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me of not seeing the Irish bishops here, and the Irish gentlemen ; but I believe my answers fretted him enough. I would not dine with lord-treasurer to-day, though it was Saturday (for he has engaged me for to-morrow ;) but went and dined with Lord Masham, and played at ombre, sixpenny running ombre, for three hours. There were three voles against me, and I was onee a great loser, but came off for three shillings and sixpence. One may easily lose five guineas at it. Lady Orkney is gone out of town to-day, and I could not see her for laziness, but wrote to her. She has left me some physic.I knew MD's politics before, and I think it pretty extraordinary, and a great compliment to you, and I believe never three people conversed so much with so little politics. I avoid all conversation with the other party; it is not to be borne, and I am sorry for it. O yes, things are very dear. DD must come in at last with her two eggs a penny. There the provost was well applied. Parvisoi has sent me a bill of fifty pounds, as I ordered him, which, I hope, will serve me, and bring me over. Pray God MD does not be delayed for it; but I have had very little from him this long time. I was not at court to-day; a wonder! Night, dear MD. Love Pdfr.

8. You must know, I give chocolate almost every day to two or three people that I suffer to come to see nie in a morning. My man begins to lie pretty well. 'Tis nothing for people to be denied ten times. My man knows all I will see, and denies me to every body else. This is the day of the queen's coming to the crown, and the day lordtreasurer was stabbed by Guiscard. I was at court, where every body had their birth-day clothes on, and I dined with lord-treasurer, who was very fine, He showed me some of the queen's speech, which I corrected in several places, and penned the vote of address of thanks for the speech; but I was of opinion the House should not sit on Tuesday next, unless they hear the peace is signed ; that is provided they are sure it will be signed the week after, and so have one scolding for all. Night, MD.

9. Lord-treasurer would have had me dipe with him to-day; he desired me last night, but I refused, because he would not keep the day of his stabbing with all the cabinet, as he intended : so I dined with my friend Lewis ; and the provost and Parnell, and Ford, were with us. I lost sixteen shillings at ombre; 1 don't like it. At night Lewis brought us word, that the parliament does not sit to-morrow. I hope they are sure of the peace by next week, and then they are right in my opinion: otherwise I think they have done wrong, and might have sat three weeks ago. People will grumble ; but lord-treasurer cares not a rush. Lord-keeper is suddenly taken ill of a quinsy, and some lords are commissioned, I think lord-treasurer, to prorogue the parliament in his stead. You never saw a town so full of ferment and expectation. Mr Pope has published a fine poem, called Windsor Forest. * Read it. Night, MD.

10. I was early this morning to see Lord Bolingbroke. I find he was of opinion the parliament should sit; and says, they are not sure the peace will be signed next week. The prorogation is to this day se'ennight. I went to look on a library I am going to buy, if we can agree. I have offered a hundred and twenty pounds, and will give ten pounds more. Lord Bolingbroke will lend me the money. I was two hours poring over the books. I will sell some of them, and keep the rest; but I doubt they won't take the money. I dined in the city, and sate an hour in the evening with lordtreasurer, who was in very good humour; but reproached me for not dining with him yesterday and to-day. What will all this come to? Lord-keeper had a pretty good night, and is better. I was in pain for him. **** Night, MD.

* This is the first time that the name of Pope occurs in the. journal. He was now in the act of emerging from obscurity,

11. I was this morning to visit the Duke and Duchess of Ormond, and the Duchess of Hamilton, and went with the provost to an auction of pictures, and laid out fourteen shillings. I am in for it, if I had money; but I doubt I shall be undone; for Sir Andrew Fountaine invited the provost and me to dine with him, and play at ombre, when I fairly lost fourteen shillings. It won't do; and I shall be out of conceit with play this good while. I am come home; and it is late, and my puppy let out my fire, and I am gone to bed, and writing there, and it is past twelve a good while. Went out four matadores and a trump in black, and yet was beasted. Very sad, faith! Night, my dear

12. I was at another auction of pictures to-day, and a great auction it was. I made Lord Masham lay out forty pounds. There were pictures sold of twice as much value a-piece. Our society met today at the Duke of Beaufort's : a prodigious fine dinner, which I hate; but we did some business. Our printer was to attend us, as usual ; and the chancellor of the exchequer * sent the author of the Examiner † twenty guineas. He is an inge

rogues, MD.

• Robert Benson, Esq.

+ Mr Oldisworth,

nious fellow, but the most confounded vain coxcomb in the world, so that I dare not let him see me, nor am acquainted with him. I had much discourse with the Duke of Ormond this morning, and am driving some points to secure ***** I left the society at seven. I can't drink now at all with any pleasure. I love white Portugal wine better than claret, champaign, or burgundy. I have a sad vulgar appetite. I remember Ppt used to maunder, when I came from a great dinner, and DD had but a bit of mutton. I cannot endure above one dish ; nor ever could since I was a boy, and loved stuffing. It was a fine day, which is a rarity with us, I assure you. Never fair two days together. Night, dear MD.

13. I had a rabble of Irish parsons this morning drinking my chocolate. I cannot remember appointinents. I was to have supped last night with the Swedish envoy at his house, and some other company, but forgot it; and he rallied me to-day at Lord Bolingbroke's, who excused me, saying, the envoy ought not to be angry, because I serve lord-treasurer and him the same way. For that reason, I very seldom promise to go any where. . I dined with lord-treasurer, who chid me for being absent so long, as he always does if I miss a day. I sat three hours this evening with Lady Jersey ; but the first two hours she was at ombre with some company, I left lord-treasurer at eight; I fancied he was a little thoughtful, for he was playing with an orange by fits, which, I told him, among common men looked like the spleen. This letter shall not go to-morrow : no haste, young women; nothing that presses. I promised but once in three weeks, and I am better than my word. I wish the peace may be ready, I mean that we have notice it great loss.

is signed, before Tuesday; otherwise the grumbling will much increase. Night, dear MD.

14. It was a lovely day this, and I took the advantage of walking a good deal in the Park, before I went to court. Colonel Disney, * one of our society, is ill of a fever, and, we fear, in great danger. We all love him mightily, and he would be a

I doubt I shall not buy the library ; for a roguish bookseller has offered sixty pounds more than I designed to give; so you see I meant to have a good bargain. I dined with lord-treasurer and his Saturday company; but there were but seven at table. Lord Peterborow is ill, and spits blood, with a bruise he got before he left England; but, I believe, an Italian lady he has brought over is the cause that his illness returns. You know old Lady Bellasis is dead at last? She has left Lord Berkeley of Stratton one of her executors, and it will be of great advantage to him ; they say above ten thousand pounds. I staid with lordtreasurer upon business, after the company was gone; but I dare not tell you upon what. My letters would be good memoirs, if I durst venture to say a thousand things that pass; but I hear so much of letters opening at your post office, that I am fearful, &c. and so good night. Love Pdfr and MD.

15. Lord-treasurer engaged me to dine with him again to-day, and I had ready what he wanted; but he would not see it, but put me off till to-morrow. The queen goes to chapel now. She is carried in an open chair, and will be well enough to go to parliament on Tuesday, if the Houses meet, which

* A constant companion of General Withers, and commonly called " Duke Disney."

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