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Gregory the Great
Gregory Nyssen
Gregory Nazianzen
Justin Martyr
An Ancient Father
Council of Laodicea
Council of Eliberi
Council of Carthage .
Council of Ephesus
Bellarmine on Purgatory





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1. Virgin and Saints.

The Virgin-Extracts from the Breviary

Extracts from the Sacred Heart of Mary

Prayers to God through the Merits of the Saints from the Roman Missal

Austeries of Santa Rosa

Austerities of Alphonso Maria

Devotions of St. Patrick

On Indulgences, an Appendix by Dr. Delahogue

An Extract from the Christian Doctrine for the Use of the Diocese of Limerick on
the Subject of Indulgences

Definition of Indulgences, by C. Butler, Esq.

Bellarmine's Hypotheses on the mode in which the Saints discover the Prayers
made to them

Admission of Dr. Delahogue that there are but few examples of the Invocation
of the Saints in the three first Centuries

Admission by Dr. Delahogue that a Religious Worship is paid *o the Saints 276

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2. Images.
No Apostolical Tradition for Images
Decrees of the Councils of Frankfort and Nice on Images
St. T. Aquinas ascribes Latria to Images
Extract from Bishop of Boulogne's Pastoral Letter on an Image of the Sacred

Extract from Official Memoirs
Miraculous Images are a Revival of Heathenism
A Miraculous Picture of the Virgin
Decree of the Council of Trent on Images
Image of St. Dominick of Calabria
Extract from Burnet's Reformation on Images and Relics
Extract from John of Glastonbury on Relics

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3. The Cross.



Extract from the Roman Pontifical-Latria to be paid to the Cross

Extracts from the Breviary and Missal on the Cross

289, 290
A brief Refutation of the Texts adduced by Romanists in support of Angel and
Saint Worship




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4. Papal Supremacy.

Page The Argument against Papal Supremacy

293 Decree of the Council of Trent on the Symbol of Faith Dupin's Reasons for Rejecting the Account of the Council of Sinuessa

303 Evidence that Hosius was not the Pope's Representative at the Council of Nice 303, 304 The Emperors called the First General Councils

304 Victor Rebuked by Irenæus and the French Bishops

305 Canon of the Council of Nice

305 Canons of the Council of Constantinople

306 Canon of the Council of Chalcedon

306 Council of Sardica

307 The Eastern Bishops are angry with Pope Julius for Interfering

308 Uncertainty respecting the Successor of Peter

309 Pope Boniface's Decree renewed by the Fifth Council of Lateran

309 Bull of Sixtus Fifth against Henry of Navarre

310 Bull against Elizabeth

311 Extract by Jewel from the Book of Ceremonies

311 The King of Germany and the Kings of France and England serve the Pope 312 Frederick, King of Germany, holds the Pope's Stirrup

313 Pope Celestine kicks off the Emperor's Crown

313 The Necks of Kings under the Knees of Priests

315 The Popes the Sun, Kings the Moon

316 The Pope can make Righteousness Unrighteousness

. - 318 All the Titles of Christ belong to the Popes

318 The Popes Titles

318 Divine Titles applied to the Popes in the Fifth Council of Lateran

319 Inauguration of Alexander 6th Pope called God in Gratian's Decretals

321 Adoration of Pope Pius 2nd

322 Extract from the Morning Herald

322 Fasting ordained on Sundays by Gregory 7th

323 Married Priests Removed by Gregory 7th from the Divine Office

323 Temporal Power still claimed by the Popes







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5. Transubstantiation.

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The Argument against Transubstantiation.
Documents Relating to Transubstantiation
Canons of the Council of Trent on the Eucharist
Various Interpretations by the Fathers and Doctors of John, c. vi.
On the Intention of the Priest
The Presence, a Sacramental and not a Natural Presence
The Bones and Nerves contained in the Eucharist*


333 334 334

Hence the Catechism of Trent contradicts the Council of Trent.

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Page Several Romish Doctors admit that Scripture does not compel the belief in Transubstantiation

335 Bellarmine admits that the above is not impossible

336 Opinion of the Fathers of the Council of Constantinople in the Eighth Century 336 What Bishop Cosin says of Johannes Erigena

337 The Saxon Homily

338 Bertram's Book

338 Berengarius' Confession

338 Fourth Council of Lateran on Transubstantiation

339 On the Extermination of Heretics

340 On Confession

341 Catechism of Trent calls the Priests Gods

341 The Defects at the Mass, from the Missal

342 Middleton on the Greek Article

343 Bellarmine's Miracles in Confirmation of Transubstantiation

343 Dr. Delahogue admits that the Laity received in both kinds till the Twelfth Century 345

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8. Justification by Christ only. The Argument Two Canons of the Council of Trent on Justification

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9. The Rule of Faitha
Bellarmine on the Unwritten Word
Bellarmine on the Change of the Sabbath
The Same on Infant Baptism
Scripture Texts to prove the right and duty of Reading the Word of God, &c.
Articles 13 and 14 of Pope Pius's Creed
Drs. Doyle's and Murray's Evidence
Evidence of the Genuineness of the New Testament
Testimonies of Heathens to the Authenticity of the Narrative

376 376 377 377 378 379 380


10. Miscellaneous. Decree of the Council of Toulouse respecting the Scriptures Articles Condemned in the Bull Unigenitus

382 382


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Page The Fourth Rule respecting Prohibited Books by certain Fathers selected by the Council of Trent

384 Canon of Trent on Penance

385 Council above a Pope

385 Pope above a Council

386 Infallibility of the Pope

388 Bellarmine on the Fallibility of Councils

389 Pope Adrian 6th admits the Fallibility of the Pope

390 Pope Pius 2nd's Retraction

390 Æneas Sylvius contrà

392 Gregory the Great condemns the Title of Universal Bishop

393 Commencement of Plenary Indulgences

393 Certain other Articles condemned in the Bull Unigenitus

394 No Decision respecting the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary

396 Eighty-eight Heresies enumerated by Augustine

399 Persecutions of the Albigenses

401 The Spanish Inquisition

403 Erasmus' Testimony to Luther's Probity

404 The Trentine Fathers decree that there can be no perfect contrition without the desire of the Sacrament of Penance

406 Dr. Delahogue admits that there was no mention of the Sacrament of Penance during the first two centuries

407 Many Romish Doctors deny that the Priests do more than declare that God forgives or retains Sins

408 Dr. Milner Rejects Miracles in the wholesale

410 Indulgences from the Hours of Sarum

410 Dæmoniana

412-413, &c. A Blasphemous Vision of St. Dominick

421 A List of Books serviceable to Controversialists

424 The Mediatorship of the Saints

426 The Church of Christ

427 A List of the General Councils



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