qui Chiliarcha erat, the commander, about whom they et ad quem frequentissimi confluxfrequently assembled to the dis- erant iu perniciem B. Andreæ. may of the blessed Andrew. At- Cum hisce itaque comitibus suis, tended, therefore, with these com- sublato eminus ingenti fremitu, panions and raising a loud shout, infestissimus ille, senem Æthiothat most wicked devil, who as- pem (ita namque apparebat) insumed the form of an Æthiop, dutus, magno cum impelu in for such he appeared, rushed sanctum irruit, percussurus asciâ upon the saint with great fury, as

quem manu tenebat. if about to strike him with the axe, which he held in his hand.

But the blessed youth raising Verum beato juvene manus his hands to the Lord with many cum multis lacrymis ad Domitears, and preferring the follow- num extollente, atque illud duning petition, “ O holy John, the

taxat precato;

sancte Joannes theologian, succour me,” imme- theologe, opitulare mihi;" illico diately it thundered on high, and è sublimi insonuit tonitru, et voces there were voices as if proceed- quædam veluti e tubâ emissæ. ing from a crowd. And behold Atque ecce adest senex, naguian old man appeared, remarkable tudine corporis et oculorum conby the greatness of his body and spicuus, calvitio exiguo, facie eyes, and rather bald, with his supra solem rutilante, stipatus face shining above the suit, sur- multitudine ingenti; quibus et rounded with a great multitude, dixit cum iracundiâ : obfirmate to whom he said in an angry tone, portas et nemo ullus evasurus est Shut the doors, for no one shall manus nostras. Illi vero cuni escape from our hands. They, numero præstarent aliis, æque who were more numerous than the repentè jussa capessiverunt. Atothers, quickly executed his com- que hoc modo conclusis compremands. And all the Moors be- hensisque Mauris oinnibus, illoing thus shut in, one of them rum unus socio suo in aurem sewhispered in the ear of one of his creto insusurrat : Væ nobis, quia companions, Woe to us, for that Joannes ille, ut vehemens impriJohn, who is a most violent fel. mis est, gravissidia nobis tormenlow, will inflict upon us the most ta infliget. Et venerabilis ille acute torments. But that vene•

senex, cùm, ipso jubeute, socii e rable old man, when at his com- collo B. Audreæ tulissent catemand his companions had taken nam eique dedissent, procedens off the chain from the blessed An- ad extimam portam constitit, ac

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drew's neck and had given it to dixit iisdem comitibus suis, singuhim, going to the outer door, los Mauros adferte buc. Allatostood there, and ordered them

rumque primum jussit extendi to bring to him the Moors, one solo et arreptam propriis manibus by one. And he ordered the beati catenam triplicavit, sicque tirst to be extended on the ground, misero quasi centum verbera imand he tripled the blessed An- pegit, exclamanti instar hominis, drew's chain, and thus inflicted miserere, miserere. His peractis, nearly one hundred blows upon alterum extendi mandavit, qui et the wretch, who cried out, alter eodem prorsus modo exceptus the fashion of a man, Mercy, est. Interea B. Andreas, audito inercy, mercy! When he had eorum lamentabili miserere, veldone this, he ordered another to let nollet, risu correptus est. be extended, who was treated Cum verd ita laniati dimitterenprecisely in the same manner. tur, acclamantes senis socii diceMeanwhile the blessed Andrew, bant singulis, age, age, enarre, when he heard this pitiable cryista, si placet, Satanæ patri for mercy, could not help laugh- tuo. ing.

But when they were dismissed thus beaten, the companions of John cried out, saying, to each of them, Depart and tell those things, if you will, to your father Satan.


Life of the Abbott Sl. Walthen.

Vita S. Waltheni Abbatis.

The 3rd of August.

Dei Tertia Augusti,tom.1,p. 264.

When upon a certain occasion Cum enim quadam vice sanctus the saint stood praying before the staret orans coram magno altari, great altar, with his eyes and oculis et manibus in cælum inhands raised to heaven, the evil tentus, ante conspectum ejus in spirit transfigured himself into varias jormas se transfiguravit anmany shapes : be first ran about gelus malus; discurrebat priùs the pavement in the form of a pavimentum in specie muris, mulmouse, playing many antics; tiplices anfractus agitantis ; post afterwards in the shape of a modum porci grunnientis ; deinde gruuting pig; afterwards in the

canis nigri latrantis ; postea lupi form of a black dog barking ; af- ululantis, deinde tauri cornupeti terwards of a howling wolf, and mugientis, formas induit. lastly of a roaring long-horned bull.

But the saint caused all these Sed sanctus singulas species illusory forms to vanish, by mak- illusorias, edito signo crucis, evaing the sign of the cross. At last, nuavit : sed ultimum ille mille that spirit, who has a thousand artifex, qui mille per mæandros artifices, and who in a thousand agitare quieta corda conatur, in ways endeavours to disturb quiet specie loricati militis, magni sohearts, exhibited himself in the nipedis borribilis et ceti tergo, form of a great soldier in armour, fumiferum ignem de naribus et sitting upon the back of a horrible ore emittentis, et lanceam in vihorse with a whale's hide, which rum orantem vibrantis ostendit. einitted fire and smoke from its Sanctus autem in impetu Spirinostrils and mouth, and shook his tus concito gressu prout potuit, lance against the man, who was pergens ad altare pyxidem eburpraying. The saint jumping up neam, sacrosanctum corpus Doas fast as he could by the impulse mini continentem, reverenter asof the Spirit, and going to the al- sumpsit, et se cum illo signans tar, reverently took up the ivory tartareum Goliam quasi novus pix, which contained the holy David currens, dictante Spiritu, body of the Lord, and signing nomen novum inveniens ait, Ecce bimself with it, and running like pessime mus, miles funeste, saa second David against the in- telles Sathanæ, Judex tuus te misfernal Goliath, and inventing a surus in abyssum; expecta si auvew name for him, under the dic- des illum : Adbanc voceni victus tation of the Spirit, said, “ Be- et confusus infernus equus, non hold, O execrable mouse, O ter- comparuit. rible soldier, thou satellite of Satan, thy Judge is about to send thee into hell, wait for him if thou darest." Overcome and confused by this speech, the infernal horseman disappeared.

Life of the Abbot St. Nilus.

Vita S. Nili Abbatis.
September 23, tom. 7.

Die Vigesima sexta Septembris. On a certain night, when, as

Quadam ergo nocte, cùm is de was his custom, he was occupied

more divinis vacaret officiis, perwith his devotions, and had passed noctaretque in psalmis et genuum the night in reciting psalms and

flexionibus in parva spelunca, in genuflexions in a small cave,

quam ipse sibi excavaverat, et which he had excavated for him splendor lucis illustravit omnia self, the light of the morn now

(erat enim tempus æstivum), apenlightening every thing, for it was

paret illi visibili Æthiopis forniâ summer, the devil appeared to

diabolus, clavam manu tenens, him in the form of a black man,

qua cum caput ejus percussisset, bolding a club in his band, with

stravit humi semimortuum. which, when he had struck him on the head, he extended him half dead upon the floor.

succour us.

nam istis

In the Life of St. Dominick. : De Sancto Dominico Confessore. August 4.

Die quartâ Augusti. Behold, nine women of rank, Ecce novem matronæ nobiles entering the church, fell at bis intrantes ecclesiam, ad pedes ejus feet, saying, “O servant of God, prociderunt dicentes : serve Dei,

If the things which adjuva nos. Si vera sunt, quæ thou hast preached to-day are hodiè prædicasti, jam diù mentes true, the spirit of error has for nostras erroris spiritus excæcavit: a long time blinded our eyes : for


tu hæreticos vocas, we have given faith to those per- nos autem bonos homines appelsons whom thou callest heretics, lamus, usque in hodiernum diem but whom we call good men, credidimus, et adhæsimus toto even up to the present day, and corde. Nunc autem in medio have adhered to them with our fluctuamus. Serve Dei, adjuva whole heart. But now we are pos, et ora Dominum Deum in doubt. Aid us, O servant of tuum, ut notam nobis faciat fidem God, and pray the Lord your suam, in quâ vivamus, moriamur, God to make known to us his et salvemur. faith, that we may live in it, die in it, and be saved."

Then the man of God stand- Tunc vir Dei stans aliquamdiù ing for a short time, and praying

et intra semetipsum orans, post within himself, shortly said to aliquantulum dixit eis : Constanthem, “Be of good courage and tes estote, et expectate intrepidè. firmly hope: I trust in the Lord

Confido in Domino Deo meo, my God, that he who desires no quod ipse, qui neminem vult peone to perish, will now show to rire, jam ostendet vobis, quali you the kind of master you have domino hactenus adhæsistis. Stahitherto obeyed.” Immediately timque viderunt de medio sui they beheld jump up from the cattum unum teterrimum prosimidst of them a frightful cat, larger lire, qui magni canis præferens than a great dog, which had great quantitatem,habebat grossos ocuflaming eyes, and a long broad los et flammantes, linguam lonand bloody tongue hanging out gam latamque atque sanguinowhich reached to the navel, with lentam protraclam usque ad uma short tail tucked up behind, bilicum; caudam vero habens that exposed his hinder parts, curtam sursựmque protensam, whence issued an intolerable posteriorum turpitudinem, quosmell. And when be had turned

cum se verteret, ostendebat, de here and there round the matrons quibus foetor intolerabilis exhalafor the space of an hour, leaping bat. Cumque circa matrovas up the bell-rope, and ascending illas se per aliquam horam huc by this means up above, he dis- illucque vertisset, ad chordam, ex appeared slipping down by the quâ campana pendebat exiliens steeple, and leaving a stench be- et per eam usque ad superiora hind him.

conscendens, tandem per campanile lapsus disparuit, fæda post se vestigia derelinquens

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